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DRA Global’s Dividend Declaration

  • DRA Global Limited announces a dividend of A$0.11 per share for FY23, marking a significant milestone.
  • The dividend distribution process follows a well-structured timetable ensuring transparency and efficiency for shareholders.
  • Shareholders, particularly on the South African branch register, should be aware of the tax implications related to the dividend.

In the dynamic world of finance, one of the most anticipated events for shareholders is the declaration of dividends by companies. Dividends not only signify a company’s financial strength but also reward shareholders for their investment. Recently, DRA Global Limited, an international engineering and project management company, made headlines with its announcement of a dividend for the financial year ending 31 December 2023.

Financial Performance and Dividend Declaration

The release of DRA Global’s FY23 Annual Report showcased the company’s robust financial performance. The announcement of a dividend of A$0.11 per share for FY23 marked a significant milestone for the company, representing its commitment to creating value for shareholders. The dividend payout is the first since the company’s listing on the ASX/JSE, reflecting the management’s efforts in stabilizing the business and improving its financial position.

Timetable for Dividend Distribution

A well-structured timetable has been laid out for the dividend distribution process, ensuring transparency and efficiency in shareholder interactions. Key dates include the Board Approval on 27 March 2024, the Last day to trade on 26 April 2024, and the Ex-dividend Date on 29 April 2024 for JSE investors and 1 May 2024 for ASX investors. The Record Date is set for 2 May 2024, with Payment Dates scheduled for 15 May 2024 for both JSE and ASX shareholders.

Here’s a detailed timetable for reference:

Key DateExplanationPlanned Date
Board ApprovalThe date that the Board declared the dividendWednesday, 27 March 2024
Last day to tradeThe last day to acquire shares for dividend eligibilityFriday, 26 April 2024
Ex-dividend Date (JSE)Date when JSE investors are not entitled to dividendMonday, 29 April 2024
Ex-dividend Date (ASX)Date before which ASX investors must purchase stock for dividendWednesday, 1 May 2024
Record Date (ASX and JSE)Determines dividend eligibility for shareholdersThursday, 2 May 2024
Payment Date (JSE and ASX)Date of dividend paymentWednesday, 15 May 2024

Impact on Shareholders

The dividend declaration has a direct impact on shareholders, particularly those on the South African branch register. It’s important to note that South African dividend tax of 27.26922 South African cents per ordinary share will be withheld, with a net dividend of 109.07688 South African cents per ordinary share. Shareholders should be aware of the tax implications and seek guidance from Computershare Investor Services for any queries regarding South African dividend tax.

Accessing the Annual Report

For shareholders and stakeholders interested in delving deeper into DRA Global’s financial performance, the FY23 Annual Report, including audited financial statements, can be accessed through the investor section on the company’s website or through ASX and JSE platforms. The comprehensive report provides insights into the company’s operations, financial health, and strategic initiatives.


DRA Global Limited’s dividend declaration marks a positive stride in its journey towards creating value for shareholders. The company’s commitment to sustainable earnings growth and sound capital management is evident through this dividend payout, reflecting confidence in its financial strength and future prospects. Shareholders can look forward to reaping the rewards of their investment as DRA continues to thrive in the mining and engineering sectors globally.



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