FNB Premier Current Account Review 2024 (Updated)

Aside from being prestigious, the FNB Premier Cheque account offers a variety of benefits and perks that benefit the client. […]

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Aside from being prestigious, the FNB Premier Cheque account offers a variety of benefits and perks that benefit the client. The premier account offers some of the best travel, lifestyle, and entertainment benefits for a mid-tier cheque account. The FNB Premier account is a fantastic account to have; we go over it in more detail below.

Eligibility and Income Criteria

Designed for individuals with diverse financial profiles, the FNB Premier Account is accessible to those with annual incomes ranging from R240,000.00 to R849,999.00. This inclusivity ensures that a wide range of individuals can benefit from the premium services offered by the account.

Monthly Account Fee

To access the myriad benefits of the FNB Premier Account, a monthly account fee of R230.00 is applicable. This fee covers a host of features and services, making it a cost-effective choice for individuals looking for an all-encompassing banking solution.

Spousal/Partner Discounts

Recognizing the importance of shared financial responsibilities, the FNB Premier Account extends a generous benefit to account holders. The spouse or partner of the primary account holder enjoys a remarkable 50% discount on the monthly account fee. This not only promotes financial collaboration but also enhances the overall value proposition of the account for families.

Zero Fees for Children Under 25

Emphasizing the importance of nurturing financial responsibility from a young age, the FNB Premier Account offers a unique advantage. Children under the age of 25, who are dependents of the account holder, are exempt from any account fees. This feature provides a seamless transition into financial independence for the younger generation while encouraging responsible financial habits.

Benefits for Account Holders and their Family with the FNB Premier Account

With the FNB Premier Account, not only do you gain access to premium banking services, but you also unlock a world of exclusive benefits designed to enhance your financial well-being and lifestyle. Here’s why the FNB Premier Account offers the best value for you and your family:

1. eBucks Membership: Join the eBucks rewards program and enjoy rewards that never expire. Earn up to 15% back in eBucks when you shop at Shoprite Checkers, Clicks, and iStore with your virtual card, ensuring that every purchase rewards you in more ways than one.

2. Complimentary Lounge Visits: Experience luxury and relaxation with up to 8 complimentary SLOW Lounge visits per year. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, unwind in style before your flight and enjoy exclusive amenities.

3. Fuel Rewards: Save on fuel expenses with up to R8/litre back in eBucks every month when you pay for fuel at Engen using your virtual card. Maximize your savings and enjoy more miles on the road with this exclusive benefit.

4. Travel Discounts: Explore the world with ease and affordability. Enjoy up to 40% off selected local and international flights and car hire when booked through eBucks Travel, making every journey a memorable experience.

5. Financial Planning Sessions: Take control of your financial future with complimentary financial advice sessions conducted by expert financial planners. Gain valuable insights and personalized strategies to help you achieve your financial goals with confidence.

6. Entertainment Rewards: Indulge in your favourite entertainment while earning rewards. Receive up to 40% back in eBucks on your Netflix and Spotify® subscriptions, ensuring that your entertainment choices contribute to your financial well-being.

7. FNB Connect Benefits: Stay connected and rewarded with up to 2GB data, 35 voice minutes, and 35 SMSs on your FNB Connect SIM every month. Keep in touch with loved ones and enjoy seamless connectivity without breaking the bank.

8. Money Protect: Rest easy knowing that you’re protected against certain card fraud with Money Protect. In the event of fraudulent activity, you may be refunded partially or fully up to R7,000, providing you with peace of mind and financial security.

FNB Premier Account fees 2024

Fee DescriptionFee Amount (Per Month)
Monthly Account FeeR230
Fusion Premier Account Fee (for Spouse/Partner)R115
Current Premier Account Fee (for Spouse/Partner)R125
Overdraft/Fusion Facility Fee (if utilized ≥ R200)Variable
Premier Credit Card Facility Service FeeIncluded
Cash Withdrawal Fee (ATM withdrawals beyond R4,000)Variable
Cash@Till™ Transaction Fee (beyond R4,000)Variable
Additional EFT Transaction Fee (beyond unlimited allowance)Variable
International Transaction Fee (for card transactions)Variable
Cash Deposit Fee (beyond R4,000 per billing cycle)Variable
Stop Payment FeeVariable
Account Reconciliation FeeVariable
Cheque Book Issuance FeeVariable
Bank Statement Request FeeVariable
Replacement of Lost/Stolen Card FeeVariable
Returned Payment FeeVariable
Dormant Account FeeVariable
Account Closure FeeVariable

How do you qualify for FNB Premier Cheque Account? 

  • You must have a valid South African ID, 
  • Must be the age of 18 years or older at the time of application,
  • Provide proof of residence that is not older than 3 months at the time of application, and 
  • Earn an annual income that ranges between R240,000.00 – R849,999.00.

What you get after opening the Account

  • You get an FNB Premier Cheque Account.
  • The FNB Premier Cheque Card.
  • Account holders can apply for the FNB Premier Credit card
  • You get a free savings account that earns you a competitive interest. With this savings account, FNB allows you to save while you spend. It rounds up your card purchases value and saves the difference value in your Savings Account. 
  • Get a pre-package of free FNB Connect data, voice minutes and SMSs monthly.  
  • Free withdraws cash at Shoprite & Checkers, Pick n Pay, Boxer Superstores . 
  • Free Digital banking on the FNB App, FNB Online Banking and Cellphone Banking.  With online banking, you can enjoy making your payments, transaction, eWallet, transfers and Geo Payments. 

Spousal Account  

The FNB Premier Account offers account features that are convenient for all the family members, this includes your spouse and your kids.

You can get your spouse to enjoy all the benefits offered by the FNB Premier Account despite their income amount.    

How spousal FNB Premier Cheque Account works?

  • For R149 per month, they get an all-inclusive portfolio product including FNB Premier Cheque Account and Credit card.  
  • Membership to the eBucks rewards program.  

Free FNBy account for your kids    

FNB Premier account also offers a free FNBy Account for your kids.  The FNBy is a fully functioning account that can be used for day-day banking and transactions.

It also offers a savings account with good interest rates for your kids’ savings.

This account is designed for under 25 individuals and the under 18 are not charged for monthly account fees. Those over 18 are charged a small fee of R17 per month but they get fee waiver since their parent owns a FNB premier account.  

Competitive Advantages of FNB Premier Account  

  • The account gives account holders free access to the FNB eBucks rewards program.
  • There is a dedicated team of advisors that are there to assist account holders.
  • There are complimentary rewards that can be claimed.
  • Account holders get travel benefits, lifestyle, and entertainment benefits.
  • There is free access to the FNB digital platforms.
  • There is a fee discount for account holder’s kids and spouse/partner.

Competitive Disadvantages of the FNB Premier Cheque Account   

  • The account doesn’t have any car rental discounts.
  • There is no Pay As You Use option.


The FNB Premier Cheque account is ideal for anyone looking for a mid-tier cheque account. Account holders enjoy numerous advantages that only a few accounts in South Africa can match. Young professionals are also given priority, with their own dedicated Premier accounts to help them get started as professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions About the FNB Premier Account

  1. Who is eligible for the FNB Premier Account?
    • The FNB Premier Account is available to individuals with annual incomes ranging from R240,000.00 to R849,999.00.
  2. What is the monthly account fee for the FNB Premier Account?
    • The monthly account fee for the FNB Premier Account is R230.00.
  3. Do spouses or partners of account holders receive any discounts?
    • Yes, spouses or partners of FNB Premier Account holders receive a 50% discount on the monthly account fee.
  4. Are there any fees for children under the age of 25 who are dependents of the account holder?
    • No, children under the age of 25 who are dependents of the account holder are exempt from any account fees.
  5. What are the benefits of eBucks membership with the FNB Premier Account?
    • eBucks membership offers rewards that never expire, including up to 15% back in eBucks at select retailers, fuel rewards, travel discounts, and entertainment rewards.
  6. How many complimentary SLOW Lounge visits do I receive per year with the FNB Premier Account?
    • Account holders receive up to 8 complimentary SLOW Lounge visits per year.
  7. Is financial advice included with the FNB Premier Account?
    • Yes, account holders are entitled to complimentary financial advice sessions conducted by expert financial planners.
  8. What is Money Protect, and how does it work?
    • Money Protect provides partial or full refunds of up to R7,000 in the event of certain card fraud, offering added peace of mind to account holders.
  9. How can I access my eBucks rewards?
    • eBucks rewards can be accessed and managed through your FNB online banking portal or the eBucks website.
  10. What steps should I take if I have questions about my FNB Premier Account?
    • For any inquiries or assistance regarding your FNB Premier Account, you can contact FNB’s customer service hotline, visit a branch in person, or utilize the online chat support available through the FNB app or website.

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