MoreTyme: buy now pay later review 2022

MoreTyme has put TymeBank ahead of the competition in a variety of ways. TymeBank is now more than just a bank that offers savings accounts; it also offers credit cards, revolving loans, and business banking.

TymeBank has differentiated itself from South Africa’s major banks by offering a Buy Now, Pay Later payment option to its customers. The bank, in general, does what major banks don’t: it caters to those who have been overlooked by the major banks.

Customers can now make payments without committing to a long-term repayment plan with a Buy Now, Pay Later credit option. MoreTyme is available to assist customers at the checkout point by issuing credit that is repayable within 60 days of the initial purchase.

TymeBank’s MoreTyme: Buy Now, Pay Later credit option is a relatively new service. Let us first define MoreTyme, then explain how it works, and finally discuss how to obtain MoreTyme.

MoreTyme Summary

MoreTyme is a TymeBank payment option that allows you to buy now and pay later. The payment method can be used at any merchant that accepts MoreTyme as a payment method. TymeBank has collaborated with over 600 merchants to make payments more convenient for customers.

MoreTyme is given to TymeBank account holders who meet the requirements for this type of credit. The credit can be applied for through the TymeBank app, and it is only available to those who have been verified.

MoreTyme payments can be made at any partner retailer in South Africa. They can only be used to make purchases from businesses that accept it as a payment method at the checkout points.

Purchases are simple because they are made by scanning a QR code at a partner store or showing a teller a barcode. Since MoreTyme does not offer 100% credit at checkout, a balance must be paid at the time of purchase.

The first half of the total purchase price is due at the time of checkout, with the remainder due at a later date. After repaying the credit, the credit allocated can be used again at TymeBank partners who accept MoreTyme as a payment method.

How MoreTyme work 

MoreTyme is available in over 600 South African stores. Those who have MoreTyme can use their credit at any of the partner stores that accept MoreTyme. MoreTyme can be redeemed at the checkout.

MoreTyme is a credit option for TymeBank bankers that allows them to buy now and pay later. Buy now, pay later means that credit is available at checkout, but the credit provider will only pay a percentage of the total purchase amount.

TymeBank will only pay 50% of the total checkout amount with MoreTyme. The remaining 50% of the checkout value will be paid by the customer at the time of checkout. This sum must be paid in cash in order for the sale to proceed. 

MoreTyme’s credit, which is 50% of the total purchase price, must be repaid in two installments. The two installments are due within 60 days of the completion of the purchase.

The first installment is due 30 days after the initial purchase. The second payment is due 60 days after the purchase has been completed. Repayment will be made in equal installments of 25% of the total purchase price.

The repaid amount can then be used again at a later date. The money borrowed through the MoreTyme buy now pay later payment option is not subject to interest. There are no additional fees associated with this payment method.

How to get started with MoreTyme: Buy Now, Pay Later 

Any South African can apply for the MoreTyme buy now, pay later credit. To get started, you must be a TymeBank customer. The first step towards getting MoreTyme is to download the TymeBank app and register for the TymeBank internet services.

Signing up for TymeBank takes only a few minutes and is completely paperless, with only an ID number required. To access MoreTyme, you must first log in to the TymeBank app. If the MoreTyme option is available, tap activate.

On the app, one can apply for MoreTyme credit. MoreTyme, on the other hand, is only available to verified clients; therefore, one must verify their account using facial recognition or biometrics, or by going to Pick n Pay to get verified on the TymeBank self-service kiosk.

Following a successful application, the credit will be allocated to the MoreTyme account, which can be used at any TymeBank partner store. The credit can then be used to make credit purchases indefinitely.

Advantages of MoreTyme 

  • After making previous purchase repayments, credit is made available again and can be used at any of the partner store.
  • MoreTyme does not charge any fees for transactions on the account.
  • If the credit is paid on time or in accordance with the terms of the agreement, there is no interest charged.
  • The application procedure is straightforward and paperless.
  • MoreTyme is accepted in over 600 stores by TymeBank partners.
  • Since the amount of credit granted is based on affordability, clients are not at risk of becoming over-indebted.

Disadvantages of MoreTyme 

  • The initial payment percentage at checkout is 50% of the total purchase, which is high considering that companies like PayFlex only require 25% of the purchase to be paid upfront.
  • The application process is more difficult because applications cannot be submitted during the checkout process through a partner merchant.
  • Payments that are not made on time are penalized.


For those who want a revolving credit facility, the TymeBank MoreTyme payment option is an option to consider. The fact that MoreTyme does not charge interest is a game-changer, considering that revolving loans typically charge interest rates of 15% or higher.

However, if you had purchased items in large quantities, the shorter repayment period could be a setback. It is critical to limit your purchases to the amount you can afford to pay. It should be noted that failure to repay the amount owed on time will result in MoreTyme fees.

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