Islamic Banking Explained 2021

Everyone was accustomed to Conventional banking until the fall of the 1960s when Islamic Banking was formally introduced as another form of banking. Since then, Islamic Banking has been growing rapidly. From 2009 – 2013 Shari’ah compliant banking grew by 17.6% which was faster than conventional banking at the time.  Today the Islamic banking assets […]

ABSA Fixed Deposit Accounts Review 2021

A fixed deposit account is meant to give you substantial interest on your investment than an ordinary Savings Account. Absa has three categories of fixed deposit accounts, the Dynamic Fixed Deposit, Islamic Term Deposit and the ordinary Fixed Deposit Account.  1. ABSA Dynamic Fixed Deposit Account Features of the Dynamic Fixed Deposit Account Like other […]

Sasfin Bank Fixed Deposit Accounts Review 2021

Sasfin Bank has fixed deposit investment opportunities that you can take advantage of. The returns on fixed deposit investments are moderate and can yield beyond favourable results if you invest wisely.  Fixed deposit accounts from Sasfin bank are for short, medium, and long-term investment. Clients can invest from 3 months up to 36 months. Clients […]

Bidvest Bank Fixed Deposit Accounts Review 2021

Along with Sasfin Bank, Bidvest Bank has some of the most competitive interest rates for short to medium-term fixed deposit accounts. Businesses and individuals can save money into a fixed deposit account that yields some of the best interest rates in South Africa.  The minimum investment on a fixed deposit account is 2 months. Investors […]

Capitec Bank Fixed Deposit Accounts Review 2021

Capitec Bank Fixed deposit accounts are amongst the most generous fixed deposit accounts in South Africa offering interest rates that are competitive. A fixed deposit account from Capitec Bank comes in two options. Clients can choose between a single deposit account and a multiple deposit account. The maximum/minimum interest that clients can earn on their […]

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