Investec Account Review 2024

In the fast-paced world of finance, the Investec Account stands as a beacon of exclusivity, offering discerning individuals a gateway […]

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In the fast-paced world of finance, the Investec Account stands as a beacon of exclusivity, offering discerning individuals a gateway to unparalleled banking experiences. With a minimum requirement of R800,000.00 in monthly income or R10 million in assets, the Investec Account sets a high bar for entry into its prestigious fold. Coupled with a monthly fee ranging from R305 for younger clients to R605 for platinum account holders, and transparent transaction percentages, the Investec Account epitomizes luxury banking tailored to the sophisticated needs of its clientele.

Let’s delve into a comprehensive review of the Investec Account, exploring its features, benefits, and the unmatched advantages it offers to discerning clients.

Overview: Monthly Fees and Varied Account Types

Investec Private Banking offers a range of account options, each catering to specific needs and demographics. The fee structure, effective from November 14, 2023, provides a transparent breakdown of costs associated with different account types:

Monthly Account Fee:

  • Investec Private Banking Platinum Account: R605
  • Guaranteed Account (30 years of age or older): R340
  • Guaranteed Account (under the age of 30 years): R305
  • Multiple Investec Private Banking Platinum Accounts: R340

The account types cater to a diverse clientele, ensuring that individuals of varying ages and financial profiles can find a tailored solution to suit their needs.

Benefits: A Symphony of Exclusive Privileges

The Investec Account is synonymous with exclusive benefits that redefine the private banking experience. Let’s unravel the layers of advantages that come with wielding this prestigious card:

Personalized Service

Each account holder is assigned a dedicated private banker, offering round-the-clock assistance and support. This personalized touch ensures that clients receive tailored advice and guidance, reflecting Investec’s commitment to putting the client’s needs first.

Travel and Lifestyle Privileges

Investec goes beyond banking, curating a lifestyle experience for its clients. From access to premium airport lounges worldwide to preferential rates on international transfers, the Investec Account transforms everyday transactions into moments of luxury.

Digital Innovation

Keeping pace with the digital era, Investec introduces innovative features such as the Investec App. This app provides a consolidated view of all banking and investment accounts, ensuring clients have seamless access to their financial portfolios.

Unmatched Customer Support

Investec’s commitment to customer satisfaction is exemplified by its global Client Support Centre, ensuring that clients have access to assistance and guidance whenever needed. The dedicated team strives to exceed expectations, making Investec not just a bank but a trusted financial partner.

Investec Bank Account Fees 2024

Fee DescriptionAmount (VAT Inclusive)
Monthly Account Fee
Investec Private Banking Platinum AccountR605
Guaranteed Account (30 years of age or older)R340
Guaranteed Account (under the age of 30 years)R305
Multiple Investec Private Banking Platinum AccountsR340
Select Card Monthly FeeR30
Oil, fuel, and toll transactions using Select CardR5.50
Cash Withdrawals at Local and International ATMsIncluded
Cash Withdrawals at Local and International BranchesR70
Online Banking Transactions (Debit)Included
Online Banking Transactions (Credit)Included
Debit OrdersIncluded
Purchase Airtime, Data, and SMS BundlesIncluded
Send CashR11
Faster Payment Fee (Outbound RTC Payment < R3,000)R10
Faster Payment Fee (Outbound RTC Payment > R3,000)R40
PayShap Payment Fee (Outbound < R500)No Charge
PayShap Payment Fee (Outbound > R500)R6
International Currency Conversion Fee2%
Cross-Border Card Fee2% (Max R100)
Cash Deposit Fee (Absa Branch)1.47% (Min R49)
Cash Deposit Fee (Absa Cash Centre)1.37% (Min R33)
Cash Deposit Fee (Absa ATM)1.34% (Min R1.34)
Card Replacement and Deliveries (Local)Included (R275 if more than once in 3-year cycle)
Card Replacement and Deliveries (International)R625
Card Replacement and Deliveries (Local Emergency)R395
Monthly Financing Administration Fee (Debit Order)Included
Monthly Financing Administration Fee (No Debit Order)Refer to Terms
Complimentary Travel Insurance (with Investec Visa)Included
Transaction Voucher CopyR175
Successful Transaction DisputeIncluded
Unsuccessful Transaction DisputeR260
Returned Payment Fee (APO)R170
Copy of Deposit Slip (Less than 30 Days)R75
Copy of Deposit Slip (More than 30 Days)R315
Details of Direct Debit/Credit (Less than 30 Days)R75
Details of Direct Debit/Credit (More than 30 Days)R315
Successful Payment RecallR300
Unsuccessful Payment RecallR300
Debit Order Resubmission FeeR175
Standard Cash-Backed Guarantee FeeR1,480
Renewal Fee (Standard Cash-Backed Guarantee)R850
Multiple Fee (Standard Cash-Backed Guarantee)R850
Non-Standard Cash-Backed Guarantee Fee0.35% of Guarantee Value (Min R2,850, Max R11,100)
ATM Limits
Daily Chip and PIN Card Cash Withdrawal Limit (Local ATMs)R6,000
Daily Chip and PIN Card Cash Withdrawal Limit (International ATMs)R20,000

Advantages and Disadvantages: Weighing the Pros and Cons


  1. Personalized Banking: The dedicated private banker ensures a personalized and attentive banking experience.
  2. Travel Benefits: Access to premium airport lounges, preferential rates on international transfers, and market-leading rates on cash investments enhance the travel and lifestyle experience.
  3. Digital Innovation: The Investec App provides a consolidated view of all accounts, showcasing Investec’s commitment to technological advancement.


  1. High Monthly Fees: The monthly fees, while justifiable for the benefits provided, may be considered relatively high for some individuals.
  2. Age and Income Criteria: The account’s eligibility criteria, particularly the emphasis on age and income, may limit access for certain individuals.

Requirements: Navigating the Criteria

To unlock the privileges of the Investec Account, potential account holders must meet specific requirements:

  1. Income Thresholds: Individuals must earn R800,000 per annum or have assets worth R10 million.
  2. Specialized Professions: Certain professionals, such as pilots, actuaries, and medical practitioners, may qualify with specific income thresholds.
  3. Age Criteria: Applicants must be over 18 years old at the time of application.
  4. Documentation: Essential documents include a South African ID or passport (for non-citizens), a recent bank statement showing proof of income, and proof of residence not older than three months.


As we navigate the intricacies of the Investec Account in 2024, it’s evident that this offering goes beyond traditional banking. The blend of personalized service, travel and lifestyle privileges, and digital innovation positions the Investec Account as a gateway to luxury banking. While the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for those seeking an unparalleled banking experience, potential account holders must carefully consider the criteria and associated costs.

In a financial landscape where exclusivity and sophistication are paramount, the Investec Account stands as a beacon of elevated private banking. As South Africa’s economic elite seeks financial solutions that mirror their aspirations, the Investec Account continues to be a distinguished choice, redefining luxury banking for the discerning few.

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