King Price Car Insurance Review 2022

King Price Insurance Company provides insurance products for both individuals and businesses, as well as a wide range of coverage options. The company’s car insurance solution distinguishes itself from the competition. The car insurance solution covers a wide range of occurrences and comes with discounts and benefits that policyholders can take advantage of.

Car insurance from King Price allows customers to add extra cover for smaller car accessories. Getting a quote is simple and requires a few minutes of your time. One can get a quote through WhatsApp, call back request, or direct call. After activating the King Price Car Insurance product, you can use the self-service portal on the King Price website to optimize your cover. 

King Price Car Insurance Summary

King Price Car insurance solution has products that suit the needs of different car insurance owners. The car insurance solution comes with discounts for those that insure 2 or more cars with King Price Insurance. The discount breakdown is as follows:

  • When insuring 2 cars with King Price, customers get a 10% discount on both cars, 
  • A 15% discount is given for 3 cars. All 3 cars will qualify for a 15% discount on premiums. 
  • When insuring 4 cars or more with King Price, one gets a 20% discount on all cars insured with King Price. 

Any car insurance product that is taken with King Price Insurance can be extended to include cover for more things. However, this may increase the premiums. Additional things that can be added include:

  • Tyre and Rim Cover – tyres and rims are covered and should they get damaged or stolen, King Price will replace or fix them. 
  • Car Hire – this cover ensures that one has a car to use for 30 days while theirs is being repaired by 1 of King Price’s mechanical service suppliers. 
  • Car Warranty – this cover ensures that car parts that break are repaired or replaced. 
  • Credit Shortfall – this covers customers should their car get stolen or be written off. The cover will pay the difference between the car’s value at the time and what is still owed to the bank. 
  • Sound Equipment and Other Accessories – the cover is for the car’s music system and extras that a policyholder may want to add. 
  • Personal Accident – covers the policyholder and his/her family if an accident affects their health permanently. 
  • Scratch and Dent – Covers minor repairs to the exterior of the policy holder’s car. 

King Price Car Insurance Products 

King Price has a variety of car insurance products to cater to the different car insurance needs of customers. The company has 5 products that include:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance, 
  • Theft and Write Off Insurance, 
  • Third-Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance, 
  • Third-Party Only Car Insurance, and
  • Collectable Car Insurance 

We discuss each car insurance product offered by the company below. 

Comprehensive Car Insurance 

King Price comprehensive car insurance covers policyholders for accidental damage, theft, and hijacking. It also covers the following incidents:

  • Hail damage, 
  • Accident assistance, 
  • Roadside assistance, 
  • Towing and storage,
  • Legal liability, 
  • Accident, 
  • Explosions, fire or earthquake, and
  • Other natural occurrences. 

Comprehensive car insurance has its own inherent limitations. The product doesn’t cover intentional loss or damage, use of a car without consent, leaving the scene of an accident, or driving under the influence of alcohol or other substance. Incidents that are not covered are those that can be found to be morally wrong and in some cases may lead to one having to spend some time in jail. 

It is important to understand that the comprehensive cover is there to cover you should things go against you on the road or while your car is parked. However, any recklessness or morally wrong incidents won’t be covered. 

Theft and Write Off Car Insurance 

King Price Insurance’s theft and write-off car insurance is a product that covers individuals should their car get stolen or hijacked and not recovered, and the total loss of a car. Unlike comprehensive car insurance, the theft and write-off cover doesn’t cover most incidents that are covered by the comprehensive cover. However, the theft and write-off car insurance products come at a cheaper premium than the comprehensive car cover. 

The Theft and Write Off car insurance product covers the following:

  • Accident assistance, 
  • Towing and storage costs, 
  • Legal liability, 
  • Accident, 
  • Theft or hijacking, 
  • Attempted theft or hijacking, 
  • Fire, explosions or earthquakes, and
  • Selected natural occurrences. 

Third-Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance

King Price third party, fire, and theft car insurance product covers theft and hijacking of a car. The product also covers liability that one incurs for damage that their car might have caused to other people’s property in an accident.

The cover focuses on third-party damage that can be caused by one’s motor vehicle. King Price further covers your car from attempted theft (in case your car incurs damages from the incident), theft and hijacking, and legal liability that one may incur. Accidents and roadside assistance are not covered by the policy. 

Third-Party Only Car Insurance 

King Price third party only car insurance covers policyholders for accidental damage that is caused to other people’s property. The legal liability is covered by the product so that the policyholder can focus on dealing with their own motor vehicle issue. 

Collectable Car Insurance 

King Price Collectable car insurance covers classic cars and/or high-value cars against accidents, theft and third-party liability. This product can be seen as the comprehensive cover for collectable vehicles. 

With the collectable car insurance customers get the following benefits:

  • Roadside assistance, 
  • Accidental assistance, 
  • Hail damage repairs or replacement, 
  • Legal liability, 
  • Accident, 
  • Theft or hijacking, 
  • Selected natural occurrences, 
  • Fire, or explosions 
  • Towing and Storage, and
  • Attempted theft or hijacking 

Advantages of King Price Car Insurance

  • There are a number of car insurance products to choose from.
  • Collectable cars have their own insurance product specifically designed for them.
  • Cover for third party property damage is available.
  • Extra cover(s) can be added to the main product.
  • Discounts on premiums are available for multiple vehicles insured
  • Fast claiming process and it can be done online.
  • Policyholders have a chance to have their premiums decreased.

Disadvantages of King Price Car Insurance

  • Premiums are high for those with new licenses.
  • Covers outside the comprehensive cover and the collectable car insurance don’t come with all benefits like the former hence may require additional premiums to add them. These include benefits such as dent protection and roadside assistance


The King Prince Car Insurance Solution is one of the best in South Africa. The insurer has managed to satisfy the needs of different car insurance buyers in South Africa. 

King Price Car insurance solution provides added benefits to ensure that policyholders are taken care of at no additional cost. Emergency assistance, decreasing premiums, and king’s Cab benefits come at no additional cost and help policyholders save money while getting reduced premiums in the process.

Lethabo Ntsoane

Lethabo Ntsoane holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from the University of South Africa. He is a Financial Product commentator at Rateweb. He is an expect financial product analyst with years of experience in reviewing products and offering commentary. Lethabo majors in financial news, reviews and financial tips. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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