Jet Store account review 2022

Jet is one of the most popular retailers in South Africa, with locations in some of the most prestigious as well as some of the most impoverished areas. The store sells some of the cheapest, high-quality apparel in South Africa, at prices that are accessible to the common person.

Customers with a Jet account can use it to make purchases at any Jet outlet in South Africa. Account-holders can use this account to purchase items now and pay for them later. As a result, account holders can spend more than they can afford while repaying the credit over a longer period of time.

Account users with a Jet account have access to a wide range of fashion names. Network, Enzo, J Classics, Jet boy, Jet girl, Jet toddler, NXT, Revolution, and Massunu are some of the brands sold at the store. These products are available at any Jet Store in South Africa.

Jet Account Summary 

A Jet account is a retail credit account that allows you to spend money at any Jet store in South Africa. Since the Jet Store account is linked to the TFG brand, it can now be used at any store that accepts a TFG Account. As a result, the account can be utilized at over 20 different brands.

Account-holders with a Jet account have access to a large selection of stylish products to pick from when shopping. The account also allows account holders to purchase mobile phones. Home appliances, furniture, and other household things can be purchased with the account because it is accepted at TFG affiliated stores.

The Jet Club is open to all Jet account holders. Jet club members can get quick prizes by reading the Jet Club magazine. Club members can enter competitions to win prizes such as vouchers, bursaries, and other prizes.

The opportunity to purchase a funeral policy is available to account holders. Hollard administers Jet’s funeral coverage, which is available to members as an option. Jet can also provide you with life insurance. The life insurance beneficiaries can be whomever the account holder chooses, and they can be multiple.

How the Jet Account Work 

Before anyone can get a Jet account, they must first apply for one, just like any other retail account. Since there is no minimum income criterion for the account, it can be applied for by anyone who earns money. Account applications can be completed either online on the Jet website or in-person instore.

Following a successful application, the credit will be assigned to the account, which will be based on the applicant’s risk profile. Account-holders have access to promos and can use their account at any Jet Store in South Africa. Account-holders have the option of joining the Jet club by paying a fee.

Since the Jet account is part of TFG, it can be used at any location that accepts TFG cards. This implies that account holders have access to over 1300 stores around the country. As a result, there will be no need to open numerous accounts in order to make purchases at TFG-supported retailers.

The credit must be refunded, whether it was used at a Jet store or a TFG supported store. The amount that must be repaid is determined by the repayment budget that has been set. Budget plans begin with a six-month budget. Lower budget plans usually have a low-interest rate on the total amount of credit utilized.

When a payment is placed into the Jet account, the amount refunded, minus interest is immediately accessible for use. This turns your Jet account into a revolving store account that you may use again and again. Depending on one’s risk profile, the total credit can be reduced or increased at any time.

Jet reserves the right to conduct periodic credit checks to evaluate whether or not a customer is over-indebted. When a consumer requests a temporary increase in their credit limit, the increase can be granted.

Advantages of the Jet Account

  • TFG-affiliated stores in South Africa accept the account.
  • Account-holders have the option of purchasing not only clothes but also other products through the account.
  • Online applications are available, making the application procedure simple and quick.
  • The account has no minimum income requirement, therefore it can be used by anyone who earns money.
  • Account-holders have access to Jet’s promotional offers.
  • Optional in-house insurance policies are administered by Hollard, which is one of South Africa’s largest insurers.
  • Thank U reward points are earned by account holders every time they make a transaction.
  • There are multiple ways to make payments to the account and one can choose a way that is convenient for him/her. 

Disadvantages of the Jet Account

  • There is no optional income protector insurance that pays the amount owed to Jet should something happen to the account holder. 
  • The Jet Club is subscription-based, meaning one will have to be a subscribed member to be part of the club. 

Jet Account Requirements 

  • Must be over the age of 18 years at the time of application. 
  • Have a recent original payslip. 
  • Have a South African ID book or Smart card or Passport or Driver’s license. 
  • Proof of residence that is not older than 3 months at the time of application. 


The Jet account allows account holders to purchase not only stylish clothing but also other items such as furniture and other household items. With such a versatile account, one may always rely on it to make credit purchases, which is especially useful during times of urgency.

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