Standard Bank Private Banking Account Review 2024

The Standard Bank Private Banking Account is a black debit card that comes with a personal private banker who is/are […]

Standard Private Account

The Standard Bank Private Banking Account is a black debit card that comes with a personal private banker who is/are available 24/7 and also offers a bespoke wealth management. The Standard Bank Private Banking Account has a monthly account fee of R420.00.

To qualify for the account, one has to meet one of the following criteria:

  • Earn a minimum monthly income of R58,000.00, or
  • Have assets or investments to the value of R3 million or more.

Standard Bank Private Banking Account Travel Benefits

The Standard Bank Private Bank Account Holders get access to a number of travel benefits and these include:

  • 12 complimentary visits to Bidvest airport lounges per year.
  • 12 complimentary visits to the OR Tambo library lounge for themselves, one guest, and children under the age of 2.
  • Additional guests are charged R250.00 per person for access to the OR Tambo library lounge.
  • Saving up to 20% on Emirates flights when they book through Leisure Desk.
  • Avis car rentals also qualify account holders for up to 20% special discounts.
  • When booking hotels and accommodations through, Standard Bank Private Banking account holders can earn up to 5% cashback.

Account holders who choose the Standard Bank Private Banking account receive discounts and rewards. All of these benefits are listed below.

Standard Bank Private Banking Account Benefits 

  1. Free cash withdrawals at a Standard bank ATMs. 
  2. Free monthly bank statements sent through email. 
  3. Access to all Standard bank digital platforms. 
  4. Unlimited electronic transactions which include electronic account payments, debit orders, electronic inter-account transfers and purchases. 
  5. Unlimited cash withdrawals at participating retailers. 
  6. Free Standard bank ATM cash deposits up to R10,000.00.
  7. You get specialized interest rates based on your credit profile. 
  8. Anytime access to your private banker through cell, WeChat or Facebook. 
  9. 12 complimentary visits per year to Bidvest airport lounges on your credit card. 
  10. Comes with accidental cover of up to R40,000.00. 
  11. You get discounted rates through the Standard bank Online share trading platform. 
  12. Access to specialist services for diverse short and long term savings and investment options. 
  13. There is a panel of advisors that can assist you with estate planning, trusts and insurance. 
  14. You get 1 GB per month of AlwaysOn WiFi data. 
  15. Up to 20% off on Emirates flights when you use your card to book flights. 
  16. Up to 20% off Avis car rentals when you book using your private banking credit card. 

Standard Bank Private Baking Account Fees 2024

Monthly Fees
Monthly feeR420
Secondary account monthly feeR210
UCount monthly feeR25
ATM (Standard Bank)R2.40 per R100 or part thereof
ATM (Other bank)R2.40 per R100 or part thereof
ATM (International)R3 per R100 or part thereof (min R70) + 2.75% international transaction fee
BranchR80 + R3 per R100 or part thereof
ATM (Standard Bank) – NotesR1.40 per R100 or part thereof
ATM (Standard Bank) – Coin depositR80 + R15 per R100 or part thereof
ATM (Other bank) – Notes and coin depositR80 + R3 per R100 (for notes) + R15 per R100 (for coins) or part thereof
Transaction Fees
Inter-account transfersFree
Account paymentsFree
Immediate payments below R2,000R10 or 0.32% of value (min R345, max R1,730)
Immediate payments R2,000 and aboveR50 or 0.32% of value (min R345, max R1,730)
Stop order – amend, establish, cancelFree
Overdraft Fees
Monthly service feeR69
Initiation feeR74.75 + 11.5% of limit (max R1,207)
Card Transactions
Point of Sale PurchasesFree
Withdrawal at retailerFree
Purchase with withdrawal at retailerFree
Garage card purchasesR25
International purchases2.75% of value
POS declineR8.50
Airtime (other banks)R15
Voucher purchaseFree
Other Fees
Pin resetFree at ATM, R12 at Branch
Card replacementR160
Proof of bankingFree 1, then R7.50
Subsidy letterR22
MyUpdatesIn-app Free, SMS 30c per sms
Email payment notificationFree
SMS payment notification requestedFree
Scheduled payment monthly notificationR1
Instant Money
Create voucher using Instant Money WalletBelow R500 R9.50, R500 to below R1,000 R13, R1,000 and above R16
Standard Trust Limited
Will drafting fee (STL as nominated executor)Free
Will drafting fee (STL not nominated executor)R2,410
Estate planning consultationR2,150 per hour
Will safe custody annual feeFree
Unsuccessful/Disputed Transactions
Standard Bank ATM declineFree
Other bank ATM declineR8.50
Stop paymentsR2 – R80
Unpaid debit ordersFirst 3 free, then R130 each
Unpaid stop ordersR130
Future datedR130
Disputed debit orders under 40 daysValues under R500 R5, Values R500 to R1,000 R10, R50
Disputed debit orders between 40 and 180 daysR150
Honouring fee*R100

Competitive Advantages of the Standard bank Private Banking Account 

  • You get personalised interest rates based on your credit profile. 
  • 24/7 access to a dedicated private banker. 
  • A slightly lower monthly account fee when compared to other private banking accounts. 
  • Chance to invest onshore and offshore through the Standard bank online share trading platform. 
  • You get discounts when you book flights with fly emirates and when you rent a car through Hertz. 
  • Access to the Standard bank wealth management consultants. 
  • You get specialist advisors who will guide you to plan your trusts, estate and/or insurance. 
  • Comes with instant money and tap to pay. 
  • You can apply for extra cards at a discount monthly charges. 

Competitive Disadvantages of the Standard bank Private Account 

  • Charges for drafting a will and for comprehensive estate planning consultation
  • UCount rewards program come at a fee of which private accounts from FNB and Nedbank comes with free enrolment to their rewards program

The Requirements of the Standard bank Private Account 

  • You need to be over the age of 18 at the time of application. 
  • Earn at least R58,000.00 or have net investable assets worth at least R3 Million. 
  • Provide proof of income or recent payslips. 
  • Provide proof of residence
  • Have a South African ID book or Smart card. 


Account users with a Standard Bank Private bank account have access to the world of investing and saving. The Standard bank private banking account provides you with the ability to invest and save money online. The account is also a step up from Standard Bank’s Prestige bank account, which offers additional services including wealth management and offshore investing.

You can also take use of value-added services like ‘Bespoke portfolio management on request by Melville Douglas,’ which helps you plan and counsel on your portfolio investment. You can plan for your future and the futures of your loved ones with this service. As a result, opening a private banking account may not be a bad idea, as you may take use of the account’s free consultation and private banking experience.

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