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Equites Property Fund Delivers Strong Financial Performance and Investor-Friendly Dividend Options

  • Equites Property Fund Limited specializes in logistics properties, offering stability and long-term income generation to investors.
  • The company's financial performance, operational strategies, and dividend reinvestment options highlight its strength in the REIT market.
  • Investors should consider Equites' tax implications, future prospects, and shareholder-friendly initiatives for informed decision-making.

In the dynamic world of real estate investment trusts (REITs), Equites Property Fund Limited stands out as a specialized player focused on logistics properties. As the only logistics-focused REIT listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Equites has carved a niche for itself in the property market by targeting high-quality logistics assets leased to top-tier tenants. This article delves into Equites’ financial performance, operational strategies, dividend declarations, and prospects, offering insights into its position in the industry.

Financial Performance

Equites’ financial performance for the year ended 29 February 2024 reflects a robust position in key metrics:

Financial MetricValue
Distribution per share (DPS)131.12 cents per share
Net asset value per shareR17.14
Distribution pay-out ratio100%
Loan-to-value (LTV) ratio39.6%
Portfolio vacancy rate0%
Weighted average lease expiry12.6 years

The company’s focus on high-quality assets is evident in its impressive metrics, including a 0% portfolio vacancy rate and a long weighted average lease expiry of 12.6 years. These factors contribute to stability and sustained income generation.

Operational Strategies

Equites’ operational strategies revolve around enhancing the quality of its property portfolio and maintaining strong tenant relationships:

  • Logistics Asset Focus: The company concentrates on logistics properties, anticipating long-term outperformance in this segment.
  • Tenant Quality: Equites boasts 97.7% revenue from A-grade tenants, highlighting its focus on securing reliable income streams from reputable lessees.
  • Portfolio Expansion: With R2.9 billion spent on new developments during FY24 and successful asset disposals, Equites demonstrates a proactive approach to portfolio management and growth.

Dividend Declarations and Shareholder Options

Equites declared a final dividend of 65.75300 cents per share for the year ended 29 February 2024. Shareholders have the option to reinvest the cash dividend in Equites shares through the dividend reinvestment alternative.

Tax Implications and Investor Considerations

For tax-conscious investors, understanding the tax implications of dividends is crucial:

  • Resident Shareholders: Qualifying distributions are taxable as non-exempt dividends but are exempt from dividends withholding tax. Proper documentation is required for exemption.
  • Non-Resident Shareholders: Qualifying distributions are treated as ordinary dividends, subject to dividends withholding tax unless reduced by applicable double taxation agreements.

Future Prospects and Guidance

Looking ahead, Equites’ Board expects DPS to remain within a target range of 130 to 135 cents per share for the upcoming year, contingent upon stable market conditions and operational performance. This guidance provides shareholders with insights into the company’s anticipated dividend policy.


Equites Property Fund Limited’s steadfast focus on logistics properties, strong financial performance, and investor-friendly strategies position it as a notable player in the REIT landscape. As the company navigates market dynamics and continues its growth trajectory, shareholders and investors can monitor its progress while considering the tax implications and dividend reinvestment options offered.



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