1st For Women Car Insurance Review 2022

Car insurance is one of the popular insurance products in South Africa. However, a car insurance product that is made specifically for women is something that one can only find from 1st for Women. The 1st for Women car insurance is designed to cater to the car insurance needs of different women. 

Men can also get covered with the 1st for Women car insurance. However, women are more likely to benefit from this product since it was created with women in mind. For example, women pay lower premiums than men on the same cover. 

There are benefits that go with the product and these come for free. Benefits are there to assist one with their road and home emergencies and they can be utilized at any given time at no additional cost. There are also cashback benefits that one can subscribe to, to get some of their premiums back in cash. 

Benefits are activated immediately after their application is finalized. 1st for Women uses technology to its advantage. With the use of the 1st for Women website, one can get a car insurance quote or request a callback. Using one of these methods, one can get started in no time. In some cases, their policy can start within a day of requesting a callback or getting a quote. 

1st for Women Car Insurance 

1st for Women car insurance is an insurance product that is made specifically for women. The product gives women the opportunity to have a car insurance cover that is tailor-made for them. Women get preferential quotes with the 1st for Women car insurance cover. Premiums paid are less than that of men for the same product and cover amount. 

There are 4 covers that the 1st for Women car insurance has on offer. The covers include comprehensive car insurance, third-party car insurance, fire and theft car insurance, and third-party-only car insurance. The insurance products listed are explained below. 

Comprehensive Car insurance 

1st for Women comprehensive car insurance covers your car from loss, theft, and accidental damage. The cover is not only for women, men can also be insured under the comprehensive cover. 

You get covered for fire damage to your vehicle and for third-party damage. This is if the accident is caused by you. 

The cover has many additional benefits that you can enjoy apart from those you pay for in your premiums. Premium quote only includes insured events of loss, theft, accidental damage to your car, and third-party property damage. 

If involved in an accident and your car can’t be driven, 1st for Women will send a tow truck to your location. The tow truck will help you move your car from the location you got stuck to a location of safety. 

1st for Women pays the cost of towing and for the storage of your car if you use a tow truck approved by the insurer. You are also covered for lost and/or stolen car keys. 1st for Women will pay the cost to get you a new set. 

You can get additional cover on your comprehensive car insurance. Covers that you can add to your comprehensive car insurance include:

  • Sound system cover, 
  • Hail damage Cover, 
  • Canopy cover, and 
  • Car hire cover. 

Third-Party fire and theft car insurance 

1st for Women third-party, fire and theft car insurance is an insurance product that covers your car against fire and damage. The cover is also there to cover you against third-party damage. Third-party damage is when you incur a liability for an accident that you have caused. 

Accidental damageto your car is not covered by third-party fire and theft insurance. However, should you get into an accident, you will be towed for free to the nearest repairer or storage yard. The towing and third-party damages costs caused by your car will be covered by 1st for Women.

You can add some cover options to your Third Party, fire, and theft car insurance. You can add one or more of the following covers to your insurance:

  • Sound system cover, 
  • Windscreen cover, 
  • Canopy cover, and 
  • Vehicle hire

Third-party only car insurance 

Third-Party only car insurance is an insurance product that provides coverage for third-party liability that you cause with your car. This cover is for third-party vehicle cover so you are covered should you cause any financial loss in an accident to other motorists. You are covered for any third-party damages, costs, and expenses. 

If you want a cover that will make sure that your vehicle is wholly taken care of should it get involved in an accident, you need to take comprehensive car insurance. Otherwise, if you don’t have a comprehensive cover, you will have to repair your car from your own pocket. 

Benefits of 1st For Women Car Insurance 

When you subscribe to the 1st for Women car insurance, you receive automatic benefits at no additional cost. These benefits are there to make your life easy. You can make use of these benefits whenever necessary. Benefits are activated after successfully subscribing to any car insurance product. 

The Guardian Angel on-call benefit is one benefit that you can make use of at any time or anywhere. With guardian Angel on call, you get access to a panic button that assists with alerting external help during emergencies. You will be able to get help should you get hijacked or get into other emergency situations. The help is available to you 24/7.

You get also get access to assist benefits that help you during times of emergencies. Assist benefits include medical, home, road, finance, tax and legal, and concierge assist. These are also available to you 24/7


Car insurance from 1st for Women is best suited for women. Women get reduced rates on premiums than men. The insurance product has covers that you can choose from making the product diverse . Benefits are also there to make your life better and they come at no additional cost.

1st For Women Car Insurance Review 2022

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