Edgars account review 2022

Edgars Store Account is one store account to have if you want to have access to some of the world’s premium brands. With an Edgars account, account holders have access to 460 stores in South Africa. Account-holders can use their Edgars account to shop at any of the 460 stores in South Africa.

As a retailer, Edgars is well-known for offering high-quality goods at low prices. The retailer is well-known for selling some of the world-renowned brands such as Nike, Reebok, and Puma. On the other hand, the company’s fragrance section features high-end brands such as Versace and Gucci.

Edgars is no longer just a traditional clothing retailer; it has added some distinctive features to its stores. Some of its stores now include a coffee shop, beauty rooms, play areas, and other amenities. An Edgars Account can now do much more than it could 5 years ago.

Knowing what an Edgars account can do is critical, especially for first-time Edgar’s account holders. We will begin with a summary of the Edgars account, then move on to how it works,  what can be purchased with the account, and finally, examine some of its benefits and drawbacks.

Edgars Account Summary 

An Edgars account is a store credit card that gives account holders credit to spend at Edgars Stores and partner stores. RCS owns the Edgars credit account business, which it purchased in 2020. Account-holders are gradually transitioning to the RCS system, but the account can still be accessed via the Edgars system.

The Edgars account comes with a 55-day interest-free credit when the outstanding balance is paid in full within the grace period. For example, if a person purchases goods worth R2000.00 on January 1st, 2021, they will not have to pay any interest if the entire amount of R2000.00 is settled by February 25th, 2021.

Account-holders can choose between two types of budget plans that provide flexibility. There are two budget plans available: one for 24 months and one for 36 months. Both budget plans are in the form of revolving credit that can be used over and over again. Budget plans are only available for purchases of R600.00 or more.

Account-holders can choose to join the Edgers club, where they can save money on a monthly basis. Account-holders who join the Edgars club can choose between the Edgars Club Life and the Edgars Club VIP membership, where they can save R2600.00 and R3600.00 per month, respectively.

In addition to the club membership savings, new account holders receive R1,750.00 in vouchers. These vouchers are only valid for new Edgars accounts and can only be redeemed at Edgars and its partner stores.

Other than Edgars, the Edgars account can be used at other stores. Legit and Beaver Canoe are two of the stores that one can use the account. While the account can be used at these locations, it cannot be paid at any Legit or Beaver Canoe location.

How does the Edgars Account Work

The Edgars account is similar to a store credit card in that money is allocated to the account for use by the account holder. The account allows for up to three additional cards to be used by family and friends. Money in the account or store credit can be spent at any Edgars location or at any partner location.

Money taken from the account must be repaid according to the budget type chosen. On a monthly basis, Edgars will send the account holder the amount payable, including interest.

The amount payable’s due date will also be communicated on the monthly statement. However, if you pay with a debit order, alerts will be sent to your mobile phone as a reminder to either remind you to make the necessary payment on a specific day or have the amount owed in the account.

If you believe you will be unable to make the payment by the due date on the statement, you can make an arrangement. The payment plan will give you enough time to gather the funds owed to Edgers and make the necessary payments.

Debt collection will occur if you do not communicate. The involvement of debt collectors will result in an increase in the amount owed. This is due to the fact that debt collectors charge a fee. You should not let things get this far because it will have far-reaching consequences for your current credit and ability to obtain future credit.

Advantages of the Edgars Account 

  • The account comes with R1,750.00 worth of vouchers to use when shopping with the Edgars card. 
  • Account-holders get access to the Edgars club program where they get to save when shopping. 
  • The account can be used not only at Edgars stores but also at partner stores. 
  • There are 6 methods of making payments to the account which makes it easy and convenient to repay the amount owed. 
  • Account-holders can register on the Edgars website to view their statements and take control of their account. 
  • There is an interest-free grace period for account holders on every purchase. 
  • Free SMS notifications on purchases. 

Disadvantages of the Edgars Account

  • Account-holders have to pay a fee to be part of the Edgars club. 
  • It takes longer to close the account since one has to first cancel the club membership, insurance products, and other products that they have with Edgars. 

Application requirements

  • One must be at least 18 years or older at the time of application. 
  • Have a valid South African ID. 
  • Have proof of residence that is not older than 3 months at the time of application. 
  • 3 months bank statement with a bank stamp showing income. 


The Edgars account provides account holders with an exceptional shopping experience. Account-holders will have a joyful shopping experience whenever they shop at Edgars, thanks to Edgars’ focus on creating a better shopping experience for its customers.

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