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Nedbank Home Contents Insurance Review 2023

Nedbank Home Contents Insurance

The Nedbank home contents insurance is an insurance product that covers a policyholder’s belongings at a specific property address. Anyone with a personal property or rented property who wants to cover personal belongings inside that property is eligible for coverage.

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible for this coverage. When you sign up for the product, Nedbank will give you a 25% discount on your home contents insurance premiums.

A cashback benefit is also available to policyholders who remain claim-free for three years in a row. The plan offers a 10% cashback on all premiums paid during the specified period.

The contents of a house under the cover are covered for a number of incidents. Moreover, there are also exclusions that come with the coverage. We discuss the covered incidents and exclusions of the plan in detail below.

Nedbank Home Contents Insurance Cover

Nedbank home contents insurance covers loss or damage to household contents caused by fire, explosion, or lightning. The policy will pay out if fire, explosion, or lightning causes damage or loss to home contents up to a certain limit.

The plan covers loss or damage to home contents caused by natural disasters. The policy protects against loss or damage to household contents caused by a storm, wind, water, flood, hail, or snow. The plan also covers earthquakes that cause loss or damage to home contents.

Impact on home contents caused by animals, vehicles, aircraft, or serial devices or other objects falling from them or falling trees is covered by the plan. The plan further covers collapse or breakage of aerial systems and satellite dishes.

Should the covered home contents get stolen, the cover replaces the stolen home contents. The damage or loss caused by attempted home contents is covered by the plan. Moreover, damage or loss of home contents that occur as a result of burglary is also covered by the plan.

Oil-related damages to home contents make part of the cover, and the plan covers bursting, leaking or overflowing of water or from tanks, apparatus, or pipes. The plan excludes damages to the leaking pipes or oil tanks.

Outbuildings are covered for loss or damage for theft and attempted theft, and the limit of cover is limited to the insured amount. Money is covered by the plan for the loss or damage that is as a result of an insured event.

The Nedbank home contents insurance compensates the insured for loss or damage caused by power surge to electronic or electrical equipment. Amounts owed for water to local authorities due to the bursting of pipes or leaking of water are covered by the plan.

Rental that must be paid or expenses that the insured incurs to find alternative accommodation when a covered incident occurs and the Private residence is not fit to live in is covered by the plan. The cover only applies for the period reasonably required to make the policyholder’s private residence livable.

The Nedbank home contents insurance also provides cover for clearing costs of removing damaged contents from the house, mirrors and curtains, fire extinguishing charges, veterinary expenses, loss of water, keys & remotes, damages to gardens, and cost of guards.

With so many policy inclusions, the plan also has some policy exclusions which are listed below.

Nedbank Home Contents Insurance Cover Exclusions

  • Loss or damage of home contents caused by any process that uses or applies to water; wear and tear; gradual deterioration of home contents; and mildew, damp, rust or corrosion.
  • The plan doesn’t cover theft or attempted theft while the private residence where the home contents are located is lent, let, or sublet.
  • Malicious damage while the property residence where home contents are housed is lent, let or sublet is not covered by the plan.
  • Loss of or damage to money as a result of theft is not covered by the plan.
  • Cover excludes spoilage due to load-shedding by a power-supply authority, unless the duration of the power interruption exceeds 36 hours.
  • Spoilage as a result of nonpayment or non-purchase of power or any type of fuel is also not covered.
  • The plan doesn’t cover vehicles, watercraft (excluding surfboards, kite boards, paddle skis, kayaks, canoes, surf skis, windsurf boards, sailboards and model boats), aircraft (excluding model aircraft), other aerial devices, and all tools, spare parts and accessories of these vehicles, aircraft or watercraft that are on, in, or attached to them.
  • Golf carts and ride-on lawnmowers, motorcycles, scooters, scramblers or quad bikes, and all tools, spare parts, and accessories related to any of these listed items are not covered.
  • Loss, damage, or breakage covered by a manufacturer’s purchase agreement, guarantee, or service contract is not covered.
  • Cover for personal effects of guests does not apply if the guest has insurance that covers the loss or damage.
  • Cover for personal effects of domestic workers does not apply if your full-time domestic employees have insurance that covers the loss or damage.

Advantages of Nedbank Home Contents Insurance

  • The plan allows policyholders to cover all of their home contents.
  • There is a 10% cashback after every 3 claim-free years.
  • Comes with a pick-me-up service which provides transportation to the policyholders when they go to a certain destination.
  • Exclusions on the cover are not many.
  • There are some outbuildings that the plan covers.
  • Comes with a drive-me-home service for the policyholder and their car to take them home safely at night.
  • There is up to a 25% discount on the premiums that are payable when subscribing to the plan.
  • The plan has a roadside assistance benefit.

Disadvantages of Nedbank Home Contents Insurance

  • The plan doesn’t have a trauma benefit. Legal and accounting assist benefits are not available.


The Nedbank Home Contents Insurance covers policyholders not only for the contents of their home, but also for some outbuildings. Damages or loss of electronics caused by power surges are also covered at no extra cost by the plan.

The company also offers value-added services like a take-me-home benefit and roadside assistance that do not require an additional premium. These and other features combine to make the plan a very comprehensive product at a very reasonable premium.



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