Budget Insurance Portable Possessions Insurance Review 2022

Budget Insurance Portable Possessions Insurance has a lot of benefits. After four years, policyholders get a cashback bonus that pays back some of their insurance premiums if they don’t use it. Assistance benefits help policyholders when they need help. In the world of insurance, Budget portable property insurance is a new product. It includes both things that aren’t worth much and things that are worth a lot.

These include things that they can move and wear, like clothes. Portable Possessions Insurance covers two types of things: things that aren’t specific, and things that are.

Budget Insurance

Not only should insurance be sought for your life and immovable property, but also for your personal belongings. Our portable goods define who we are and how we are perceived in public. The loss of such items can be distressing, and the process of replacing them might be lengthy.

Purchasing portable possessions insurance is a one-time solution to the loss or eviction of your movable belongings. Portable Items may include some of your most treasured possessions, such as clothing. Replacing these mobile goods once they are stolen will help alleviate stress and costs in your life.

To begin, you must identify an insurance company that will cover your portable items. Budget Insurance is an example of an insurer of this type. Not only does Budget provide portable goods insurance, but it also provides insurance from a company that has been in business for more than a decade. Additionally, you will be able to save money.

Budget Insurance protects some of the most valuable items you carry on a daily basis, including watches, cellphones, and other jewels. They are replaced if they are stolen or misplaced.

Budget insurance makes submitting claims straightforward. The most efficient method of filing a claim is to visit the Budget Insurance website and log into their online portal. Following registration, you’ll have access to your profile, where you may submit claims and add other items to insure. If you use the member portal, you will receive prompt responses to your inquiries.

Unspecified Items Cover 

The unspecified cover from Budget Insurance covers your less valuable portable possessions. The cover is there to protect goods that do not fulfill the specified cover’s eligibility requirements. The items included in this area must be less than the standard value.

Unspecified Items coverage covers your portable belongings in the event they are lost, damaged, or stolen. Portable items such as bicycles, laptops, jewelry, and cameras are all covered as long as their combined value is less than the statutory sum.

Specified Items Cover 

Budget Insurance specified cover is a portable possessions insurance that covers valuable portable possessions. The cover replaces your portable possessions should they get lost, and/or accidentally damaged. The specified items cover doesn’t have any limit to the amount of cover that you can get. 

You can cover some of the most important possessions you carry or wear of any amount. However, items that are below the standard amount cannot be covered under a specified cover. You will need to understand what you are indemnified for when you are insured under specified cover. 

Knowing what you are indemnified for will help you in making successful claims. Having knowledge such as not being indemnified for loss or damage to a watch caused by over-winding, leaking batteries, or immersion in water can help you in making relevant claims. 

What you are indemnified under Budget Insurance portable possessions insurance 

  1. Loss of or damage to your jewellery, clothing and the personal items that you and your family members, who live with you, normally wear or carry with you/them. 
  2. Something that does not fit the description of the items above, but only if the insurer agreed to insure it and it is specified on your schedule. 
  3. Bicycles, prescription glasses, contact lenses and cellphones, laptops and electronic tablets but only if they are specified on your schedule.  
  4. If you claim for loss of or damage to precious metals and stones, jewellery and watches. 

Indemnification of your losses will happen if you ensure that your possessions are kept according to certain standards. For example, jewelry items or watches must be stored in a securely locked South Africa Bureau of Standard (SABS) approved wall or floor mounted safe, when not worn. Failure to do this simple procedure will cost you your jewelry if it gets stolen. 

When making a claim, a replacement of an item will be based on the stated value of the item on your insurance policy. Make sure that you record the correct value of the item that you insure. Furthermore, you must keep the valuation certificates for all jewelry items and/or watches so that you can present them if they are needed to make a claim. 


The Budget Insurance Portable Possessions Insurance comes with a number of benefits that are not charged on your premiums. These benefits can be utilized at any time 24/7 for help with emergency situations. The benefits make Budget Insurance one of the most reasonable portable possessions insurers because it offers exceptional services but also takes care of its clients. 

The emphasis on the use of technology to make claims, getting a quote, or buying a cover online makes Budget Insurance a future-centric company. Furthermore, the use of technology makes the company’s claiming and query process easy and fast. 

The portable possessions insurance is flexible. It allows policyholders to add more insurance covers for specific purposes. There is also freedom of cancellation should you feel like you are no longer interested in the cover.

Budget Insurance Portable Possessions Insurance Review 2022

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