Deutsche Konsum REIT-AG’s Delisting from the JSE

  • DKR's decision to delist from the JSE is driven by market performance and a strategic refocus on the FSE.
  • The delisting process will involve compliance with JSE regulations and direct communication with South African shareholders.
  • Investors should consider implications such as liquidity and regulatory differences between the FSE and JSE listings.

Deutsche Konsum REIT-AG (DKR), a real estate investment trust incorporated in Germany, has recently announced its decision to delist from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). This move comes as part of DKR’s strategic realignment to focus exclusively on its primary listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) and its shareholder base in Europe.

Background of DKR’s Secondary Listing: DKR initially pursued a secondary listing on the JSE in March 2021 with the aim of tapping into the South African market and attracting local investors. However, despite engaging in various initiatives and investor discussions, the company did not experience the anticipated growth in market capitalization or investor interest within the South African market.

Reasons for Delisting:

  1. Market Performance and Growth: The decision to delist from the JSE is primarily driven by DKR’s assessment of its market performance and growth trajectory since the secondary listing. The company’s market capitalization did not meet expectations, indicating a need for strategic reassessment.
  2. Focus on Primary Exchange: By withdrawing from the JSE, DKR intends to refocus its resources and attention on its primary exchange, the FSE. This refocusing aligns with the company’s strategic goals and aims to strengthen its position in its core market.

Delisting Process and Regulatory Requirements:

DKR will follow the regulatory process and timelines stipulated in the JSE Listings Requirements for the delisting procedure. This process involves engaging with South African shareholders and the JSE to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and procedures.

Impact on Shareholders and Investors:

  1. Shareholder Communication: DKR will communicate directly with its South African shareholders regarding the delisting process and any subsequent developments. Clear and transparent communication is essential to ensure that shareholders are informed and understand the implications of the decision.
  2. Investor Considerations: Investors, particularly those with holdings in DKR through the JSE, should carefully consider the implications of the delisting on their investment portfolios. Factors such as liquidity, trading accessibility, and regulatory changes may influence investor decisions.

Comparison of FSE and JSE Listings:

To provide a clearer understanding of the differences between DKR’s primary listing on the FSE and its secondary listing on the JSE, a comparison table can be utilized:

AspectFrankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE)Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)
Market AccessEuropean investors and marketsSouth African investors and markets
Regulatory EnvironmentEuropean Union regulationsSouth African regulatory framework
Investor BaseEuropean and internationalPrimarily South African
CurrencyEuroSouth African Rand
Trading HoursEuropean trading hoursSouth African trading hours


DKR’s decision to delist from the JSE reflects a strategic realignment aimed at optimizing its resources, focusing on its core market, and addressing performance concerns. Shareholders and investors should stay informed about the delisting process and consider the potential implications for their investment strategies. By prioritizing transparency and effective communication, DKR aims to navigate this transition smoothly and uphold its commitment to stakeholders.

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