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Type Public
Traded As INL & INVP
Industry Financial Services
Products Private banking, capital markets, Investment banking, corporate banking, institutional banking, wealth management, investment management, property activities
Address 100 Graystone Drive,
South Africa
Phone 227 11 286 7957
Revenue R3.6 billion
Total Assets R50, 6 Billion
Website www.investec.com

Investec Limited is a financial services provider headquartered in South Africa. The company has clients in different parts of the world, with a customer base in Europe, Southern Africa and Asia-Pacific.

The company has a dual listing on the London stock exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Investec is listed as INL on the JSE and as INVP on the LSE. The company is also the constituent of the FTSE 250 index.

Investec was founded in 1974 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Only starting as a small leasing and finance company, the company is now engaged in multiple financial services provision. Services offered include private, corporate, business and institutional banking, wealth management and other exceptional financial services.

A brief history of Investec

In 1974 a group of young men saw an opportunity to start a leasing and financing company and succeeded in establishing it. The co-founders who are Larry Nestadt, Errol Grolman and Ian Kantor worked together to see their vision come true.

Investec acquired its banking license in 1980, thus it entered into the banking industry. Later Investec merged with Metboard a Trust company to diversify its business services.

This merger added portfolio management, a participating mortgage bond scheme and an in-house unit trust to add to the range of products and services offered by Investec. In the same year after buying Metboard in1986, Investec listed in the JSE.

In 1990 Investec got involved in other major acquisitions which included the purchase of I.Kuper & Company and Corporate Merchant bank limited. The acquisition of I.Kuper & Company (Pty) Ltd added property management services to the list of products offered by Investec.

Investec forged an alliance with a life insurance company, Fedsure Holdings Limited. This move aimed at increasing capital and extension of a range of financial products and services that would benefit both companies. Investec made another acquisition of Allied Trust Bank Limited, which was the company’s first international acquisition.

Investec went on to make further acquisitions by acquiring Guinness Mahon, Henderson Crosthwaite and Hambros plc. The company then listed on the London stock exchange in 2002 to complete its dual-listing.

Throughout the years Investec made acquisitions and the most notable was the acquisition of the Irish Brokerage firm, NCB. In 2018 Investec announced that Investec Asset Management would separate from the company and it would be listed as a separate entity. Today the company trades as Ninety One plc.

Investec Products and Services

Investment management

With wealth management services, Investec focuses on understanding its customer’s unique needs by developing a plan that revolves around you and meeting your goals.

Investec also provides a global perspective and strategic insights of top investment minds across the world. Furthermore, the company built an investment portfolio that can withstand shocks and volatility, giving customers peace of mind.

Investec sells stockbroker services that come with expert service and experience. Stockbrokers have access to analysis of industries from the world’s best houses, therefore, giving expert advice that is beyond measure. Experts also advise in the selection of stocks, bonds, CFDs and derivatives so that a client’s portfolio can grow.

Portfolio management team offer customized portfolio management services built around your goals, family and life stage. Decisions are driven by research and extensive knowledge of companies across the industry to deliver favourable results and minimize risk.


Investec offers credit to existing and potential customers. Finance is available for personal, property, motor vehicles, office building, office equipment and lifestyle borrowing. Credit or loans are available for businesses and individuals.

Private banking is available for those earning R800,000 or more. With Investec private banking you get 24/7 global client support with specialist private bankers at your service at any time.

You receive benefits such as Investec rewards, travel benefits which for example can give you unlimited local and international lounge access and travel insurance and other benefits.

Investec offers savings solution whereby you can save from R100,000.00 and earn interest by locking your savings for a specific period.

There are many types of savings accounts to choose from, however, if you choose a tax-free savings account, your investment amount will be limited.


The mortgage protection cover is designed to shoulder your mortgage should you pass on. This is aimed at ensuring that your family won’t worry about covering mortgage loan should you die.

Cover adjusts as outstanding loan amount decrease and you can save up to 35% on premiums payable.

Business overheads cover is there to ensure that businesses can cover their company overheads in the absence of the owner. Since overheads run the business, it is assumed that the business will continue to operate without the owner being present.

Business overheads cover can cover 100% of overheads of your business for permanent or non-permanent events.

Income protector cover covers against the loss of income. The cover pays out if you are ill or injured. This money can help with living expenses, medical expenses and other expenses that your family may incur while ill or injured.

Other insurance covers include severe illness, disability and life cover. You get a lump sum if you get permanently disabled after a significant injury or illness with the disability cover.

Other services

Investec offers other specialised products and services. Other services and products include capital markets, corporate banking, institutional banking, wealth management and property activities.

These services are also at the heart of Investec Bank and produce great revenues for the company.

Investec board members

Fani Titi
Investec PLC
Investec PLC
Peregrine Crosthwaite
Ian Kantor
Blue Marlin Holdings SA
Lord Malloch-Brown
Zarina Bassa
Khumo Shuenyane
Delta Partners
Henrietta Baldock
David Friedland
Investec Bank PlC
Philisiwe Sibiya
Charles Jacobs
Linklater LLP
Phillip Hourquebie


Investec has been around for some time now and its growth has been remarkable. Acquiring great companies in order to enter new markets.

Investec has forged its way into the financial services sector, competing with the financial service providers such as Discovery Limited and Allan Gray Limited by simply starting as a leasing company. Today the company has a presence in 3 continents and still looking to expand.

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