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FNB Easy Zero Account Review 2024

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Lethabo Ntsoane

In today’s digital age, banking has evolved to meet the needs of consumers seeking convenience, affordability, and flexibility. FNB, a division of FirstRand Bank Limited, offers the Easy Zero Account, catering to individuals looking for a hassle-free banking experience with zero monthly fees. In this review, we’ll delve into the features, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of the FNB Easy Zero Account, helping you make an informed decision about your banking needs.

Overview of the FNB Easy Zero Account

The FNB Easy Zero Account is designed to provide customers with a straightforward banking solution without the burden of monthly account fees. With no paperwork required and a quick 5-minute account opening process, it aims to simplify banking for individuals seeking basic banking services without unnecessary complexities.

FNB Easy Zero Account Fees 2024

Transaction TypeFee
Monthly account feeNo charge
Transfer from your FNB Easy Zero to your other FNB accountNo charge
Send money from your FNB Easy Zero account to eWalletR2 + R2.40 per R100
Withdraw cash from an FNB ATMR8.50 per R1,000
Withdraw cash from non-FNB ATMsR12 + R2.40 per R100
Deposit cash at FNB ATMNo charge up to R1,000 per month
Cash@Till®No charge
EFT paymentsR1
Balance enquiries using mobile and onlineNo charge
Other banks’ ATMs or telephone banking (consultant assisted)R8
Prepaid airtime or data purchaseNo charge
Prepaid electricity<=R75: R0.50 <R75 & <=R150: R1.50 >R150: R3
Reversal of incorrect send money to eWallet (telephone/branch)R75
Reversal of incorrect send money to eWallet (cellphone banking and FNB APP)R17.50
Declined transactions (point-of-sale, scheduled payment, and other banks’ ATMs)R8
Card replacement fee in branchR150
Real Time Payments- Payshap and Instant Payment FNB to other Bank (Per Transaction)<R100: No Charge, >R100: R0.65 per R100
Real Time Clearance (RTC)R8
Printing of statements – ATM with deposit facilitiesR4 (per page)
DSTV payments (Applicable to Buy tab)R7
inContact notificationsNo charge
FNB Easy Zero ATM mini statementR4

Benefits of the Account

  1. Zero Monthly Fees: Perhaps the most enticing feature of the FNB Easy Zero Account is its lack of monthly account fees. This makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals or those looking to avoid recurring charges.
  2. Unlimited Card Swipes: Customers enjoy the convenience of unlimited card swipes with their FNB Easy Zero card, allowing for seamless transactions without worrying about additional charges.
  3. Virtual Card: In the event of forgetting your physical card at home, the FNB Virtual Card feature offers a secure alternative for making transactions through the FNB App or cellphone banking.
  4. Added Benefits at No Charge: The account offers additional perks such as personalized funeral cover, no debit orders, and no paperwork, enhancing its value proposition for customers.

Advantages of the Account

  1. Convenience: The account’s simplicity and ease of access make it a convenient option for individuals seeking basic banking services without cumbersome requirements.
  2. Affordability: With no monthly account fees and added benefits at no extra charge, the FNB Easy Zero Account is a cost-effective solution for those looking to minimize banking costs.
  3. Accessibility: Customers can access their funds and perform transactions conveniently through various channels, including ATMs, online banking, cellphone banking, and the FNB App.

Disadvantages of the Account

  1. Transaction Limits: While the account offers unlimited card swipes, there are transaction limits imposed, such as a daily spending limit of R3,000 and a maximum account balance of R14,000, which may not suit all customers’ needs.
  2. Limited Deposit Options: Although the account allows for deposits at FNB ATMs and selected retailers, the maximum monthly deposit limit of R1,000 may be restrictive for individuals with higher banking requirements.

Requirements of the Account

To open an FNB Easy Zero Account, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. South African Citizenship or Permanent Residency: Applicants must be South African citizens or hold permanent residency status.
  2. Minimum Age: The account is available to individuals aged 18 and above.
  3. Proof of Identity: Applicants need to provide valid identification documents, such as a South African ID or passport.
  4. Proof of Address: Proof of residential address is required for verification purposes.


The FNB Easy Zero Account offers a compelling proposition for individuals seeking a no-frills banking experience with zero monthly fees. With its simplicity, affordability, and added benefits, it caters to customers looking for basic banking services without unnecessary complexities. However, customers should consider the account’s transaction limits and deposit options to ensure it aligns with their banking needs. Overall, the FNB Easy Zero Account presents a viable option for those prioritizing convenience and cost-effectiveness in their banking journey.


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