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FNB Easy PAYU Account Review 2024

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Lethabo Ntsoane

In today’s digital age, banking convenience and affordability are paramount for consumers. FNB (First National Bank) has long been a pioneer in providing innovative banking solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customers. One such offering is the FNB Easy PAYU Account, designed to provide accessible banking services with minimal fees. In this review, we’ll delve into the features, benefits, advantages, and drawbacks of the FNB Easy PAYU Account, as well as its requirements and additional relevant information.

Overview of the FNB Easy PAYU Account

The FNB Easy PAYU Account is a streamlined banking solution aimed at individuals seeking simplicity and cost-effectiveness in managing their finances. As the name suggests, “PAYU” stands for “Pay-As-You-Use,” reflecting the account’s fee structure, which charges customers only for the transactions they make, without any monthly subscription or joining fees. This account is ideal for those who prefer to pay for banking services as and when they use them, rather than committing to fixed monthly charges.

Benefits of the Account

  1. No Monthly Subscription Fees: Unlike traditional bank accounts that may impose monthly maintenance fees, the FNB Easy PAYU Account does not require customers to pay any subscription fees, making it a budget-friendly option for individuals looking to minimize banking costs.
  2. Transparent Fee Structure: With the PAYU model, customers have full visibility of the fees associated with each transaction, empowering them to make informed decisions about their banking activities. This transparency fosters trust and ensures that customers are not caught off guard by unexpected charges.
  3. Flexible Banking: The account offers flexibility in terms of usage, allowing customers to perform various transactions such as cash withdrawals, deposits, transfers, and payments without being tied down by rigid banking restrictions.
  4. Access to FNB’s Digital Banking Platform: Account holders can leverage FNB’s cutting-edge digital banking platforms, including the FNB App, Online Banking, and Cellphone Banking, to conveniently manage their finances anytime, anywhere.
  5. Unlimited Card Swipes: FNB Easy PAYU Account holders enjoy unlimited card swipes at no extra cost, providing added convenience for everyday transactions.
  6. Savings Opportunities: Customers can save effortlessly with features like Bank Your Change®, which rounds up card transactions to the nearest rand and saves the difference in a designated savings account.

Advantages of the Account

  1. Affordability: The primary advantage of the FNB Easy PAYU Account is its affordability. By eliminating monthly subscription fees and only charging for transactions performed, it caters to individuals seeking cost-effective banking solutions.
  2. Convenience: The account offers a range of convenient banking features, including online and mobile banking, unlimited card swipes, and easy access to savings tools, enhancing the overall banking experience for customers.
  3. Transparent Pricing: Unlike some traditional accounts that may have complex fee structures, the PAYU model simplifies pricing by charging for transactions on a per-use basis, ensuring transparency and clarity for customers.
  4. Access to Additional Benefits: While the account itself is focused on affordability and simplicity, customers may still have access to certain benefits such as discounts on ATM withdrawal fees and opportunities to earn eBucks rewards, depending on their account type and usage.

Disadvantages of the Account

  1. Transaction Fees: While the PAYU model eliminates monthly subscription fees, customers should be mindful of transaction fees, which can accumulate based on their banking activities. Frequent users may find that these fees add up over time.
  2. Limited Branch Services: As with many digital-focused accounts, the FNB Easy PAYU Account may offer limited access to in-branch services compared to traditional accounts. This could be a drawback for customers who prefer face-to-face interactions for certain banking needs.
  3. Minimum Deposit Requirement: While there are no monthly subscription fees, customers are typically required to maintain a minimum deposit in their account to keep it active. Failure to meet this requirement may result in additional charges or account closure.
  4. Dependency on Digital Channels: While digital banking offers convenience, some customers may prefer or rely on traditional banking channels. The FNB Easy PAYU Account’s emphasis on digital banking may not suit everyone’s preferences or circumstances.

FNB Easy PAYU Fees 2024

Transaction TypeFee
Monthly Subscription FeeNone
Account Activation FeeNone
Minimum Deposit RequirementVariable (Dependent on Account)
ATM Withdrawal Fee (In-network)R5.50 per withdrawal
ATM Withdrawal Fee (Out-of-network)R10.00 per withdrawal
Card Replacement FeeR100.00
Cash Deposit Fee (Branch)R1.50 per R100 deposited
Cash Withdrawal Fee (Branch)R1.50 per R100 withdrawn
Card Swipe (POS)None
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)None
Stop Payment RequestR50.00 per request
Account Closure FeeNone
Overdraft Facility FeeVariable (Dependent on Agreement)
International Transaction Fee2.75% of transaction amount
Monthly StatementsFree via Online Banking
Dormant Account FeeR20.00 per month (after 6 months of inactivity)

Requirements of the Account

To open an FNB Easy PAYU Account, individuals typically need to meet certain eligibility criteria and provide specific documentation. While requirements may vary based on factors such as age, citizenship, and residency status, common prerequisites for opening an account may include:

  • Proof of Identity: Customers must present valid identification documents, such as a South African ID card, passport, or driver’s license, to verify their identity.
  • Proof of Address: FNB may require customers to provide proof of residential address, such as a utility bill or rental agreement, to establish their place of residence.
  • Minimum Deposit: While there are no monthly subscription fees, customers may need to deposit a minimum amount to activate their account and keep it in good standing.
  • Age Requirement: Some accounts may have age restrictions, with certain features tailored for specific age groups such as minors or seniors.
  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements: Customers must comply with all relevant banking regulations and anti-money laundering laws, which may involve providing additional information or documentation as requested by FNB.

Additional Information

In addition to the core features and requirements outlined above, the FNB Easy PAYU Account may offer supplementary services or benefits depending on the customer’s needs and preferences. These could include:

  1. Integration with eBucks Rewards: Customers may have the opportunity to earn eBucks rewards based on their banking activities, which can be redeemed for various rewards such as discounts on purchases, travel vouchers, or airtime.
  2. Access to Savings and Investment Products: While the Easy PAYU Account itself is geared towards everyday banking, customers may also have the option to explore additional savings and investment products offered by FNB to grow their wealth over time.
  3. Customer Support: FNB provides dedicated customer support channels, including phone, email, and in-branch assistance, to help customers with account-related queries or issues they may encounter.
  4. Security Features: The FNB Easy PAYU Account is equipped with robust security measures to safeguard customers’ funds and personal information, including encryption technology, multi-factor authentication, and fraud monitoring systems.


The FNB Easy PAYU Account presents a compelling banking solution for individuals seeking affordability, flexibility, and transparency in managing their finances. With its pay-as-you-use fee structure, convenient digital banking platforms, and range of features, it caters to the needs of modern consumers looking for hassle-free banking experiences. While it may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those who prefer traditional branch-based banking, the account offers significant advantages for those willing to embrace digital banking convenience. By considering the benefits, advantages, disadvantages, and requirements outlined in this review, prospective customers can make informed decisions about whether the FNB Easy PAYU Account aligns with their financial goals and preferences.


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