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2023-12-09 10:19 AM

Exclusive Durban Estate ‘Richlands’: Unmatched Luxury Living Opportunity

  • Luxurious Estate Offering: Richlands, a sprawling 10-hectare property in Everton, Greater Durban, presents an exclusive opportunity for luxury living. It comprises two spacious homes, a cottage, and a barn, showcasing opulent features and amenities designed for sumptuous living.
  • Diverse Development Potential: The property's appeal lies in its versatility. With 13 additional approved rights, it holds potential for transformation into KZN's premier gated or equestrian estate. Furthermore, the estate could cater to various ventures, such as a wedding venue, boutique hotel, equestrian lifestyle, family living, and rental income, showcasing its adaptability for multiple purposes.
  • Unmatched Lifestyle Experience: Richlands epitomizes tranquility amidst manicured gardens, natural landscapes, and wildlife. Its luxurious features, including an indoor heated swimming pool, movie theater, spa room, and gym, offer an unmatched lifestyle for discerning homeowners seeking the pinnacle of quality, luxury, and comfort in South Africa's serene landscape of Everton, Greater Durban.
By Miriam Matoma

A sprawling 10-hectare property nestled in the serene expanse of Everton, Greater Durban, known as “Richlands,” has been unveiled onto the real estate market by Pam Golding Properties, presenting an unprecedented opportunity for luxury living. Valued at R30 million (excluding VAT), this extravagant estate boasts not only two expansive homes but also a charming cottage, a barn, and a potential for additional development.

Pam Golding expressed enthusiasm about the property, emphasizing its exclusivity and desirability within the sought-after upmarket area. “Richlands represents a rare and unique opportunity for discerning homeowners seeking an opulent country residence set amidst 10 hectares of pristine land,” remarked a spokesperson from Pam Golding Properties. “This property caters to those who yearn for meticulously landscaped gardens, tranquility amidst natural beauty, serene streams, and a chance to coexist with wildlife while indulging in the epitome of quality, luxury, and lavish living.”

The jewel of Richlands, a lavish 1,200 square meter main residence constructed just seven years ago, showcases an open-plan architectural design, hosting a plethora of expansive living spaces and entertainment areas. The master bedroom within the main house offers indulgent features such as separate dressing rooms and bathrooms for both partners. Additionally, the four suites within the main house boast their private balconies and ample built-in cupboard space.

Equipped with a bespoke kitchen, a grand banquet-sized dining area complemented by an electric fireplace, a 13-meter indoor heated swimming pool, a state-of-the-art movie theatre, a rejuvenating spa room featuring a sauna, and a fully equipped gymnasium, this home embodies luxury and comfort at its finest.

Perched on higher ground within the estate are the secondary main house comprising three bedrooms and three bathrooms, along with a quaint two-bedroom cottage, both offering breathtaking views of the property’s expansive lawns.

Highlighting the property’s diverse potential, Pam Golding elaborated on various prospective uses for the estate:

  • Development Opportunities: With 13 additional approved rights, Richlands holds the promise of transforming into KwaZulu-Natal’s premier gated or equestrian estate.
  • Equestrian Lifestyle: The property’s extensive outbuildings and facilities are well-suited for conversion into indoor arenas, paddocks, and stables, catering to an equestrian lifestyle.
  • Venue Potential: An impressive barn within the estate lends itself perfectly to hosting wedding ceremonies or conferences, presenting an ideal venue option.
  • Hospitality Ventures: The estate could be transformed into a boutique hotel or a bed and breakfast establishment.
  • Family Living: Ample living spaces cater to extended family arrangements, ensuring comfort and luxury for multiple households.
  • Rental Income: The secondary dwelling and the two-bedroom cottage offer potential for additional rental income, serving as an attractive prospect for investors seeking supplementary earnings.

The allure of Richlands lies not just in its luxurious residences but also in its adaptability and potential for diverse uses, making it an enticing prospect for investors, hospitality entrepreneurs, and those seeking an unparalleled lifestyle experience.

As a haven of luxury nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Everton, Greater Durban, Richlands stands as an embodiment of exclusivity and opulence, offering a rare chance to embrace the epitome of refined living in South Africa.

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Miriam Matoma

Miriam is a freelance writer, she covers economics and government news for Rateweb. You can contact her on: Email: Twitter: @MatomaMiriam