Kibo Energy’s Subsidiary MED Launches Phase 2 of Pyebridge Asset Program

Kibo Energy PLC recently made significant announcements regarding its subsidiary, Mast Energy Developments PLC (MED). These updates encompass business operations, financing strategies, and future prospects, showcasing Kibo’s strategic initiatives in the evolving energy landscape.

Business Operational Update

In its latest move, MED launched the 2nd Phase of the work program at its Pyebridge asset, demonstrating a commitment to operational excellence and asset optimization. The company signed an Engineering Works contract for the overhaul of one genset, highlighting its focus on enhancing infrastructure and reliability.

Capitalization of Loan and Equity Issue

MED’s partial settlement deed with RiverFort Global Opportunities underscores its proactive approach to managing financial obligations. Director Pieter Krügel’s purchase of a portion of the loan, converted into new MED shares, signifies confidence in the company’s growth trajectory.

Financing Strategies

MED’s acquisition of a new unsecured fixed-term loan with RiverFort reflects strategic financial planning aimed at supporting development initiatives and ensuring robust working capital. This move aligns with the company’s long-term vision and sustainability goals in the renewable energy sector.

Total Voting Rights and Compliance

Following the issuance of new shares, MED adheres to regulatory requirements, maintaining transparency and accountability. The total voting rights provide clarity to shareholders and stakeholders, reinforcing the company’s commitment to governance and regulatory compliance.

Director’s Transaction Notification

Pieter Krügel’s transaction highlights adherence to governance frameworks and transparent disclosure practices. This ensures investor confidence and fosters trust in the company’s management and decision-making processes.

Strategic Analysis

Kibo Energy PLC’s strategic moves in the renewable energy sector reflect a proactive stance towards operational excellence, financial sustainability, and regulatory compliance. The company’s focus on asset optimization, efficient capitalization, and transparent governance underscores its commitment to creating long-term value for stakeholders.


Kibo Energy PLC’s recent updates and strategic initiatives position the company as a key player in the dynamic renewable energy sector. With a focus on operational efficiency, financial prudence, and regulatory compliance, Kibo continues to chart a course towards sustainable growth and value creation, making it a compelling investment opportunity in the evolving energy landscape.