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Eskom’s Load Shedding Crisis: Stage 6 Extended, Brace for More

Loadshedding South Africa
  1. Eskom has extended stage 6 load shedding until further notice due to generation unit breakdowns and capacity shortages, with potential changes to stages at short notice.
  2. The public is urged to conserve electricity, especially during peak evening hours, to help mitigate the impact of load shedding on the national power system.
  3. Delays in returning units to service at several power stations have exacerbated capacity constraints, with Eskom working around the clock to resolve the ongoing power crisis.

Eskom, South Africa’s primary electricity supplier, has announced that stage 6 load shedding will persist until further notice, as the power utility faces ongoing challenges with generation unit breakdowns and capacity shortages. The public is advised to be prepared for potential shifts in load shedding stages at short notice as Eskom continues to grapple with these issues.

The power utility attributed the extension of load shedding to multiple factors, including an increase in generation unit breakdowns and the prolonged absence of certain generation units due to delayed maintenance and return-to-service schedules. Consequently, Eskom’s systems remain constrained, with the possibility of stage adjustments being required without warning.

Eskom has emphasized that it will modify the load shedding stage in response to the fluctuating levels of generation unit breakdowns, ensuring that the stability of the national power system is maintained. As a measure of last resort, load shedding is implemented to prevent widespread blackouts and safeguard the integrity of the grid.

The power utility has called on the public to assist in mitigating the impact of load shedding by reducing electricity consumption, particularly during evening peak hours (17h00 to 21h00). This can be achieved by turning off heating and charging appliances, which will help alleviate the strain on the power system.

Currently, Eskom has scheduled stage 6 load shedding to continue throughout the weekend. The company will provide further updates as necessary and will issue a more detailed announcement if there are any significant changes to the situation.

At present, breakdowns account for 18,617MW of lost generating capacity, while planned maintenance has taken 5,807MW out of service. Over the past 24 hours, two generation units at the Camden Power Station have been returned to service. However, units at Duvha, Kendal, Medupi, and Tutuka Power Stations have been taken offline for repairs during the same timeframe.

Compounding the capacity constraints, delays in returning units to service at Kendal, Lethabo, Medupi, and Tutuka power stations have worsened the situation. Eskom’s team is working tirelessly to ensure the prompt return of these units to service and alleviate the ongoing power crisis.

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