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According to Google Trends, 74000 people search for ‘Capitec Internet Banking’ per month. You would assume that with the increase of mobile phone usage, people would be searching for ‘Capitec Mobile Banking‘ more than ‘Capitec Internet Banking’. The reality is completely opposite, only 1600 people search for ‘Capitec Mobile Banking‘.

Capitec Internet Banking Summary

Capitec Internet Banking is the process of using Capitec Bank’s mobile app or web platform to transact. The internet banking facility is available to all Capitec clients. The use of the facility is free. To register for the facility you will need to take your debit or credit card to your nearest Capitec Branch.

Capitec Internet Banking vs Capitec Mobile Banking

With the increase in the use of mobile phones in South Africa, with approximately 23,3 million smartphone users, mobile banking applications are now becoming more popular than desktops.

The number of smartphone users is predicted to increase by 4,8% according to statistics website Statista. However, we cannot neglect the fact that desktops are still in use and many prefer using them to do their banking online.

Google trends hit map show that, ‘Capitec Internet Banking’ is way ahead of ‘Capitec Mobile Banking‘ in every province, in terms of demand.

Call it old school but you get the same results when using a mobile banking application except smartphones are portable and you can bank from anywhere.

However, even those with smartphones prefer going to the Capitec Bank website to use internet banking instead of using the mobile app. Capitec Bank’s internet banking system is still alive and it is not going anywhere soon.

I have personally used Capitec Bank internet banking system for many years. Since 2010 to be precise and in my opinion the functionality keeps on improving year after year.

Why use Capitec Internet Banking?

Internet banking can be a good choice if you are looking at banking the easy way. Most internet banking websites are easy to use with no complications. Capitec bank site is no exception.

I am one of those who use Capitec internet banking services merely because of familiarity. Whatever your reasons may be for using or wanting to use the Capitec Bank internet banking it’s always good to understand what are your benefits of using such service and what are the drawbacks of such service. which is what this review is all about.

After a thorough study on the Capitec internet banking system, I have listed the things that you need to know.

Looking at the pros and cons you will realize what other things you can enjoy if you are not enjoying them already. I have made a comparison of the mobile app and the internet banking system to test them against each to see which works better than the other.

I also review the strength and weaknesses of the Capitec Bank internet banking security. This is the most important aspect of an internet banking system.

Last but not least you will get the step by step guidance on how to register for Capitec internet banking.


  • To get started with Capitec Bank internet banking, you register a new account online. And start banking by accepting the terms and conditions of the account you are registering. It is that simple.

    On the login page, there are security basics that are outlined so that a customer is protected before logging in, with customer service line displayed so that a customer can report anything that seems suspicious.
  • When logging in a remote location, a pin will be required to proceed with the login. Or if you have a mobile app you you will be prompted to confirm the login.
  • The Capitec internet banking site is easy to use. Most things you would need a bank for can be done on the site.
  • You can buy prepaid and make payments
  • You get to access important information regarding your accounts and banking by clicking on view notices.
  • Webpage full load in 5.6s which is a good loading time since on average pages load at 6.8s per page.
  • You can edit your profile online and change your remote pin, email address and phone number.
  • Debit orders can be stopped using internet banking.


  • You cannot apply for a credit card using Capitec internet banking like you would using the mobile app.
  • You cannot apply for a debit card and can only apply for a Flexi savings account.

Capitec Internet Banking Security

  • When making payments using Capitec internet banking an authentication message is sent to your mobile app. This is to verify a payment the transaction. Most Banks have this functionality as a standard.
  • Login details are secured by Entrust which guard against malicious attacks that target web infrastructure, mobile platforms, user identities and network devices.
  • Capitec bank assesses the internet banking vulnerability daily so any risk can be detected within a single day.
  • When logging in before accessing the internet banking dashboard a photo of the user can be seen. The user must identify if its them appearing on the photo. If not they can report by calling Capitec bank for foul play. Capitec bank photos can only be changed if the account holder has knowledge of such change.
  • Capitec bank offers security tips on a regular basis
  • Before logging in to internet banking a further step after providing logging details is presented. You must either provide a token password or accept the action taken using mobile banking App. Go to the mobile app to agree that you are the one using the internet banking services you will need to accept by inserting your remote pin.
  • There is a automatic timeout on the Capitec internet banking. If the internet banking page remains idle for 5 minutes it automatically logs the user out and a login will be required the next time.

Capitec Internet Banking Security Weaknesses

  • Capitec Internet banking site allows screenshots to be taken therefore threatening the user information. It’s a global banking standard to forbid screenshots. However, banks in South Africa seem not to adhere to this standard
  • Email address can be changed using the remote pin. Emails are sensitive and should only be changed at the branch to confirm that the person changing the email address is the user. FNB has a similar weakness.
  • The remote pin can be changed using internet banking. This is also sensitive information and should not be altered online.

How to register for Capitec Bank internet banking

  • First, visit your nearest Capitec bank branch with your Capitec bank card. An operator will ask for your biometric to access your profile.
  • Explain to the operator that you want to register for internet banking.
  • The operator will then register your profile for internet banking. You will then receive a security token on your phone to use whenever you want to access internet banking platform.
  • After registering you can now go to and click on internet banking.
  • Use your account number or username then enter your card pin code to access internet banking. You will be asked for a token pin to access the dashboard and you must supply the pin as asked.


Using internet banking is one of the easiest ways to bank. You don’t need to go to the bank to do simple things like sending someone money or making a deposit to another account.

It makes life and banking easier and the most fascinating thing about internet banking is that you can call off unauthorized debit orders in minutes.

This is something that used to frustrate me back when I relied on the banking staff and it would take days to make corrections for small things like unauthorized debit orders.

Today all you need is an internet connection and you are good to go. Internet banking is definitely a smart way to bank. I recommend any account holder to use this service.


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