Absa Travel Insurance Review 2023

Absa Travel Insurance is a basic travel insurance plan that comes free with the purchase of return travel tickets using […]

Absa Travel Insurance

Absa Travel Insurance is a basic travel insurance plan that comes free with the purchase of return travel tickets using an Absa credit card. This coverage is available for 90 days for international travel. For trips longer than 90 days, a top-up can be purchased. The rates for domestic trips start at R215.00 and for international travel, it starts at R615.00. However, travel insurance top-ups can cost as much as R2,380.00 per person.

Individuals between the ages of 3 months and 74 years are eligible to purchase Absa Travel Insurance. Senior citizens up to the age of 89 can also take advantage of an exclusive senior top-up option with discounted rates. It is worth noting that travel to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and associated airspace is excluded due to its suspension until further notice.

For those without an Absa credit card who want a similar product, Bryte offers standalone travel insurance. Bryte is an insurance company that offers Absa travel insurance.

Absa Travel Insurance provides travelers with options to choose from. Here is a breakdown of the Absa Travel insurance options:

Automatic Basic Cover

The Absa Automatic Basic Cover is a travel insurance policy that is available when using an Absa credit card to purchase a travel ticket. The amount of coverage on the credit card depends on the credit card used when purchasing the travel ticket.

Those eligible for automatic travel insurance must be between the ages of 3 months and 74 years. When traveling internationally, the coverage is available for up to 90 days.

It is worth noting that the automatic travel insurance excludes pre-existing medical conditions and may exclude hazardous activities. Pre-existing medical conditions include any doctor’s consultation, medical device, treatment, prescription medication, or chronic or recurring illness received from a medical practitioner.

Automatic travel insurance can be purchased as a group, an individual, or a family. Friends can be added to the travel insurance if their tickets are purchased with an Absa credit card.

If an individual, group, or family requires additional coverage up to a certain limit that the automatic basic cover does not provide, a top-up cover is available. The following is a detailed discussion of the optional top-up cover.

Optional Top-up Cover

The Absa Optional top-up cover is designed to supplement the automatic basic cover. This cover supplements other things that the automatic basic cover does not cover, such as increased cover days when traveling.

The comprehensive optional top-up cover includes protection against the following:

  • Hi-jack
  • Legal expenses
  • Baggage loss or theft
  • Wrongful detention
  • Personal Accident insurance
  • Trip Cancellation or curtailment
  • Additional cover for emergency medical and associated expenses
  • Personal loss of money or passport

Absa Travel Insurance is a basic travel insurance policy that provides a range of options for travelers. While the automatic basic cover is limited, the optional top-up cover provides comprehensive coverage against a range of risks that travelers may face while abroad.

Absa’s optional top-up cover does not provide coverage for claims caused or resulting from cardiac, cardiovascular, or cerebrovascular illness or complications that can reasonably be linked to these conditions for those over the age of 70.

When traveling, travelers can choose top-up days between 1 and 184 days. Frequent travelers can get an unlimited number of trips per year, with coverage automatically applied whenever they travel.

Cover for Seniors

The cover for seniors is specifically designed for senior travelers aged between 75 and 85 years. The plan provides cover options for 90, 120, and 184 days. Frequent travelers can get an annual multi-trip cover that provides automatic coverage whenever they travel.

The cover for seniors provides coverage for:

  • Hi-jack
  • Legal expenses
  • Baggage loss/theft
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Trip cancellation/curtailment
  • Wrongful detention and personal loss of money or passport
  • Comprehensive travel insurance coverage for emergency medical and associated expenses.

Absa also offers travel insurance to seniors between the ages of 86 and 89. The insurance is valid for a maximum of 31 days.

Advantages of Absa Travel Insurance

  • The insurance product is free when purchasing travel tickets using a credit card.
  • The product provides up to 90 days of coverage when traveling internationally.
  • There is travel insurance for local travel.
  • The product covers a number of medical-based occurrences.
  • Optional top-up is available with up to 184 days of top-up days.
  • Frequent travelers can opt for unlimited travel insurance coverage that is activated automatically when traveling internationally.
  • Children from 3 months qualify for coverage.
  • There are special top-up rates for seniors.
  • Seniors up to the age of 89 can get covered with Absa Travel Insurance.
  • The travel insurance is automatically activated when purchasing flight tickets with an Absa credit card.

Disadvantages of Absa Travel Insurance

  • Some countries are excluded from the Absa Travel Insurance.
  • Children under the age of 3 months cannot be covered.

Absa Travel Insurance Application

  • Must have an Absa credit card.
  • Buy return travel air tickets with an Absa credit card.
  • You can add individuals between the ages of 3 months to 74 years on the Absa Travel Insurance.
  • The product can be applied for as an individual, family, or group.


Absa Travel Insurance offers free travel insurance for medical emergencies while on the road. To obtain automatic coverage, simply purchase air tickets with an Absa credit card.

The coverage includes a top-up cover that provides more comprehensive travel coverage. Furthermore, seniors receive preferential rates when topping up their travel insurance with Absa.

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