Best 20 trending products to sell online in South Africa 2024

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20 best niche products to sell online in South Africa 2022

The e-commerce landscape in South Africa continues to evolve rapidly. As we step into 2024, tapping into the latest trends in online selling is more crucial than ever for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this lucrative market. This guide will explore the top 20 products that are expected to dominate the South African online market in 2024, offering insights for both established online retailers and those aspiring to enter the digital marketplace.

Understanding the Shift in Market Trends

The South African e-commerce sector is witnessing a significant shift in consumer preferences, influenced by global trends, technological advancements, and evolving lifestyle needs. Staying ahead in this competitive market requires a keen understanding of these shifts and adapting product offerings accordingly.

Top 20 Trending Products for 2024

  1. Lip Stain: A beauty favorite, lip stains are gaining popularity for their long-lasting and smudge-proof qualities.
  2. Matcha Products: Reflecting a growing interest in health and wellness, matcha, known for its health benefits, is becoming a sought-after item.
  3. Power Tool Accessories: DIY culture continues to rise, boosting the demand for various power tool accessories.
  4. Dog Toys: The pet industry is booming, with an increasing number of households adopting pets and looking for quality toys.
  5. Shot Glasses: Novelty and collectible shot glasses are becoming popular among online shoppers.
  6. Costume Shoes: With a surge in themed parties and events, costume shoes are finding a significant market online.
  7. Slipcovers: Home decor enthusiasts are turning to slipcovers as a quick and affordable way to revamp furniture.
  8. Wall Plates and Covers: Aesthetic and functional, these items are becoming a staple in home decor.
  9. Baby Shirts: Parents are constantly looking for unique and comfortable clothing for their babies.
  10. Curtain and Drape Rings: As people invest more in home aesthetics, even small details like curtain rings are becoming popular.
  11. Cabinet Knobs and Handles: With home renovations on the rise, stylish cabinet knobs and handles are in demand.
  12. Watch Accessories: The market for watch bands, cases, and repair kits is expanding.
  13. Tumblers: Reusable tumblers, especially those with unique designs, are trending as eco-friendly alternatives to disposable cups.
  14. Model Train Sets: A niche but growing market, model train sets appeal to hobbyists and collectors.
  15. Signage: Customizable signs for homes and businesses are gaining traction.
  16. Wedding Dresses: Online bridal wear, including customizable and off-the-rack options, is becoming increasingly popular.
  17. Table Runners: These are becoming a must-have for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their dining settings.
  18. Car Microfiber Towels: With a focus on car care, these high-quality towels are in demand.
  19. Yoga Mats: Reflecting a growing focus on wellness and fitness, yoga mats are becoming more popular.
  20. Resistance Bands: As home workouts continue to be popular, resistance bands are a sought-after fitness accessory.


The online retail landscape in South Africa is ripe with opportunities for 2024. These top 20 trending products reflect a diverse range of interests and needs, catering to various segments of the market. Whether it’s in beauty, home decor, fitness, or pet care, there’s a niche for entrepreneurs willing to explore and invest in these trending products. As always, successful e-commerce relies not just on what you sell, but how you sell it – understanding your market, engaging with your customers, and staying adaptable to change are key to making the most of these trending opportunities.

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