Sanlam Funeral Plan Review 2022

Sanlam has been around for almost a century and is South Africa’s first long-term insurer. With so much experience, it […]

Sanlam Funeral Plan

Sanlam has been around for almost a century and is South Africa’s first long-term insurer. With so much experience, it is a company to trust. In South Africa, the insurer offers one of the best and most economical funeral policies. The plans are designed to accommodate a wide range of income levels and funeral needs.

Sanlam Funeral Plan allows policyholders to cover not just their immediate families, but also their extended families. The Sanlam Funeral Plan can also cover cousins and grandparents. This can help you prepare for both your own funeral and the funerals of your loved ones.

The Sanlam funeral plan can be combined with Sanlam life insurance to ensure that a person receives the funeral they deserve even if his or her loved ones lack the financial means to do so. Furthermore, the coverage can be combined with other insurance policies to save money on premiums.

There are various covers to choose from, but the plan you select will influence whether or not you are rewarded by Sanlam. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the insurer’s funeral plans before shopping for a Sanlam Funeral Plan.

Sanlam Funeral Plan Summary 

Sanlam offers a variety of family and individual funeral plans with coverage of up to R100,000.00. All funeral plans include a funeral cover that pays out if one of the people insured by the plan passes away. This could be the policyholder, their spouse, a child, their parents, or a member of their extended family.

Online cover, value funeral plan, value family funeral plan, my choice enhanced funeral plans, and my choice enhanced family funeral plans are among the Sanlam funeral cover options available.

The following are the funeral plans offered by Sanlam.

1. Online Funeral Plan

Sanlam’s Online Funeral Plan is a Sanlam funeral plan that can only be purchased online. And, unlike other funeral plans, it has features that other funeral plans do not. This is to encourage people to apply for the Sanlam Funeral Plan online on the insurer’s website.

The Sanlam Wealth Bonus is only available with the online funeral plan. Sanlam Wealth Bonus allows online funeral customers to have their premiums matched 100% at no additional cost. This indicates that the premiums paid are worth 100% more to the policyholder.

The online funeral cover also has a flexible premium, which means that premiums can be skipped without affecting the coverage. Also, the wealth bonus won’t be reduced if premiums are skipped; instead, one will receive 100% of their wealth bonus back. 

2. A Value Funeral Plan

The Value funeral plan offers the fewest advantages of all the Sanlam funeral plans. The value plan pays for the funeral of everyone who is covered by the policy, which could include the spouse, children, family members, or extended family.

A Value Funeral Plan allows policyholders to stop making payments on their policies at a specific age, typically retirement. After the policyholder has paid the premiums due at a certain age, the plan will remain active and all of the people covered by it will remain actively covered.

The Value funeral plan includes an option for policyholders to overcome inflation by taking into consideration inflation. Policyholders can choose to increase their premiums from year to year so that the cover amount for each person covered can increase each year. 

3. Value Family Funeral Plan

The Value family funeral plan from Sanlam is a better version of the Value funeral plan because it includes more coverage. The plan, on the other hand, pays towards the funeral of anyone covered by the plan if that person dies. Furthermore, when a client reaches a particular age, a premium paid-up benefit is available, which pays premiums on their behalf.

The value family funeral plan differs from the value funeral plan in that the value family funeral plan offers a payment holiday to people who are pregnant or unemployed. Without paying premiums, the Value family funeral plan will stay active for up to 12 months.

4. My Choice Enhanced Funeral Plan

Sanlam’s My Choice Enhanced Funeral plan provides up to R100,000.00 in funeral coverage. A burial repatriation benefit is included in the plan. Any insured person will be transported from a funeral home to their preferred burial location anywhere in South Africa under this benefit.

The insurance also includes a temporary premium support death benefit, which ensures that the policyholder’s family is supported for up to 6 months if the policyholder dies before reaching the age of 65. However, there is a supplemental policy that covers death and bodily impairment and requires no more charges.

There are also other benefits that include:

  • grocery benefit of R1000.00 for 6 months to help beneficiaries. 
  • Cashback benefit of which cash will be paid out for each 3 year period from the policy issue date. 
  • Triple payment if a covered individual dies from an accident. 
  • Tombstone benefit of R10,000.00. 

5. My Choice Enhanced Family Funeral Plan

My Choice Enhanced Family Funeral Plan from Sanlam includes burial repatriation. If a covered individual passes away and transportation from the funeral home to the burial site is required, this service is available.

The My Choice Enhanced Family Funeral Plan includes the following features:

  • Triple accident cover means paying triple the cover amount should the insured die in an accident. 
  • Can cover up to 22 family members. 
  • Premium paid-up benefit. 
  • Unemployment and pregnancy payment holiday of 12 months. 
  • Temporary premium support cover. 
  • Grocery benefit of R1000.00. 
  • Cashback benefits. 

Advantages of the Sanlam Funeral Plans

  • There are numerous options available.
  • The policy can include immediate and extended family members.
  • A maximum of R100,000.00 in coverage is offered.
  • Payment is made within 4 hours after submitting and accepting a claim.
  • Some covers have a grocery benefit.
  • Benefits for tombstones are available.
  • Other plans include a premium holiday.
  • No medical exams or blood tests are necessary.

Disadvantages of the Sanlam Funeral Plans

  • There are far too many funeral plans to choose from, which might be confusing for some.
  • There is only one funeral plan that offers a wealth bonus.


Sanlam Funeral Cover is one of South Africa’s most forward-thinking funeral plans. Individuals are rewarded for saving for funerals, and payment breaks are given so that policyholders are not overburdened when they are pregnant or unemployed.

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