Money credit card Review 2022

money credit card

The money credit card is a credit card that frequent shoppers are likely to use and benefit from. The credit card offers discounts and cashback on certain purchases. Money credit card is a joint venture between Game, Makro, Builders, and DionWired, and certain discounts apply when shopping at these locations.

Although the Money Credit card is a collaboration of several stores, it is not a store account. Money credit is a credit card that can be used both locally and internationally, as well as at ATMs both locally and internationally.

Money Credit Card Summary 

Money credit card is a credit card provided by Game, Makro, Builders, and DionWired. Because the money credit card is powered by MasterCard, it can be used in any store that accepts MasterCard. Applicants must have a monthly income of at least R3000.00 and be a South African over the age of 18.

To begin making purchases with the Money credit card, an initiation fee of R100.88 is required. The monthly service fee for the credit card is R56.49. Whether or not the credit on the credit card is used, the monthly service fee is payable on a monthly basis. A monthly payment of R4.50 per R1000.00 of credit spend is required for customer protection insurance.

The customer protection plan is an insurance policy that protects the credit card holder’s credit. Customer protection insurance protects the credit holder in the event that the account holder dies, becomes permanently disabled, becomes temporarily disabled, or loses their income.

The credit card comes with rewards on selected buys. Rewards that are available include:

  • 3% back for online purchases at Game, DionWired, Makro, and Builders. 
  • 2% back for in-store purchases at Game, DionWired, Makro, Builders, and Cambridge Food. 
  • 1% back for all other purchases. 

Every quarter, the rewards are deposited into the customer’s money credit card. The cashback can be used to make purchases or to pay off credit card debt or other debts.

Money credit cards include a variety of free transactions and services. The following are examples of free transactions and services:

  • Free secondary cards, 
  • Free credit card purchases, 
  • No pin replacement fee, 
  • Free SMS notifications, 
  • Free lost card protection, and
  • R0.00 bank facility fee. 

The account comes with a 55-day interest-free credit. If an account holder pays for the credit used within 55 days after making an initial purchase, interest on credit used won’t apply. 

How the Money Credit card works

Money credit card is a credit card that requires a good credit score to apply for. Those with a good credit score and a monthly income of more than R3,000.00 are more likely to be approved for the Money Credit card.

The Money Credit card will be issued credit upon acceptance. The credit that has been assigned can then be used to make purchases or withdrawals. It is important to note that ATM withdrawals are subject to fees, which can be found in the Money Credit card fees table below.

The Money Credit Card allows account holders to shop using the Money Credit App. The Money Credit App simplifies online shopping by including items from Game, Builders, and Makro on the app. Credit cardholders can also use the App to access their statements, account information, and other relevant information.

Credit will be required to be repaid on a monthly basis. No interest will be charged if the credit used is repaid within 55 days of the initial purchases. After making payments into the account, the credit in the account can be used repeatedly.

Failure to make timely repayments on credit used may result in the account being closed or turned over to a debt collector, or the credit being reduced. Credit checks can be performed on a regular basis to ensure that the credit allocated is reasonable; thus, credit can be increased or decreased based on the current credit status of a credit cardholder.

The amount of credit in the Money Credit card may not be exceeded since a payment won’t go through. However, a temporary credit limit increase can be applied for, to make a purchase that exceeds the credit limit issued.

Money Credit Card Fees 2022

1Monthly service fee R100.88
2Initiation fee R56.49
3Cash deposit fee R2.00 per R100.00
4ATM balance enquiry feeR15.10
5Overseas ATM balance enquiry feeR5.20
6ATM cash withdrawal feeR7.00 for 1st R100.00 and R2.00 per R100.00 thereafter 
7Branch withdrawal feeR36.00 for 1st R100.00 and R2.00 per R100.00 thereafter
8Overseas in-branch withdrawal feeR36.00 for 1st R100.00 and R2.00 per R100.00 thereafter
9Overseas ATM withdrawal feeR36.00 for 1st R100.00 and R2.00 per R100.00 thereafter 
10Statement copy feeR5.00
11Overlimit feeR200.00
12Late payment feeR100.00 
13Secondary card feeFree
14Lost card protection feeFree
15Credit card purchases Free

Advantages of the Money Credit card 

  • The credit card offers a 55 days of interest-free credit. 
  • Secondary credit cards are available for free. 
  • The credit card doesn’t require a high minimum income to qualify. 
  • There is no card courier fee. 
  • Notifications are for free on every purchase made. 
  • All credit card purchases are for free. 
  • Money can be withdrawn from the account. 

Disadvantages of the Money Credit Card 

  • There are no holiday rewards, exclusive rewards on hotel bookings, and car hire. 
  • There is no rewards tier meaning every shopper is treated the same. 

Money Credit Card Requirements 

  • Must be over 18 and have either a valid South African ID book or Smart or a valid driver’s license. 
  • Have an active bank account. 
  • Be employed and earn R3,000.00 or more per month. 
  • Have proof of income such as payslip and/or bank statements. 


The Money Credit card is a credit card that rewards cardholders who make purchases at any Game, DionWired, Builders, Makro, or Cambridge Food location. The account is more advantageous for those who shop for groceries and household goods at these stores because they can earn cashback.



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