Redefine Properties Shines: Strong Financials and Strategic Growth Initiatives Unveiled in 2024 Interim Report

  • Redefine Properties Limited reports robust financial performance in its unaudited interim group results for 2024.
  • Key highlights include increased NAV per share, healthy revenue growth, and a declared dividend of 20.27 cents.
  • Strategic priorities focus on sustainable growth, ESG integration, and a projected distributable income of 48.0-52.0 cents per share.

Redefine Properties Limited recently released its unaudited interim group results for the six months ended 29 February 2024. Let’s delve into the key highlights, financial results, dividend information, and prospects outlined in their report.

Financial Highlights

Redefine’s financials showcase a robust performance:

  • SA REIT loan-to-value ratio stands at 42.6%, reflecting prudent asset management.
  • SA REIT NAV per share increased to 780.3 cents, indicating asset value growth.
  • The company achieved an active SA net property income margin of 82.5%, signaling operational efficiency.
  • Property assets under management reached R100.4 million, demonstrating a sizable portfolio.
  • A dividend per share of 20.27 cents was declared, highlighting shareholder value distribution.

Financial Results Comparison

Comparing financial metrics from 29 February 2024 to 28 February 2023:

  • Revenue saw a healthy 8.2% increase, showcasing revenue growth.
  • While headline earnings per share decreased by 14.6%, basic earnings per share surged by 36.9%.
  • Distributable income per share rose by 6.0%, indicating sustained income generation.
  • SA REIT NAV per share increased by 3.9%, reflecting asset value appreciation.
  • Despite a minor 0.2% decrease, the dividend per share remained attractive.

Dividend Insights

Understanding the dividend distribution and tax implications:

  • Redefine declared a dividend of 20.27000 cents per share, providing income to shareholders.
  • South African tax residents need to include the dividend in their gross income, albeit exempt from dividend withholding tax.
  • Non-resident shareholders enjoy a tax-exempt status on dividends, subject to applicable Double Taxation Agreements (DTA).

Here’s a table summarizing the dividend payment timeline:

Last date to trade cum divTuesday, 21 May 2024
Shares trade ex dividendWednesday, 22 May 2024
Record dateFriday, 24 May 2024
Payment dateMonday, 27 May 2024

Prospects and Strategic Initiatives

Redefine’s outlook and strategic priorities for sustainable growth:

  • Despite inflation challenges, the company anticipates interest rate relief in FY25.
  • Focus areas include conservative balance sheet management, portfolio diversification, and human capital investment.
  • Emphasis on stakeholder collaboration, digital transformation, and ESG integration for long-term value creation.
  • Anticipated full-year distributable income of 48.0 to 52.0 cents per share, with a dividend payout ratio of 80% to 90%.


Redefine Properties Limited’s interim results showcase a resilient performance amid market challenges. With a focus on prudent financial management, strategic investments, and stakeholder value creation, the company remains poised for sustainable growth in the dynamic real estate investment landscape. Investors and stakeholders can monitor Redefine’s strategic execution and performance to capitalize on potential opportunities in the sector.