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Budget Insurance Home Contents Insurance Review 2022

Budget Insurance Home Contents Insurance

All of the things that we own at home make us unique and important. To make our house feel like a home, we buy furniture and gadgets that make us feel calm and comfortable in our own space. We should not allow ourselves to lose important things. We need to protect our things at home so that our homes feel like homes. Besides, you don’t want to lose things that you’ve worked for a long time to get.

That’s why you need insurance for your home’s things. Home Contents Insurance will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if something happens to your things, like them being lost or damaged, you’ll be able to pay for them. Budget Insurance has home contents insurance that can help you protect some of your most important things. In some cases,

Budget Insurance Home Contents Insurance will pay to replace your stolen or damaged things. As a bonus, claims on the Budget home contents insurance are simple and quick. This is also true. By going to the claims page on the Budget Insurance website, you can get your claims taken care of as quickly as you can. The home contents insurance quotes can be sent to you by email.

When you want to start, you need to fill out an application form online to get a price. You will then have to decide whether or not to accept or reject the quote that comes after. If you accept your home contents insurance policy, you can then start to get help benefits from the insurance company.

Budget Insurance Home Contents Insurance 

Budget Insurance offers two types of home contents insurance that targets two specific groups of home contents insurance buyers. Home contents insurance covers available include the comprehensive home contents insurance and the fire and storm only contents insurance. 

Below are the two home contents insurance products from Budget Insurance explained in detail. 

1. Budget Comprehensive Home Contents Insurance 

The Budget Comprehensive home contents insurance is an all-around home contents insurance that protects your most precious home assets from natural disasters, negligence, and theft. The insurance comes at a reasonable price and has a number of benefits that you can make use of whenever you have an emergency. 

Your home assets are protected by the comprehensive home contents insurance at all times but the insurance further replaces your guests’ and/or domestic employees’ possessions should they get stolen. The possessions further include garden furniture and washing. 

Any loss or damages to the valuables in your home caused by a break-in, theft, malicious damage, and overflowing geysers are covered by the insurance. Furthermore, the insurance also covers a range of natural occurrences such as fires, lightning, storms, and power outages. 

Should there be a power outage such as load shedding or power cut off by the service provider which causes food in the fridge to deteriorate, comprehensive home contents insurance will cover you for such losses. 

If you’re forced to evacuate your home and rent a place elsewhere because of an unfortunate event, that is covered by the home contents insurance, your rent will be paid by the insurer. Moreover, liabilities that you incur will be covered depending on whether you own or rent the place. 

2. Budget Fire and Storm Only Home Contents Insurance 

Fire and Storm Only Home Contents Insurance does not only protect your home contents from loss or damage but goes beyond that. The insurance cover also covers you from most natural disasters. Natural occurrences that are covered by the cover include fires, storms, explosions, falling of trees, earthquakes, floods and damage caused by burst or overflowing geysers, equipment, pipes. 

The difference between the Comprehensive home contents and Fire and Storm only home contents insurance is that the Comprehensive home contents insurance covers theft of your possessions and in some cases, it includes coverage of your guests and domestic employees possessions whereas Fire and storm only home contents insurance doesn’t. 

Assist Benefits  

Upon subscription to the Budget home contents insurance, you automatically get assist benefits. Assist benefits are there to help you during times of emergencies when you are stranded. You get to benefit from five-assist benefits which include road, home, trauma, legal, and entertainment assist. 

Road assist benefits help you with your roadside emergencies anywhere in South Africa. This could be any roadside emergency such as keys locked in the car, burst tyre or if you have run out of petrol. Budget Insurance will send someone to assist you to get back on the road. 

Home assist benefit assists members of the home contents insurance cover with home emergencies. Budget Insurance pays out one hour of labour cost if you have an emergency that requires an electrician, locksmith, Glazier or plumber. It also pays the call-out fee for the above-mentioned emergencies. 

Trauma assist benefit assists you in getting the counselling that you need after facing a traumatic event. Budget Insurance has a 24 hour dedicated line where you get counselling. You also get referrals following a traumatic event that has happened to you or your loved one. 

Legal assist benefit offers advice on legal and tax matters for free. The advice comes from Budget Insurance’s team of professional advisors who are there to assist you telephonically. 

Entertainment assist benefit assists with bookings and appointments. This benefit helps in ensuring that your arrangements are in order. 


The Budget home content insurance is an insurance product to consider since it is able to protect you from many uncertain events. You will have peace of mind knowing that your home possessions are safeguarded including your cold groceries. 

You get benefits that make your life easy. Benefits like trauma assist, home assist or road assist can make your life easier since they provide you with help and assistance during times of emergency.



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