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1st For Women Car Insurance Review 2023

1st For Women Car Insurance

1st for women car insurance is a car insurance designed specifically for women, saving them up to R399.00 per month on car insurance premiums. The 1st for women car insurance also covers third-party medical costs up to R500.00. The car insurance includes 24-hour emergency assistance from 1st for women’s guardian angel services.

1st for women car insurance provides numerous benefits to policyholders. The following are some of the benefits of the 1st car insurance for women:

  • Guardian Angel on Call – this service provides a 24 hour accident and roadside assistance services which can be assessed on the 1st for women app. 
  • Guardian Angel Lifestyle Assistance – this service is there to make the life of the car insurance policy holder easy by keeping the policyholders and their loved ones safe. The service comes with the following benefits.
    • Road Assist. 
    • Home Assist 
    • Medical Assist
    • Tax, finance, and legal assist, and
    • Concierge Assist.

1st for women car insurance benefits are discussed in greater detail later in the article. Below we discuss the covers that can be taken out under the 1st for women car insurance.

1st for Women Car Insurance 

1st for Women car insurance is a product designed specifically for women. The product allows women to have car insurance coverage that is specifically tailored to their needs. With the 1st for Women car insurance cover, women receive preferential quotes. For the same product and coverage amount, women pay lower premiums than men.

The 1st for Women car insurance provides 4 coverage options. Comprehensive car insurance, third-party car insurance, fire and theft car insurance, and third-party-only car insurance are among the options. The insurance products aforementioned are explained in detail.

1st For Women Comprehensive Car insurance 

1st for Women comprehensive car insurance protects you against loss, theft, and accidental damage to your vehicle. Men can be insured under the comprehensive cover in addition to women.

Vehicles are protected against fire damage to your vehicle as well as third-party damage. If you are the one who caused the accident.

Aside from the benefits you pay for, the policy offers a slew of other perks. Only insured events of loss, theft, accidental damage to your car, and third-party property damage are included in the premium quote.

If you are involved in an accident and your vehicle is unable to be driven, 1st for Women will dispatch a tow truck to your location. The tow truck will assist you in moving your car from the location where you became stuck to a safe location.

If you use a tow truck approved by the insurer, 1st for Women will pay for towing and storage of your vehicle. You are also covered if your car keys are lost or stolen. 1st for Women will cover the cost of a new set.

You can add extra coverage to your comprehensive car insurance policy. You can supplement your comprehensive car insurance with the following coverages:

  • Sound system cover, 
  • Hail damage Cover, 
  • Canopy cover, and 
  • Car hire cover. 

1st For Women Third-Party fire and theft car insurance 

1st for Women third-party, fire and theft car insurance is an insurance product that covers your car against fire and damage. The cover is also there to cover you against third-party damage. Third-party damage is when you incur a liability for an accident that you have caused. 

Third-party fire and theft insurance does not cover accidental damage to your vehicle. In the event of an accident, you will be towed for free to the nearest repairer or storage yard. 1st for Women will cover the costs of towing and third-party damage caused by your vehicle.

You can supplement your Third Party, Fire, and Theft car insurance with some additional coverage options. You can supplement your insurance with one or more of the following coverages:

  • Sound system cover, 
  • Windscreen cover, 
  • Canopy cover, and 
  • Vehicle hire

Third-party only car insurance 

Third-Party only car insurance is an insurance product that provides coverage for third-party liability that you cause with your car. This cover is for third-party vehicle cover so you are covered should you cause any financial loss in an accident to other motorists. You are covered for any third-party damages, costs, and expenses. 

If you want a cover that will make sure that your vehicle is wholly taken care of should it get involved in an accident, you need to take comprehensive car insurance. Otherwise, if you don’t have a comprehensive cover, you will have to repair your car from your own pocket. 

Benefits of 1st For Women Car Insurance 

When you purchase 1st for Women car insurance, you will receive automatic benefits at no extra cost. These benefits are provided to make your life easier. You can take advantage of these benefits whenever you need to. After successfully subscribing to any car insurance product, benefits are activated.

The Guardian Angel on-call benefit is one that you can use at any time or place. When you have a guardian Angel on call, you have access to a panic button, which aids in alerting external help during emergencies. You will be able to get assistance if you are hijacked or encounter other emergency situations. One can get assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 You will also have access to assistance benefits that will assist you in times of emergency. Assist benefits include medical, home, road, finance, tax and legal, and concierge assist. These are also available to you 24/7.

Advantages of 1st for women car insurance

  • There are different plans to choose from. 
  • Individuals can save up to R399.00 per month on payable premiums. 
  • There are benefits that can be enjoyed such as guardian on call benefit.
  • Can choose to get partial cover for your vehicle. 

Disadvantages of 1st for women car insurance

  • There is no cash back bonus. 
  • Only women get reduced premiums.


Car insurance from 1st for Women is best suited for women. Women get reduced rates on premiums than men. The insurance product has covers that you can choose from making the product diverse . Benefits are also there to make your life better and they come at no additional cost.



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