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Alexander Forbes Life Insurance Review 2023

Alexander Forbes life insurance

 Alexander Forbes Life Insurance offers one of the most affordable life insurance solutions for individuals in South Africa. Policyholders can set financial goals that extend beyond their lives. This is a fantastic thing to do, especially if you want to leave your family financially secure.

With the Alexander Forbes Life cover, you can leave more for your family when you die. Your family will be financially secure if you purchase the Alexander Forbes Life cover. Financial security is not something that will be short-lived.

The payout amount on your Alexander Forbes life insurance policy can be used to cover different aspect of the policyholder’s life.  If you have children, your children can attend the best schools and be able to pursue careers that they love the most.

When purchasing Alexander Forbes Life Insurance, it is highly recommended that you consult with an advisor. Your advisor will assist you in making the best decisions regarding how to distribute your life insurance and how to use it, among other things.

It is far preferable if you have an estate plan, as your Alexander Forbes Life Insurance cover payout can simply be used to fund your estate plan, and distributions will be made in accordance with it. 

Since we take out loans and finance for personal reasons, your life insurance policy can pay them off. When your debts are paid off, your other investments will be unaffected.

Alexander Forbes Life Insurance offers a diverse range of insurance coverage for a variety of incidents. Let us take a closer look at the Alexander Forbes Life Insurance options available.

Alexander Forbes Life Insurance solutions

Alexander Forbes Life Insurance division provides 4 solutions for their life insurance. The solutions include life cover, disability cover, income protection cover and critical illness cover.

Life cover

With the Alexander Forbes Life cover, you will be leaving a legacy to your family or dependents. The life insurance payout is made in a single lump sum payment. This money can be used by your family or dependents to settle debts, pay fees, cover immediate expenses, or invest.

By purchasing the Alexander Forbes Life cover, you can achieve your generational goals. You will also have to pay monthly premiums on your life insurance policy. Your premiums will be determined by your risk profile and the amount of coverage you want.

Main features of the Alexander Forbes Life Cover:

  • A lump-sum benefit to the beneficiaries whey you pass away.
  • Helps with covering outstanding debt and expenses.
  • This is subject to underwriting.
  • Premiums will depend on your risk profile.
  • The life cover replaces lost income

Disability Cover

Disabilities can occur as a result of an accident or other occurrence. Alexander Forbes does not cover self-inflicted disabilities. Since disabilities are mostly the result of accidents, they are impossible to predict. That is why you should get disability insurance.

When you become disabled, your disability insurance will assist you, your family, and your dependents. You won’t be able to go to work at this point, and financial stress is the last thing you need. You will need to pay for medical and specialist bills, so this money will be extremely beneficial.

The policyholder receives a single lump-sum payment from the Alexander Forbes disability insurance. You can use this money to modify your home to accommodate your new physical condition.

Main benefits of the Alexander Forbes disability cover:

  • Once off lump sum when you can no longer earn income after an injury or illness.
  • Premiums will depend on your risk profile.
  • The payout can clear debts and pay fees as well as living expenses.
  • You will be able to meet your monthly obligations.

Critical Illness cover

Critical illness cover pays out when a policyholder gets diagnosed with a critical illness. A critical illness includes stroke, heart attack, cancer and more. During a period of such diagnosis, no one wants any financial pressure, in fact, you will need some money to keep up.

The payout amount can help handsomely. You will be able to fight a critical illness from some of the best hospitals in South Africa or in the world. Additionally, you will also be able to afford medication and healing procedures that can take months.

As for your family, you will be able to take care of them using the payout amount since you won’t be working. You can even invest some of the money for yourself and family to ensure that your family’s future needs are taken care of.

Main features of the Alexander Forbes critical illness cover:

  • Pays out a lump sum benefit if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness.
  • Covers medical or other additional expenses that may arise as a result of the illness.
  • Helps cover monthly expenses while you are critically ill.

Disability income protection

The disability income protection covers you should you be unable to work because of an accident or illness that may cause disability. This cover replaces your monthly income and you will then receive monthly income from Alexander Forbes.

The amount of monthly income that you will receive will depend on your policy cover. This monthly income will help you take care of your family and your financial life will carry on as normal.

Main features of the Alexander Forbes disability income protection:

  • Monthly benefit when you can no longer earn an income.
  • Helps you meet your monthly financial obligations.
  • Provides support for families.

Advantages of the Alexander Forbes Life Insurance 

  • The premiums on the insurance are reasonable. 
  • There are multiple covers to choose from. 
  • Cover amount on the life insurance policy can be optimised. 
  • Payout is tax free. 
  • Payout is made only to listed beneficiaries. 

Disadvantages of the Alexander Forbes Life Insurance 

  • There is no cash back bonus. 
  • There are no rewards for making timely contributions to the life insurance policy.


Alexander Forbes Life Insurance provides four solutions that are very much of a fundamental to financial security. One can take one or more policies at once. This will depend on the current and future needs of the insurance buyer.

All together the Alexander Forbes Life Insurance is surely one of the best life insurance companies in South Africa. The company is doing well in the life insurance division and has a number of years in delivering life insurance.



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