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CompCare Wellness medical scheme review 2021

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Parddon Khumalo

Healthcare consumers always face  the hassle of choosing an appropriate medical aid plan for themselves, considering the vast amount of options in the market. For the past 2 months, our team has been conducting a research on the medical schemes market and reviewing some of the available medical schemes such as the one in review in this article.

In this article we look at the plans offered by CompCare Wellness Medical Scheme, which happens to be one of the long serving schemes in South Africa. As you read on, you will get an insight on the structure of the medical aid plans and how CompCare operates in .general. 

Following is the list of options offered by CompCare, parameters of each option are discussed thereafter:



This is the entry level option, most suitable for young individuals or families who want basic hospital cover coupled with minimum chronic benefits. Selfnet allows you to manage your day to day medical spending by means of a medical savings account. 

Hospital Benefits

Major medical expenses or hospital benefits are paid at 100% of the scheme rate unless specified otherwise, also, benefits have an unlimited Overall Annual Limit. CompCare members are supposed to use Netcare facilities for their hospital procedures to avoid co-payments. However, should you use another health care facility other than Netcare   you will be liable for 30% co-payments toward the bill. . 

CompCare’s minimum co-payment is R10 000, meaning even if the 30% of your bill is less than R7 000, the scheme will expect to receive R10 000 as co-payment from you. Members are responsible for getting authorisation for non emergency hospital events and also should try to use Netcare facilities to avoid co-payments. 

Selfnet subscribers’ hospital benefits  paid from the scheme risk include; GP visits, radiology, specialists, surgical procedures, blood transfusions. All these specialists are paid at 100% CompCare scheme rate. 

While admitted in the hospital, patients’ medication is covered by the scheme, then upon being discharged, CompCare will cover 7 days supply of out of hospital medication at 100% scheme rate.

Day-to -Day Benefits

The SelfNet day-to-day benefits are subject to your medical savings account balance, yet paid 100% of the scheme rate. So for 2021, an adult’s annual savings allocation is R3 648 while child dependent allocation is R1 284. 

The day-to-day benefits include prescribed and over the counter medication, consultations, basic dentistry and optometry, basic and specialised radiology, pathology and GP specialists among other  benefits.

Benefits paid from scheme risk

Unless stated otherwise CompCare Wellness pays the following benefits from the Scheme Risk:

  • Chronic Medicines

Once you are registered, CompCare covers all the 27 chronic conditions without any benefit limits or co-payments, provided the medication is on the scheme’s formulary and matches the reference price of the product. 

  • Prescribed Minimum Benefits

All PMBs are covered as described in the Medical Schemes’ Act these include; organ transplants, renal dialysis and plasmapheresis

  • Emergency Care

In a case of emergency, members can contact their medical emergency services provider, the Netcare emergency on 082 911. Authorisation is also required during such times, failure on getting authorisation will result on the clients having to pay 25% copayments. To get authorisation, members are expected to call during the time of emergency or at least within 24hours after the emergency. 

  • COVID-19 Benefit

Members who test positive of the corona virus have benefits of;

  • Pulse oximeter.
  • Nebulizer.
  • Oxygenator.
  • Thermometer.
  • GP consultations (COVID-19 related at R400 PB)
  • PCR test: 3 per beneficiary over the age of 18 years.
  • 1 Antibody test per beneficiary.
  • Chest physiotherapy.
  • Women’s Health


Principal member: R1 690

Adult dependant:   R1 690

Child dependant:   R597

MEDX ED Option

This is an ideal option for young professionals who are more concerned about getting a comprehensive hospital cover in a private hospital. Subscribers of CompCare’s MEDX ED option are mostly young and healthy people who can take care of their daily medical needs.

MEDX ED option gives you unlimited comprehensive hospital cover in a private hospital. It’s even easier for members living near a Netcare hospital and willing to use DisChem pharmacy for their chronic conditions.

Hospital Benefits

Just like the SELFNET option, major medical expenses or hospital benefits are paid at 100% of the scheme rate unless specified otherwise. Unlimited Overall Annual limit goes without question for the MEDX ED option, as it offers comprehensive hospital cover.

Part of the hospital benefits are listed below:

  1. Organ transplants
  2. Pathology (limited to R26 800 PMF)
  3. Basic radiology
  4. Auxiliary services; physiotherapy, biokinetics, dietitian… (limited to R3 000 PFM)
  5. Surgical prosthesis (overall limit of R31 500 PFM, sublimits also apply)
  6. Specialised radiology (limited to R24 000 PFM)

Day-to-day Medical Benefits

These are paid out from your own pocket. As mentioned earlier, MEDX ED best suits people who do not really need constant medical attention. However, subscribers may need a comprehensive hospital cover to cover for rainy days, when they need hospitalisation. 

Benefits paid from scheme risk

All SELFNET benefits paid from the scheme risk are also paid in the MEDX ED option. In both options CompCare scheme protocol applies; 

  1. Preventative care: that includes GP wellness consultations, health check (blood tests), rapid HIV test etc
  2. Emotional wellness: Psychiatric treatment in hospital, Psychology (limited to R1 800 PMF), alcoholism etc.
  3. Oncology and speciality care: Unlimited oncology including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  4. Active lifestyle programmes: Fitness Assessment, Nutritional assessment and healthy eating plan, Cover for injuries.
  5. Men’s health: Prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test
  6. Kid’s wellness: Baby Wellness visits, childhood immunisations, school readiness assessments, pre-school eye and hearing screening, a dental screening etc


Principal member: R1 741

Adult dependant:   R1 741

Child dependant:   R545


CompCare designed this product for people who are looking at getting higher limits on their Personal Medical Savings Account. UNISAVE gives you control over your day-to-day medical spending while offering you standard in-hospital cover for rainy days.

Choosing this option will be ideal if you don’t really have any special chronic illnesses or diseases of concern and you are happy with the minimum benefits the scheme covers. So your UNISAVE medical cover is mainly for covering your daily adventures such as sporting activities and your day-to-day medical benefits. 

Hospital Benefits

Major medical expenses are paid 100% of the scheme rates unless stated otherwise depending on the service being received. Hospitalisation is unlimited and treatment can be obtained at any private hospital of your choice, if all the the authorisation procedures are followed.


  • Medicine in hospital and 7 days supply after being discharged
  • Surgical Procedures out-of-hospital
  • Organ transplants
  • Pathology is limited to R30 000 PMF for both in and out of hospital cases
  • Basic Radiology
  • Physiotherapy, biokinetics, dietitian and other auxiliary services are limited to R2 500 PFM
  • Surgical prosthesis benefits are limit of R32 500 PMF
  • The MRI, CT, High resolution CT and PET scans are limited to R26 500

Day-to-Day Medical Benefits

The UNISAVE option has a lucrative savings account to cover daily medical expenses. CompCare sets aside upto R8 112 to your Personal Medical Savings Account, which covers your daily medical expenses subject to the savings account balance. 

The day-today benefits include the following:

  • Acute and over the counter medicine
  • Basic and specialised radiology
  • Pathology is also limited to R30 000 PFM
  • Basic and specialised dentistry services
  • Optometry is 100% of SAOA rate
  • Auxiliary services
  • Surgical appliances like wheelchairs and hearing aids

Benefits paid from the risk pool

The benefits paid from the CompCare risk pool are standard with almost all the options we have discussed above ( MEDX and SELFNET). Most medical schemes have standard benefits paid from the risk like the 27 chronic conditions and all the Prescribed Minimum Benefits.


Principal member: R2 709 annual savings is R8 112

Adult dependant:   R2 310 annual savings is R6 924

Child dependant:   R812 annual savings is R2 424

MUMED option

In this plan, CompCare offers a more comprehensive cover that surpasses the set standard every medical scheme is supposed to offer. The MUMED option covers 37 chronic conditions,  meaning they have 10 more chronic conditions included in the plan other than just the 27 prescribed by the law. 

Mostly MUMED is an ideal plan for young families or individuals who are looking for a comprehensive cover that will not just cover basics. In this option you also get to benefit from innovative wellness programmes like fitnes essements, exercise prescription and healthy diet programmes. 

Hospital benefits

The major medical expenses have unlimited Overall Annual Limits and are paid at 100% of the scheme rate unless stated otherwise. The hospital benefits include the following: 

  • MRI, CT, High resolution CT and PET scans are limited to R27 000 PMF
  • In hospital medicine and 7 days medicine supply after hospital discharge
  • Auxiliary services like physiotherapy, biokinetics and dietitian have a collective limit of R3 100 PMF in and out of hospital
  • Surgical prosthesis has an overall limit of R34 000 PFM
  • Organ transplants and out of hospital surgical procedures

Day-to-Day Benefits

For the day-to-day medical expenses, CompCare has set aside the Annual Flex Benefit (AFB) to cover daily medical expenses. Even though the AFB is designed to cater for the day-to-day medical expenses, it forms part of the scheme risk. 

Here is a metaphor, CompCare sets aside AFB of R6 410 for the principal member and when the member incurs conditions that fall on the day-to-day benefits the scheme pays the expenses from the AFB. If the AFB is depleted, the member will pay the balance of such expenses from own pocket.

Even though the  R6 410 (AFB) used for the day-to-day expenses forms part of the scheme risk (risk pool) benefit, it  does not in any way affect your major medical benefits paid unlimitedly from the risk pool.

The day-to-day benefits covered include:

  • Acute and over the counter medicines
  • Basic and specialised radiology
  • Pathology including the  in-hospital benefits are limited to R33 000 PMF
  • Basic and specialised dentistry
  • Optometry; eye tests, lenses and contact lenses as well as frames
  • Auxiliary services
  • Surgical and medical appliances


Principal member: R3 496 Annual Flexible Benefit (AFB)  R6 410

Adult dependant:   R2 725 Annual Flexible Benefit is R4 000

Child dependant:   R983 Annual Flexible Benefit is R1 600


If what you are looking for is a comprehensive hospital cover with a hospital of your choice coupled with complete day-to-day cover, then you have found yourself a medical plan.

SELFSURE offers more than average cover, the plan covers upto 40 chronic conditions and also includes extreme adventure and professional sports cover in the plan. These are scarcely included in most medical schemes and they are catchy benefits for someone who is active in life adventures. On top of these, the plan has added benefits for men, women and kids.

Hospital Cover

Hospital benefits are unlimited and paid at 100% of the scheme rate unless said otherwise on selected conditions. The hospital conditions covered are similar to those of MUMED option, however limits may vary with SELFSURE limits they tend to be higher.

For instance, SELFSURE in and out of hospital pathology limit is R33 000 PMF while their surgical prostheses is limited  R35 000.

Day-to-Day Medical Benefits

With the SELFSURE plan, day-to-day claims are paid from two benefit ponds. There is the Day-to-Day Extender Benefit which covers radiology, pathology, basic dentistry, physiotherapy and biokinetics at a set amount. Then the remaining out-of-hospital benefits are paid from the Day-to-Day Benefit with a specified benefit limit applied.


Principal member: R3 645 Day-to-Day Benefit  R5 760 Adult dependant:  R3 645 Day-to-Day Benefit is R4 080 Child dependant:   R912  Annual Flexible Benefit is R2 040


If you are a growing family still interested in adventurous sporting activities and looking for a very comprehensive Day-to-Day medical cover then SYMMETRY is your option. In this plan, CompCare brings you incredible Day-to-Day coverage that continues to cover some of your Day-to-Day benefits even when the PMSA and the AFB are depleted. 

Among the 48 chronic conditions covered by CompCare, there is a popular trending disorder known as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (most schemes do not include). This is a popular chronic condition affecting millions of children and may even continue till adulthood. Luckly SYMMETRY plan holders are covered.

Hospital Benefits

The SYMMETRY major medical benefits are also similar to the SELFSURE benefits. They all have no Overall Annual Limit and are paid at 100% of the scheme rate. The difference is on the sub limits on the benefits, for instance auxiliary services are limited to R5 200 while in SELFSURE they are limited to R4 200. 

  • Surgical prosthesis limit is R36 500
  • MRI, CT, High resolution CT and PET scans are limited to R30 000 PMF and the first R1500 is payable from savings and AFB respectively
  • Radial Keratotomy and excimer laser services are limited to R5 000 per eye including all hospital related costs

Day-to-Day Benefits

The daily medical expenses are paid first from your Personal Medical Savings Account then from the Annual Flex Benefit. Here’s the good thing about SYMMETRY, even after depleting the set Day-to-Day benefits, CompCare continues to cover some of your Day-to-Day medical events. 

So, the R9 940 total Day-to-Day cover for the principal member is broken down as; R5 268 from the savings account of which is used first then the R4 672 AFB limit used last. 

Then the adult dependent’s total Day-to-Day cover is R7 720, with the annual savings account of R4 104 and AFB limit of R3 616.

Child dependant’s total Day-to-Day cover adds up to R2 770 which is the sum of the savings account of R1 488 and AFB limit of R1 282. 

The benefits paid by the scheme are similar to the SELFSURE benefits, with differences in the limits set on each benefit.

Contributions Day-to-Day Benefits Principal member: R4 397 R9 940 Adult dependant:   R3 429 R7 720 Child dependant:   R1 241 R2 770


This is an ideal option for a matured family, maybe with grown kids in High School or Varsity looking for a comprehensive hospital cover with a great catch in the daily medical benefits.

The DYNAMIX ED option covers 65 chronic conditions and has a comprehensive and unlimited hospital cover in any private hospital. The plan gives you above-threshold benefits, meaning you and your family can be assured of cover even during a crazy year with extensive medical expenses.

Hospital Benefits

Major hospital benefits are paid at 100% of CompCare scheme rate and have an unlimited Overall Annual Cover. Even though members can use any private hospital of their choice, there are 30% copayments in non Netcare hospitals.

The hospital benefits in the DYNAMIX ED option are more similar to those of SYMMETRY except that DYNAMIX is more comprehensive with 65 chronic conditions and higher limits and sub limits on benefits covered.

Day-to-Day Medical Benefits

Day-to-day claims are initially paid from your savings account and then from  your Annual Flexi Benefit (AFB) once the savings account is depleted. The set amount of savings that you can use for day-today claims per year is:

Principal member R7 680 Adult dependant R5 988 Child dependant R2 172

Then the Annual Flexi Benefit per year is:

Principal member R2 580 Adult dependant R2 016 Child dependant R732

Making your total Day-to-Day benefits to be:

Principal member R10 260 Adult dependant R8 004 Child dependant R2 904

In an event that you don’t use all your savings in a given year, CompCare carries the balance forward to the following year for your use. 

Also, in another event where you use up your savings and AFB limits, CompCare provides you with an extended cover called the Above Threshold Benefit (ATB). To be eligible for the ATB, you will have to first pay some benefits from your pocket (Self-payment Gap), however you can continue claiming even on the SPG stage. 

The SPG paid before threshold benefit is:

Principal member R6 660 Adult dependant R4 944 Child dependant R1 728

The threshold benefit is as follows:

Principal member R16 920 Adult dependant R12 948 Child dependant R4 632


Principal member: R4 579 Adult dependant:   R3 572 Child dependant:   R1 294


PINNACLE is the most comprehensive medical plan among the plans offered by CompCare. It has unlimited GP and dental visits and pays 200% cover for specialists in private hospital. 

Similar to the Dynamix option, PINNACLE also has a savings plan and the Above Threshold Benefit to cover unexpected medical bills that have exceeded the set limits. The option covers up to 74 chronic illnesses and allows you to be hospitalised in any Netcare hospital or ward with unlimited cover. 

For the chronic medicines CompCare allows you to use any Dis-chem pharmacy and your medication will be covered at 200% of scheme rate.

Hospital Benefits

The major medical expenses are unlimited and paid at 100% of the scheme rate. PINNACLE members can visit any Netcare private hospital for any hospital related accounts like GP visits and specialists. The  specialists visited are paid at 200% of the scheme rate.

Apart from being comprehensive in the range of medical conditions covered, PINNACLE  also has higher limits and sub limits on benefit payouts. For instance, auxiliary services are limited to R5 200 in the SYMMETRY option while the limit is R10 500 in the PINNACLE option.

Day-to-Day Benefits

The Day-to-Day Benefits are subject to first the savings balance then AFB, when AFB is finished you pay from your own pocket (SPG) then lastly the ATB.

The 2021 savings account is:

Principal member R14 796 Adult dependant R11 508 Child dependant R4 116

Then the Annual Flexi Benefit per year is:

Principal member R3 480 Adult dependant R2 712 Child dependant R966

Making your total Day-to-Day benefits to be:

Principal member R18 276 Adult dependant R14 220 Child dependant R5 082

Once you have depleted your Day-to-Day Benefits; that is your savings and the AFB, you will have to pay the Day-to-Day medical expenses from your own pocket (SPG) before the scheme threshold. 

The Self Payment Gap for 2021 is:

Principal member R3 150 Adult dependant R2 180 Child dependant R650

During the period in which you pay your Day-to-Day medical expenses from your own pocket, CompCare still requires that you submit your claims. Once you have exceeded SPG limits, the scheme covers the following expenses using the Above Threshold Benefit. 

ATB 2021 limit is as follows:

Principal member R21 426 Adult dependant R16 400 Child dependant R5 732


Principal member: R6 168 Adult dependant:   R4 799 Child dependant:   R1 718

Competitive advantages of the CompCare Wellness medical scheme

  • The scheme has varying options that accommodates everyone, irregardless of the income class you are in (from the MEDX which is only the hospital cover to the PINNACLE which is an executive option and very comprehensive in benefits)
  • All savings accounts in the CompCare plans carry forward positive balances from previous year, and you can use the funds as and when needed
  • CompCare provides cover for adventure sporting activities, a benefit which is usually excluded by many schemes
  • The DYNAMIX and PINNACLE options provide the Above Threshold Benefit which allows you to continue claiming benefits even after you have depleted your annual Day-to-Day Benefit allocation
  • CompCare is associated with reputable healthcare institutions like Netcare and Dis-Chem

Competitive disadvantages of the CompCare Wellness medical scheme

  • Preauthorisation is mandatory for all non emergency hospital admissions, it doesn’t matter which plan you are in, not getting authorisation may result in co-payments
  • Even though some CompCare plans state that you can use any private hospital, non-Netcare hospitals may result in copayments, which are usually never below R10 000


Getting a medical cover is of utmost importance to your health. Even if you do not have any underlying health complications/illness, getting a health cover (at least hospital cover) will help you on unexpected events such as hospitalisation.

CompCare is among the most reputable health insurers in South Africa alongside health cover providers such as Genesis medical scheme and Bestmed. CompCare can get you covered with an appropriate plan which will suit your needs and pocket. The scheme has vaies plans, you can surely get what you are looking for. 

Parddon Khumalo

Published by
Parddon Khumalo