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Spitz store accounts allow account holders to shop for some of South Africa’s hottest brands. Account-holders who have a Spitz account can select from the following brands:

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  • AGL,
  • Carvela,
  • Gianni Chiarini,
  • J Renee
  • Lacoste,
  • Kurt Geiger,
  • Magnanni,
  • Morandi,
  • Nina Roche,
  • Saffron Browne,
  • Stuart Weitzman, and
  • Tosoni

With so many brands to choose from, there will be no shortage of items to purchase. Spitz sells clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. Sneakers, formal wear, casual wear, belts, bags, and shoe accessories are all available at the store.

Before you get your Spitz store account, you should understand what the Spitz account is and how it works. All of this is covered further down.

Spitz Account Summary

A Spitz Account is an RCS-provided store account. The account is open to those earning at least R1,000.00 per month, making it one of the most affordable store accounts in terms of salary requirements. Account-holders with a Spitz account can shop at any Spitz location in South Africa.

The Spitz account is a revolving store credit card that you can use again and again while making monthly repayments on the credit amount used. Account-holders can choose between budget plans of 24 and 36 months depending on how they want to spread their credit.

The Spitz account includes customer protection insurance. The customer protection insurance covers the following:

  • Credit protection insurance protects you in the event of your death. This cover is designed to pay off the remaining balance on the Spitz store account.
  • Insurance that covers the amount of credit borrowed in the event of permanent disability. The payout will cover the outstanding balance if the account holder becomes permanently disabled.
  • In the event of a temporary disability, this insurance will cover up to 12 months of Spitz account installments.
  • When an account holder loses their income, income loss coverage is provided in installments for up to 12 months.

The Spitz account allows account holders to shop some of South Africa’s most well-known brands. Ladies’, men’s, and children’s brands are available. The fashion brands available are primarily focused on high-quality formal wear.

With the Spitz account, one can shop for brands such as Carvela, Kurt Geiger, and Lacoste. The Spitz account can be used to make card payments or purchases at any Spitz store nationwide.

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How does the Spitz Account Work

To get started with a Spitz store account, first fill out an account application. This can be done either online or in person at a Spitz location. An assessment will be performed at a Spitz location to determine whether or not you qualify for credit by collecting your personal and credit information.

A credit amount will be allocated to your Spitz account following a successful application. The credit amount can then be used at any Spitz location across the country. The amount of credit granted will be determined by your income and credit information. As you make timely repayments, more credit will be allocated to your account.

Failure to make repayments on the amount of credit used may result in the amount of credit allocated being reduced to make repayments more affordable. The account’s credit limit can be temporarily increased at checkout. This is a tool for clearing purchases that exceed the credit limit. The temporary increase is for one order and should be applied for again if the credit limit is exceeded.

When using the Spitz account to make purchases, you must select one of the available budget options. There are two budget options available: the 24-month budget and the 36-month budget, of which the 36 months option is for those who want to make repayments at a slower rate.

The store account includes credit protection to cover the amount of credit taken at any time. Credit protection insurance protects you against death, temporary disability, permanent disability, and retrenchment. If one of the covered incidents occurs, money is deposited into your account to cover some or all of the credit taken.

Advantages of the Spitz Account

  • When shopping, you have a variety of brands to choose from.
  • The store card can be used to make purchases on the Spitz website, making shopping more convenient.
  • To qualify for the account, one does not need to have a high income. Income of R1000.00 is required, which means that those earning the minimum wage may be eligible.
  • Spitz stores can be found throughout South Africa, and account holders can shop at any Spitz location.
  • The repayment options available contribute to the low monthly installments.
  • The account includes an insurance product that protects the account holder against a variety of incidents.
  • Additional credit is available for purchases that exceed the credit limit.

Disadvantages of the Spitz Account

  • The Spitz account does not have a short-term repayment option. As a result, early repayment does not result in interest-free purchases.
  • The low-income requirement for the account does not change the fact that not everyone can afford the products sold at Spitz stores.

Requirements of the Spitz Account

  • Must be at least 18 years old at the time of application.
  • Have a valid South African ID book or Smart card.
  • Be employed and earn at least R1000.00.
  • Have proof of residence that is not older than 3 months at the time of application.
  • Have your latest 3 months payslips or 3 months bank statements.


Spitz provides high-quality products at very reasonable prices, and store cardholders can now shop the store’s brands. Because of the account’s repayment period, those with lower incomes can shop at Spitz. 

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