10 Best Portable Possessions Insurance in South Africa 2024

Portable Possessions Insurance is a short-term insurance policy that covers items that one takes with them when leaving the house. Portable possessions include, but are not limited to, handbags, clothes, watches, jewelleries, laptops, cell phones, tablets, headsets, phone covers, and UPS chargers.

A Portable Possessions Insurance policy allows policyholders to specify or unspecify the items to be insured. This procedure has a significant impact on the premiums that are payable for Portable Possessions Insurance. The differences between specified and unspecified covers are discussed in depth below.

Specified Vs Unspecified Portable Possessions Covers

Specified Portable Possessions Insurance is a type of portable possessions insurance that requires the policyholder to individually specify the items to be insured. Items insured under specified cover have a value greater than R1,500.00; however, this amount varies by insurer, as some require a higher or lower value for items to be insured under this category.

Luxury clothes, valuable jewelry, laptops, luxury handbags, prescription glasses, and other valuable belongings can all be covered by portable possessions insurance.

Unspecified Portable Possessions Insurance provides coverage for items deemed to be of lesser value and classified as portable possessions. These items are insured collectively up to a certain limit. Unspecified Portable Possessions cover items up to a certain value, usually R150,000.00.

Items are not individually covered under unspecified cover, so they are covered as a group of possessions. Portable possessions covered under unspecified cover are typically those worth less than R1,500.00 each. Clothes, contents of a handbag, phone cover, certain jewellery, and other items are examples of these possessions.

Understanding the distinction between specified and unspecified covers aids in insuring items in the correct category, preventing them from being overinsured or underinsured.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 portable possessions insurers in South Africa to assist you in deciding which portable possessions insurance company to use. Our list is not in any particular order and is based on the following criteria:

  • Premiums payable. 
  • Customer satisfaction. 
  • Diversity on the portable possessions that can be insured. 
  • Years providing the service. 
  • Claiming period. 

Here is our selection of 10 Best Portable Possessions Insurance solutions in South Africa in 2024:

1. OUTsurance Portable Possessions Insurance 

OUTsurance Portable Possessions Insurance provides affordable coverage for a wide range of portable possessions. Possessions are covered even if you travel in South Africa or around the world. Individuals can cover almost everything they carry with them, including clothes and smaller items.

The insurance product includes a number of benefits, including a 12-month premium guarantee, which guarantees that premiums will not change for 12 months even if a claim is filed.

Furthermore, the excess amount payable on the cover is fixed and remains so even if the claim value changes. The excess amount payable can be as little as R250.00.

OUTsurance Portable Possessions specified cover insures personal belongings worth R1,500.00 or more. These items must be included in the insurance policy and have a detailed cover amount attributed to them.

The unspecified cover applies to items worth less than R1,500.00 per item. The unspecified cover has a maximum cover amount of R85,000.00.

2. Discovery Portable Possessions Insurance 

Discovery Insure provides a comprehensive portable possessions insurance plan that protects portable possessions from loss, theft, or damage. The insured portable possessions are covered anywhere in South Africa and are further covered worldwide.

As a result, when traveling, one does not need to take additional insurance coverage for already insured portable possessions. The cover is available in a variety of plans that provide flexibility in terms of the amount that one wishes to cover their portable possessions.

Clients can choose between three plans: the classic plan, the purple plan, and the essential plan. With these plans, almost any item can be covered. The essential plan provides coverage for items worth up to R1,500.00 per item or set. The classic plan covers items up to R10,000.00. The purple, on the other hand, provides coverage of up to R150,000.00 per item or set.

The following benefits come with Discovery Portable Possessions:

  • Clients can store documents such as proof of ownership and asset valuation in an online vault.
  • You can choose a flexible excess amount to suit your needs, or you can choose zero excess across all sections of the cover.
  • Every year, clients with a purple plan can upgrade to the latest Apple or Samsung phone. 

3. 1st For Women Portable Possessions Insurance 

The 1st For Women portable possessions solution is one of the best portable possessions insurance products in South Africa, with a wide range of covers available. You can use the product to cover not only your portable possessions but also the portable possessions of your household members.

Items covered by the insurance product are protected from loss, accidental damage, and theft. Items with a higher monetary value can be specified under the insurance policy.

The 1st for Women Portable Possessions Insurance provides a more comprehensive approach to its product offerings. The insurer offers “All Risk Insurance,” which protects your portable possessions against theft, accidental damage, and loss in general. 

You can cover specific items if you don’t want to cover your entire portable possession. There are seven more covers to choose from.  These include:

  • Handbag cover, 
  • Cell phone cover, 
  • Clothing cover, 
  • Laptop Cover, 
  • Glass Insurance, 
  • Jewellery Cover, and
  • Camera Cover. 

By selecting 1st For Women Portable Possessions Insurance, you will receive a list of benefits at no additional cost. The benefits are designed to make it easier for you to access services by providing you with a directory of professionals when you need them the most. Among the benefits are:

  • Guardian Angel on call, 
  • Road Assist, 
  • Medical Assist, 
  • Home Assist, 
  • Legal assist, and
  • Concierge assist. 

4. Hollard Portable Possessions Cover

Hollard Insurance Company Portable Possessions Insurance protects your belongings from loss, damage, and theft. Its specified cover, like the unspecified cover, ensures an endless list of items. The insurer only provides comprehensive coverage for their portable possessions products.

Items that are worth more than R5,000.00 per item or in value can be specified. The unspecified cover is available for items worth less than R5,000.00, which may include electronics. The total maximum cover amount for unspecified items is R50,000.00.

Excess Payment applies to both specified and unspecified portable possessions. The excess amount ranges between R500.00 and R2000.00. When filing a claim, the amount must be paid first.

5. Momentum Personal Belongings Cover

Momentum Personal Belongings Insurance protects your personal movable assets from damage, theft, and loss. The solution is a comprehensive cover that can accommodate various types of portable possessions that one owns.

Items can be specified or unspecified, but the amount of coverage you want for a portable possession will determine which option you choose. The unspecified cover is intended for items worth less than R3,500.00. Items should be valued at their current market value to ensure that you get the best value for money rather than being overinsured or underinsured.

Specified cover, on the other hand, is for items worth more than R3,500.00. When specified, items will be individually insured for a predetermined amount.

6. Budget Insurance Portable Possessions Cover

Budget Insurance Portable Possessions Insurance offers some of the most competitive rates for their portable possessions covered in South Africa. The product is deserving of a spot in our top ten due to its broad coverage and low fees.

Clients can choose between a broader insurance cover that protects portable possessions in general and specific portable possessions insurance covers. Budget Insurance Portable Possessions Insurance provides the following products:

  • Comprehensive portable possessions insurance, 
  • Camera insurance, 
  • Laptop insurance, 
  • Jewellery and watches insurance, and 
  • Cellphone insurance. 

When you select Budget Insurance as the insurer for your personal belongings, you will receive free benefits. There are assist benefits that are available to help you when you need assistance the most, and these include:

  • Road assist, 
  • Home Assist, 
  • Legal assist, 
  • Trauma Assist, 
  • Medical assist, and
  • Entertainment assist

7. King Price Portable Possessions Insurance 

King Price Insurance has made its mark in the South African insurance industry by providing insurance products that people want, and the insurer’s portable possessions insurance product is no exception. The company’s portable possessions insurance is highly customizable, with a wide range of options available.

Customers can specify their portable possessions to ensure that they receive the coverage that they require. The amount coverable for unspecified items is adjustable and dependent on the level of protection desired by the client. The amount is subject to change at any time.

The King Prince portable possessions insurance allows customers to insure a wide range of items. Among the insurance products available are:

  • Laptop and tablets insurance, 
  • Cell phone Insurance cover, 
  • Glasses Insurance cover, 
  • Handbag Insurance cover, 
  • Jewellery Insurance cover, and camera cover. 

The unspecified cover protects items worth R2000.00 or less. Specific cover, on the other hand, is for items worth more than R2000.00. Excess payable for specified portable possessions is 5% of the claim cost, with a minimum of R500.00 payable when making claims. When filing a claim, an excess amount is due before the insurer can make any payout.

8. Dial Direct Portable Possessions Insurance 

Dial Direct provides portable possessions insurance that can accommodate a wide range of portable possessions that an individual would like to insure. You can insure almost any portable possessions and items with the solution, including cell phones, tablet computers, laptops, clothes, handbags, smartwatches, jewelry, and more.

Dial Direct’s main selling point is its ability to allow customers to file claims timely. Clients can make claims through a variety of channels, including the Dial Direct website and Whatsapp. Clients can track their claims, and some claims can be approved and funds disbursed in less than 24 hours.

The solution provides benefits that are free of charge. Benefits include “Assist Benefits,” which allow clients to get help whether they are at home or on the road. Legal assistance, trauma assistance, medical assistance, home assistance, and roadside and towing assistance are all part of assist benefits.

The most intriguing benefit is the cashback benefit, which allows clients to receive a portion of their premiums back if they go for four years without making a claim.

9. Absa Portable Possessions Insurance 

Absa Portable Possessions Insurance is not a stand-alone policy, but its inclusion on our list is deserving. The Absa direct vehicle and household contents insurance policyholders are eligible for the coverage. As you can see, this product is intended for Absa customers, but if you have a direct vehicle insurance policy or a home contents insurance policy with Absa, you can add this product for additional benefits.

Absa Portable Possessions Insurance protects a variety of portable possessions from theft, loss, or damage. The items covered are not only covered in South Africa, but also outside of South Africa, so if you travel frequently, you won’t have to worry about losing your belongings while abroad.

Excess is applicable to this insurance product and it is payable when making a claim. The maximum cover amount is determined by the client, therefore, each item will be covered for an amount that is perceived value which will likely help you be well insured.

10. Auto And General Portable Possessions Insurance 

Auto and General Portable Possessions Insurance is designed to protect items that are frequently carried around by individuals. The insurance product is divided into specified and unspecified categories, allowing clients to assign items to a specific category based on their monetary value.

Items of high value, such as jewelry, laptop computers, designer clothing, and so on, can be specified. These must be specified so that they can be insured for their full replacement cost.

Unspecified items are those that are less valuable and can be included in the insurance product as part of a set or independently. These are all the items that aren’t covered by the specified cover category but are simple to replace.


When choosing portable possessions insurance, it is critical to understand the concepts of specified and unspecified items covered so that you can obtain the actual replacement value for your covered assets. Most portable possessions insurance policies require the customer to pay an excess, therefore, familiarise yourself with the excess amount that is needed to make a claim on your portable possessions insurance.