Bonitas medical fund review 2023

Bonitas Medical Fund is a South African medical scheme based in Pretoria. The company was founded in 1982 and has grown […]

Bonitas Medical Fund
Bonitas Medical Fund
Type Private
Sector Customer Discretionary
Industry Commercial Services
Fouded 1982
Products Hospital plans, Medical Aid
Address 37 Conrad Drive
South Africa
Phone 27 86 000 2108

Bonitas Medical Fund is a South African medical scheme based in Pretoria. The company was founded in 1982 and has grown steadily since then. The company had 610 000 beneficiaries in 2011; by 2022, the scheme’s beneficiaries grew to 730 000 beneficiaries.

The company’s reserves increased from R2.3 billion to R4 billion between 2011 to 2022, making Bonitas one of the biggest Medical Schemes in South Africa.

Bonitas serves customers in 31 industries in South Africa. According to the Ask Africa Orange Index, Bonitas is the 181st best company in Africa.

Bonitas is widely regarded as a brilliant company, offering medical programs such as MediHelp, but it also received a 4.9 index point on the overall customer satisfaction index. Bonitas has approximately 280 000 medical health scheme clients.

Plans offered by Bonitas medical fund

1. Primary Plan

Contributions to the primary plan begin at R2 654 pm for the primary member, with additional child and adult contributions beginning at R844 pm and R2 076pm, respectively. You have unlimited hospitalization as well as GP and expert appointments.

Each family member is given R14 240 for MRI and CT scans. Each member of the family can claim up to R32 130 for internal prosthesis. The day-to-day benefit, which ranges from R5 000 to R11 000 per year, covers GP visits, specialist visits, x-rays and ultrasounds, blood tests, and acute medicine.

The purchase of over-the-counter medications is limited to R500 per family member and R2 000 per household. A family can spend up to R7 030 on general medical appliances under the plan.

2. Primary Select Plan

With the Primary Select Plan, you can visit any hospital in South Africa. The main member instalments start at R2 322, with additional adults and children costing R1 816 and R738 respectively. Unlimited GP and expert appointments are available during hospital stays.

If you are not in the hospital, you can expect to spend between R2 000 and R4 500 per year on GP and specialist consultations. R3 000 is the maximum amount that can be spent on blood tests, acute medicine, X-rays, and ultrasounds.

For non-PMBs, each family may receive up to R200 000 for cancer treatment. During each hospital stay, you can spend up to R390 on medication.

3. Standard Plan

With the Bonitas Standard plan, you get better hospital and out of hospital benefits than the primary plan. As the main member, your monthly instalment starts from R 4 230. Should you wish to add an adult, you will need to pay a minimum of R 3 667and R 1 241 if you add a child.

Hospital cover and GP and specialist consultation while in a hospital are unlimited. Cover for mental hospitalisation is for up to R46 320 per family.

Out of hospital benefits include:

  • GP consultation from R3 000 – R6 000.
  • Specialist consultation, x-ray and ultrasound, blood test and acute medication cover from R3 000 – R6 000.
  • Over the counter medication cover limited to R800 per beneficiary, R2 500 per family
  • Hearing aid cover of R8 930 per family every 5 years.
  • Chronic benefits of up to 45 chronic conditions. Cover of R11 180 per beneficiary, R22 440 per

4. Standard Select Plan

With the Standard Select plan, you can save up to 15% if you choose to use Bonitas hospital networks. Monthly instalments for the main member starts from R 3 822. The main member can add an adult by contributing at least R 3 307 and R1 119 for a child.

In- hospital benefits for the Standard Select include :

  • Usage of hospital networks
  • Unlimited cover for a hospital stay
  • You receive unlimited GP and specialist consultation
  • A family cover of R192 600 for Internal Nerve Stimulators
  • Mental health hospitalization cover of R46 320 per family.
  • Take home medical cover limited to a 7-day supply up to R540 per hospital stay
  • A physical rehabilitation cover of R57 730 per family.
  • Cancer treatment cover of R250 000 per family for non-PMBs.

5. BonFit Select Plan

Same as the Standard Select plan you can save up to 15% when choosing this option since you will be using Bonitas network hospitals. Contribution from the main member starts from R 2 230. An additional adult will cost R1 727 while a child will cost R669.

In – hospital benefits for the BonFit Select Plan:

  • Use of hospital network
  • Unlimited GP and specialist consultation and blood tests and X-rays
  • Unlimited kidney dialysis, organ transplant and HIV treatment.
  • Physical rehabilitation of R57 730 per family
  • Mental hospitalisation cover of R36 760 per family

Out of hospital benefits for the BonFit Select Plan:

  • GP and specialist consultation, acute medicine, x-ray and ultrasound, and blood tests paid from available savings.
  • Paramedical, general medical appliances and optometry costs paid from available savings.

6. BonComprehensive

BonComprehensive cover starts from R 8 217 for the main member’s instalments. An adult can be added for an additional R 7 749. The main member can add a child on BonComprehensive for R 1 672. With BonComprehensive you save on contributions and self-payment for Gap fees.

In – hospital benefits for the BonComprehensive plan:

  • Unlimited hospital stay.
  • Unlimited GP and specialist consultation.
  • Internal never stimulators cover of R181 400 per family.
  • Cochlear implants cover of R304 300 per family.
  • Cancer treatment unlimited for PMBs. R400 000 per family for non-PMBs
  • Non-cancer specialised drugs cover of R220 800 per family.
  • Unlimited kidney dialysis, organ transplant and HIV/Aids treatment.

Other plans from Bonitas Medical Insurance

Other plans from Bonitas include savings plans namely BonSave, BonComplete and BonClassic. Hospital plans include hospital Standard, BonEssential and BonEssential Select. Savings plans offer plans with less cover amounts and benefits. Hospital plans are only for hospitalization and normally cover hospital expenses.

Advantages of Bonitas Medical Scheme

  • Children pay less on medical aid plans. 
  • Adult dependents pay less than main members which is very rare in the medical health industry. 
  • The scheme offers competitive rates. 
  • There are different medical aid plans to choose from. 
  • The medical scheme has a proven track record. 

Disadvantages of Bonitas Medical Scheme 

  • Savings plans can be very expensive to maintain. 
  • There are no rewards. 


By providing affordable health insurance, Bonitas Medical Fund is saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Without any sacrifices, the company has served over 730 000 beneficiaries. Bonitas has managed to meet a variety of medical demands by offering a number of programs. Bonitas has it all covered with a product portfolio that includes hospital plans, savings plans, and comprehensive plans.

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