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Sun International's AGM 2024 Triumphs with Shareholder Support for Key Resolutions | Rateweb
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Sun International’s AGM 2024 Triumphs with Shareholder Support for Key Resolutions

Sun International Limited, a prominent player in the hospitality and gaming industry, recently held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 8, 2024. The AGM’s outcomes signify a resounding success for the company, with shareholders overwhelmingly supporting all proposed resolutions.

Overview of Sun International

Sun International, incorporated in South Africa, operates various luxury hotels, resorts, and casinos globally. With a strong presence in the gaming and hospitality sectors, the company has consistently delivered value to shareholders while maintaining high standards of corporate governance.

Key Highlights from the AGM

At the AGM, several resolutions were presented and approved, reflecting shareholders’ confidence in Sun International’s strategic direction and management team. Let’s delve into the key highlights of the AGM:

1. Re-election of Directors

The re-election of directors, including Mr. GW Dempster, Ms. CM Henry, and Ms. SN Mabaso-Koyana, received overwhelming support from shareholders. These directors bring valuable expertise to the board, contributing to the company’s success.

ResolutionVotes Carried (%)Shares Voted (%)
Re-election of Mr. GW Dempster100%85.19%
Re-election of Ms. CM Henry99.95%85.19%
Re-election of Ms. SN Mabaso-Koyana99.86%85.19%

2. Appointment of Audit Committee Members

Shareholders also endorsed the election of audit committee members, highlighting Sun International’s commitment to sound financial oversight and transparency.

Audit Committee MemberVotes Carried (%)Shares Voted (%)
Ms. CM Henry99.95%85.19%
Ms. SN Mabaso-Koyana100%85.19%
Ms. MLD Marole100%85.19%
Ms. ZP Zatu Moloi98.51%82.44%

3. Endorsement of Remuneration Policies

Shareholders’ endorsement of Sun International’s group remuneration policy underscores confidence in the company’s approach to executive compensation.

ResolutionVotes Carried (%)Shares Voted (%)
Endorsement of Sun International group remuneration policy98.97%85.19%
Endorsement of implementation of Sun International group remuneration policy99.12%85.19%

4. Special Resolutions

Special resolutions, including the general authority to repurchase ordinary shares and remuneration of non-executive directors, received overwhelming support, further solidifying shareholder trust and alignment with Sun International’s strategic objectives.

Special ResolutionVotes Carried (%)Shares Voted (%)
General authority to repurchase ordinary shares99.91%81.21%
Remuneration of non-executive chairman99.99%85.19%
Remuneration of lead independent director99.99%85.19%
Remuneration of non-executive directors99.99%85.19%


Sun International’s AGM for 2024 reflects a strong mandate from shareholders, endorsing the company’s leadership, governance practices, and strategic initiatives. The high level of support for resolutions across various key areas signifies a robust foundation for future growth and value creation. As Sun International continues to navigate the dynamic business landscape, its AGM outcomes serve as a testament to its resilience and investor confidence.