Dial Direct Building Insurance Review 2022

Buildings are the most valuable assets that we own. Taking care of them shows that we are responsible and we appreciate their worth. Seeing your building getting destroyed or damaged can be very stressful. In many cases, your building can be destroyed by natural occurrences or by malicious acts of human beings. 

With each scenario being different, you need to understand that you cannot assure protection to your building. Your building is likely to be damaged by a third party and by things beyond your control. Therefore, you need to find an alternative solution to your problem.

You need to find a viable and long-lasting solution to keep your house protected whether you are there or not. Getting building insurance can serve as the best solution to keep your house protected against unfortunate events such as natural occurrences and third-party damage. 

Dial Direct offers such a plan, an insurance cover that will cover you against several occurrences that are beyond your control. The Dial Direct Buildings Insurance is a plan that you can use for your home or buildings, as it provides you with peace of mind of knowing that you are covered should anything happen to your building. 

You can get the building insurance along with the Dial Direct Home Contents Insurance to get all-around protection for your building and its assets. By getting a comprehensive cover on both, you will be covered for almost anything that is within your property. 

Dial Direct Building Insurance 

The Dial Direct Building Insurance only comes in one form. The products only come as a comprehensive cover. You get benefits by taking out the building insurance. Benefits will be discussed in the next section. In this section, we discuss comprehensive building insurance. 

Comprehensive Buildings Insurance 

Dial Direct comprehensive building insurance is home insurance that is there to protect your home against events that are beyond your control. The comprehensive cover covers your entire house. All materials that compose your house are covered by this product. 

These include your garages, outbuildings, domestic accommodation, swimming pool, walls, gates and fences, and your tennis court. Other standard fixtures and fittings are also covered under this insurance product, therefore, you can conclude that the comprehensive cover is a cover for the whole property. 

Your building is covered against malicious acts, break-ins, fire, floods, earthquakes, land subsidence, aircraft and objects falling from them, and burst pipes. Your building or property is also covered if a tree falls on your house. Should these take place Dial Direct will make a payout if a successful claim is made. 

If an incident that is covered under comprehensive building insurance causes you or your tenant(s) to move out temporarily to another place, you will be covered. The cost that you or your tenant incur where you will be staying will be paid back and/or any rental income lost will be reimbursed.

 Should any of the covered incidents happen and cause a security bridge to your home, Dial Direct will cover you. The company will send a guard who will be there to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe. The guard will leave his/her post immediately after your home security is no longer compromised. 

Comprehensive Buildings Insurance comes with a liability cover for yourself and any domestic employees who work on your insured property. The liability cover covers anyone getting hurt on your property, and the damage caused.

Power outages caused by load shedding and pesky power outages are also covered. Therefore, should a fire be caused by a power outage, Dial Direct will make a payout to your claim. Any distraction to your building by a power outage will be covered. 

Benefits of Dial Direct building insurance 

Dial Direct Building insurance comes with benefits that are activated as soon as the building insurance is activated. When subscribing to the insurance cover you get free 500MB data. You can choose between getting alwaysOn data to use at alwaysOn Hotspots. 

You get emergency assistance with the assist benefits. Assist benefits are there to assist you at home and on the road. Assist benefits include medical assist, roadside, and towing assist, home assist, trauma assist, and legal assist. You can access the assist benefits 24/7. 

There is a cashback bonus that you can take advantage of. The cashback bonus allows you to earn cashback on the premiums that you have paid. You can either get 25% of your premiums back or first-year premiums back. A cashback bonus is only for those who go for 4 consecutive years without claiming and have been paying their premiums during the first four years. 


Building Insurance from Dial Direct provides an opportunity for individuals to protect assets that they value the most, which is their homes. You can make use of the Dial Direct building insurance as it comes with many benefits that don’t require you to pay an extra premium. Furthermore, the product allows you to earn some of your cashback. 

One setback about this insurance product is that it lacks diversity. There is only one product to choose from and not everyone wants to be insured against everything within their property. Dial Direct should consider adding other buildings insurance covers that are not all-inclusive. 

Getting this insurance product is easy. Dial Direct has made it easy to subscribe to this product by giving quotes to clients online. Those who don’t want to use the online service can request a callback. You can also make use of the dial Direct app or online policyholder portal to adjust your policy at any time.