Old Mutual Gap Cover Review 2023

Medical bills can be costly, especially if your health insurance does not cover the full bill. That’s where Old Mutual […]

Old Mutual Gap Cover

Medical bills can be costly, especially if your health insurance does not cover the full bill. That’s where Old Mutual Gap Cover comes in: it’s a low-cost way to bridge the gap between what your medical insurance covers and what hospitals and specialists charge. In this review, we’ll look at Old Mutual Gap Insurance and what it has to offer.

What exactly is Old Mutual Gap Cover?

The Old Mutual Gap Cover policy pays the difference between what your health insurance covers and what healthcare providers charge. It is not a medical scheme and should not be mistaken for one. The policy is intended to assist you in covering the unforeseen surplus costs that may arise during a medical emergency.

Who is eligible for Old Mutual Gap Cover?

You, your spouse/life partner, and children under the age of 26 who are listed as dependants on your medical aid are all covered. There is only one price per family, which includes you and up to six immediate family members. A single Gap Cover policy can also cover the primary member and spouse, who are on different medical aids.

What services does Old Mutual Gap Cover provide?

In non-group network plans, Old Mutual Gap Cover pays the difference up to 5 times (or 500%) the medical aid cost and up to 100% of the medical aid rate for gaps in maxillofacial, back, and spinal surgery, or if a non-designated service provider was used on a group network option.

How much is the price?

Each member of the family can have coverage of up to R169 000 for as little as R225 per month. The prices are moderate and affordable, especially when compared to the potentially enormous medical costs that can develop during an emergency.


Old Mutual Gap Cover is an excellent complement to your medical insurance, especially if you are concerned about potential medical expenditures that your medical aid may not entirely cover. The coverage is reasonably priced, covers a wide range of medical bills, and is simple to set up. It is important to note, however, that Old Mutual Gap Cover is not a replacement for medical scheme membership and may have some exclusions and limitations. As a result, before signing up, it’s best to carefully study the policy’s terms and conditions.

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