Standard Bank Prestige Banking Account Review 2024

The Prestige banking account is a private bank account that provides individuals with an affordable gateway to private banking. The […]

Standard Bank Prestige Account

The Prestige banking account is a private bank account that provides individuals with an affordable gateway to private banking. The Prestige account comes with a low monthly service fee of R230.00 per month, which is very low for an entry-level black card. This account also requires applicants to earn at least R25,000.00 gross income per month. 

Tailored for those who seek not just financial services but a comprehensive suite of rewards and privileges, this prestigious account sets a new standard in banking excellence.

Enhanced Value for Your Money

In 2024, the Standard Bank Prestige account ensures you receive more value for your money with a range of new offerings:

  • 50% Discount on Secondary Account: Now, for only R115 per month, your spouse or partner can enjoy the benefits of a secondary account, further extending the advantages of Prestige banking to your family.
  • Bundled Service Fee: The bundled service fee remains unchanged at an affordable R230 per month, ensuring you continue to receive world-class service without breaking the bank.
  • Free Children’s Accounts: You can now open up to six accounts for your children under 16 years, providing them with a head start in financial management.
  • Airport Lounge Access: Titanium credit cardholders can enjoy six free domestic airport lounge visits, adding luxury and comfort to your travel experience.

Comprehensive Banking Services

The Prestige Banking account in 2024 offers an array of services tailored to meet your banking needs efficiently:

  • Access to Prestige Bankers: A dedicated team of Prestige Bankers is available to partner with you on your financial journey, ensuring personalized assistance and support.
  • Private Client Center: Soon to be available 24/7, the Private Client Center ensures swift resolution of day-to-day banking queries, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
  • Free Titanium Credit Card: Valued at R86 per month, the Titanium Credit Card provides access to exclusive benefits and privileges, including enhanced security features.
  • Digital Banking Convenience: Enjoy free Standard Bank ATM cash withdrawals and deposits, email and in-app transaction notifications, and access to self-service banking platforms for seamless account management.
  • Money Management Tools: Utilize advanced money management tools on the banking app, including budget planners, MY360, and Save and Invest features, empowering you to make informed financial decisions.

UCount Rewards Integration

With UCount Rewards, you can unlock even more benefits and rewards for you and your family:

  • Customized Rewards: Earn up to 20% back in Rewards Points on chosen categories, including Grocery, Fashion, or Lifestyle Rewards, tailored to your preferences.
  • Travel Rewards: Enjoy up to 50% back in Rewards Points on flight bookings, providing significant savings on your travel expenses.
  • Data Rewards: Receive up to 2GB back in data monthly, simply by having an active Standard Bank Mobile SIM Card, ensuring connectivity at no extra cost.

Lifestyle and Travel Benefits

Indulge in a range of lifestyle and travel benefits designed to enhance your overall banking experience:

  • Airport Lounge Access: Enjoy complimentary visits to Domestic Bidvest Premier Lounges and the Standard Bank Fluent Lounge, adding comfort and luxury to your travel journeys.
  • Discounts and Cashbacks: Avail up to 10% cashback on travel bookings, discounts on car hire, and savings on hotel stays, making your travel experiences more rewarding.
  • Financial Planning and Insurance Services: Access financial planning consultations, competitive insurance quotes, and debt relief options, ensuring comprehensive financial security for you and your family.

Seamless Digital Banking Experience

Embrace a cashless and cardless lifestyle with Standard Bank’s innovative digital banking solutions:

  • Mobile Payment Options: Utilize Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Fitbit Pay for convenient and secure transactions, both online and in-store.
  • Virtual Card and Tap to Pay: Enjoy peace of mind with virtual card options for online shopping and contactless payments with Tap to Pay technology.

Standard Bank Prestige Account Fees Table (2024)

Fee DescriptionOnline FeesATM Fees
Monthly Service FeePay as you transact = R119.00Pay as you transact = R119.00
Full suite = R230.00Full suite = R230.00
Cheque Card FeeR16.50R16.50
Standard Bank ATM Withdrawal FeeN/AFree up to R10,000.00, then R7.50 per R1000.00 thereafter
Withdrawal at Other Banks’ ATMsN/AR10.00 per R1000.00
International ATM Withdrawal FeeN/AR20.00 per R1000.00 + 2.75% international transaction fee
Cash Deposit FeeN/AFree up to R1,500.00, then R9.00 per R1000.00
Account PaymentsR1.20R1.20
Immediate Payments below R3000.00R10.00N/A
Immediate Payments above R3000.00R50.00N/A
Debit Order Payment FeeR3.50N/A
Stop Order Payment FeeR1.20N/A
Instant Money up to R500.00R8.00R8.00
Instant Money between R501 – R1000.00R10.50R10.50
Instant Money above R1000.00R12.50R12.50
Monthly Account Rebate Table
TierMinimum Daily Positive BalanceMaximum Monthly Rebate
1R10,000.00 – R19,999.00R86.00
2R20,000.00 – R29,999.00R127.00
3R30,000.00 – R49,999.00R227.00
4R50,000.00 – R99,999.00R283.00
5R100,000.00 and aboveR424.00

Standard Bank ensures transparency and affordability with its fee structure, allowing you to manage your finances with clarity:

  • Transaction Fees: Benefit from competitive transaction fees for deposits, withdrawals, and card purchases, ensuring cost-effective banking solutions.
  • Monthly Administration Fee: Pay-As-You-Transact (PAYT) option available with a minimum daily positive balance requirement for the full calendar month, ensuring flexibility in fee management.

Exceptional Service and Support

Your Prestige Bankers are dedicated to providing exceptional service and support, assisting you with all your financial requirements and ensuring a seamless banking experience.

Advantages of the Standard Bank Prestige Account

  1. Comprehensive Banking Benefits: Enjoy access to a dedicated team of Prestige Bankers who provide personalized assistance and support on your financial journey, ensuring tailored solutions to meet your needs.
  2. Exclusive Rewards and Privileges: Benefit from a wide range of rewards, including discounts on secondary accounts, airport lounge access, and cashbacks on travel bookings, enhancing your lifestyle and financial well-being.
  3. Integrated UCount Rewards: Seamlessly integrate UCount Rewards into your banking experience, earning points on everyday transactions and unlocking a variety of rewards tailored to your preferences, from groceries to travel.
  4. Digital Banking Convenience: Embrace a cashless and cardless lifestyle with innovative digital banking solutions, including mobile payment options and virtual card facilities, ensuring convenience and security in your transactions.
  5. Transparent Fee Structure: Enjoy a transparent fee structure with competitive transaction fees and the flexibility to choose between bundled service options or pay-as-you-transact, empowering you to manage your finances effectively.

Disadvantages of the Standard Bank Prestige Account

  1. High Income Requirement: The minimum gross income requirement of R25,000.00 per month may be prohibitive for some individuals, limiting access to the account’s benefits and privileges.
  2. Additional Account Fees: While the account offers discounts on secondary accounts, additional fees may apply, potentially increasing the overall cost of banking for families or individuals with multiple account holders.
  3. International Transaction Fees: The account incurs a 2.75% fee on international transactions, which may be higher compared to other banking options, potentially impacting the cost of overseas spending.

Requirements for Opening a Standard Bank Prestige Account

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Possess a South African ID card or book.
  • Provide proof of address not older than 3 months.
  • Furnish proof of income for the last 3 months, with a minimum gross income of R25,000.00 per month.


In the realm of banking excellence, the Standard Bank Prestige account stands as a testament to sophistication and superiority. With stringent eligibility criteria and a rich tapestry of rewards and privileges, this account caters to individuals who demand nothing short of the best from their financial partners. Embark on a journey of financial prestige and unlock a world of rewards with the Standard Bank Prestige account in 2024.

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