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Standard Bank MyMoBiz Business Account Review 2022

By Lethabo Ntsoane

The Standard Bank MyMoBiz Business account is one of the most economical business bank accounts in the country, with a monthly service cost of only R5.00. This is Standard Bank’s most affordable business account. The MyMoBiz Business Account offers some of the most generous business account perks available, all for a reasonable monthly price. Account holders receive access to a dedicated business support team comprised of Standard Bank’s business bankers who assist with day-to-day company needs.

Using the backing of Standard Bank’s digital banking, businesses with the MyMoBiz Business Account may do more with digital platforms, such as pay suppliers, pay employees, and receive funds. The digital platforms offered by Standard Bank include Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and a banking application. Businesses can work toward a goal by saving money and earning interest each month. Because there is no minimum amount of savings that a firm can make, it can save any amount of money.

Standard Bank MyMoBiz Business Account Summary

Standard Bank’s MyMoBiz Business Account is a low-cost way for businesses to begin banking with Standard Bank. Standard Bank charges a monthly service fee of R5.00 for the MyMoBiz business account. The account charges R9.00 for each R1,000.00 placed at a Standard Bank ATM, and branch payments are more expensive than ATM and online transactions. Account payments in a Standard Bank branch, for example, cost R90.00 plus 0.1 percent, whereas ATM and online account payments cost R5.00 plus no additional marginal percentage charges.

Account-holders can get PocketBiz point of sale devices for convenient payments. The PocketBiz point of sale device is portable and can be used on the go. Moreover, by virtue of having the MyMoBiz business account, you get access to a team of professional bankers that are there to help your business whenever you face banking problems.

Standard Bank MyMoBiz Business account Benefits

  1. Free access to Standard Bank digital platforms.
  2. An opportunity to join the Standard Bank UCount Rewards Program.
  3. Can open a free MarketLink account for savings purposes. Savings on a MarketLink account earn interest.
  4. Account-holders can create a virtual card online on their Banking App.
  5. Your business can accept card payments from customers with the Standard Bank PocketBiz solution.
  6. Clients receive notifications via SMS and/or email whenever payments are made.
  7. Clients can view statements online or receive email statements for free.
  8. Can activate or deactivate the MyMoBiz business card for free online using the Standard Bank banking App.
  9. The MyMoBiz Business Account comes with dedicated business support from Standard Bank’s team of business bankers.
  10. Comes with a tap to pay feature for purchases under R500.00.
  11. The MyMoBiz Business debit card comes with a secure chip and pin. This keeps cardholders in control of purchases.

Standard Bank MyMoBiz Business Account Fees 2022

Fee Description Fee
Monthly service fee R5.00
Cash deposit at a Standard Bank ATM R9.00 per R1,000.00
Cash deposit at a Standard Bank branch R15.00 per R1,000.00
Cheque deposit at a Standard Bank ATMR60.00 plus R8.50 per cheque
Cheque deposit at a standard bank branchR60.00 plus R8.50 per cheque
Cash withdrawal at a Standard Bank ATMR9.00 per R1,000.00
Cash withdrawal at a Standard Bank branchR15.00 per R1,000.00
Other bank ATM withdrawals R15.00 per R1,000.00
Declined transaction fee a Standard Bank ATMFree
Declined transaction fee at other banks’ ATMR9.00
Cash withdrawal at participating retailers R2.00
Inter account transfers at Standard Bank ATMR5.00
Inter account transfers at Standard Bank ATMR85.00
Account payment at Standard Bank ATMR5.00
Account payment at Standard Bank branchR90.00 + 0.1% to a maximum of R5,000.00
Immediate payment at Standard Bank branchR505.00 + 0.26% up to R10,000.00
Instant Money online banking/ appUp to R500 = R8.00R500.00 to R1,000.00 =R10.50Above R1,000.00 =R12:50
Scheduled payment setup/change/cancel at an ATMFree
Scheduled payment setup/change/cancel at a branchR20.00
Debit order feeR3.50
Debit order Reversal before 40 daysFree
Reversal of a debit order after 40 days at a branch R135.00
Card purchases Free
Stop lost or stolen cardFree
Pin reset at a branch R10.00
Standard Bank MyMoBiz Business Account Fees 2022

Competitive Advantages of the Standard Bank MyMoBiz Business account

  • The account costs only R5.00 to maintain per month which is the lowest fee for a business account at Standard Bank.
  • Clients can view statements of up to two years via internet banking or banking App.
  • The account holders can apply for a PocketBiz merchant solution to make payments easy.
  • Clients can verify the details of their accounts before making payments.
  • Can sign up for a permissions manager to jointly approve payments on internet banking if you have partners.
  • Debit card purchases and inter-account transfers are free.
  • Comes with free access to all Standard bank digital platforms.
  • Can save towards a goal with a free MarketLink account that will earn your business interest in the process.

Competitive Disadvantages of the Standard Bank MyMoBiz Business account

  • The account only offers one type of point of sale device while Standard Bank has multiple POS devices on hand.
  • The more transactions the business makes the higher the monthly costs will be.

How to open the Account

  1. Must be a registered company in South Africa or a partnership or a sole proprietorship.
  2. Have a mandate to appoint a director to open the MyMoBiz Business Account. This is only applicable if the company has over 1 director.
  3. ID document of the owners and signatories of the business.
  4. Proof of residence not older than 3 months at the time of application.
  5. Company registration documents if it’s a registered company.


The Standard Bank MyMoBiz Business account offers an affordable way to start business banking with Standard Bank. With just R5.00 , you can easily maintain your business account with ease during hard times.

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