Budget Insurance Car Insurance Review 2022

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Budget offers one of the cheapest comprehensive car insurance in South Africa. The insurance is easy to get, you can request a quote online or request a call back for a quote online. You can join the Budget Comprehensive Car insurance without going to the Budget Insurance offices by simply accepting the quote that you have been given. 


Claims for the Budget Comprehensive car insurance are also easy. The company makes sure that claims are attended to as quickly as possible to ensure that your motor vehicle works well again in just a few days. Claims can be done online on the Budget Insurance website. By making claims online, your claim gets attended to fast making the turnaround time of the claim quicker. 

Budget’s comprehensive car insurance is not the only car insurance product that you get from the insurer. There is also the Budget Lite car insurance which aims at catering for those with motor vehicles that are worth less than R100,000.00. 

Budget Lite is only available for motor vehicles that are fully paid off. This is to award those with older car models an opportunity to get car insurance. Compared to comprehensive car insurance, the Budget Lite car insurance is cheaper and offers the same cover as the comprehensive car insurance. 


There are other car insurance types that you can choose from at Budget Insurance. With so many options available to choose from, there is a diverse car insurance product range on offer. 

Car Insurance Products From Budget Insurance

Budget Insurance has 4 car insurance products that are available for individual motor vehicle owners. The 4  car insurance products are explained below. 

Budget Comprehensive Car Insurance

The Budget Comprehensive car insurance is a package that covers more risks than any other type of auto insurance at Budget. This cover is affordable and comes with complimentary benefits that you can take advantage of. 

Comprehensive car insurance comes with theft, loss, and hijacking cover, accident cover, and third-party cover. The types of covers that the comprehensive car insurance covers make the product an all-around car insurance product as it covers you from all aspects of losses or damages that you may incur on your car. 

Comprehensive car insurance benefits

Budget’s comprehensive car insurance comes with a number of benefits that you can take advantage of. These benefits come at no additional cost and are activated as soon as you accept the comprehensive car insurance quote. The comprehensive car insurance benefits include:

Assist benefits

Assist benefits are a number of benefits that are meant to help the policyholder during times of emergency. These benefits come at no additional costs. There are a total of 6 assist benefits that you can use at any time. These include home, trauma, medical, legal, entertainment, and road assist. 

The most important assist benefit for you as a motor vehicle owner is the road assist benefit. Road assist benefit assists you when you are involved in an accident or when you have a car breakdown. 

Towing and Storage Benefits

This benefit also falls under the road assist benefit. You get to benefit in two ways, that is, if you are involved in an accident or when you have a car breakdown. Should you get involved in an accident, your car will be towed and stored by a trustworthy towing provider after an accident at no cost.

Breakdown assistance is there to help you when you have roadside emergencies. These can include a flat tyre, out of gas, mechanical vehicle issues, etc. When facing one or more of these emergencies, Budget will help you get home safely by replacing the tyre, delivering emergency fuel, towing your car and even storing it for 72 hours. 

Cashback bonus benefit

The cashback bonus benefit allows comprehensive car insurance policyholders to get cashback. You can only get cashback if you have not claimed for two years. If you have two claim-free years, you get 15% of your premiums back. 

Budget Third-Party, Fire, and Theft cover

This cover is for those with a smaller budget for their car insurance. Unlike comprehensive car insurance, the third-party, fire, and theft cover gives you a cover that only protects your vehicle and doesn’t have any further benefits. Budget Insurance will pay should your car get damaged by a third party or by things that are beyond your control. 

Third-party Only Car Cover

This cover is suitable for those with a car insurance policy but who want to get insurance for third-party liability. The third-party-only car package covers you for any financial cost of any third-party damage to keep you away from debt due to an accident. 

Budget Lite Cover

Budget Life cover is a product that covers loss, hijacking, accidental damage, and third-party damage to a motor vehicle. This cover is for motor vehicle owners with vehicles that are valued at less than R100,000.00 and that are completely paid off. 


Around 70% of South Africans do not have car insurance

, it is not safe to be uninsured considering the auto crime levels in the country. Budget Insurance offers 4 car insurance products that are available at a reasonable price. 

Those with older vehicles can also get cover from Budget. There is no reason why any motor vehicle owner in South Africa should not get car insurance except if the reasons are money-related, however, the premiums payable on the cover policy are not hefty and starts from only R300.00.

Budget’s comprehensive car insurance is a better car insurance option but it is more costly. This is because of the benefits that come with the cover. Comprehensive car insurance is the most recommended, however, if you have other car insurance product(s) from Budget or another insurer you can take other car insurance products that suit your needs.

Budget Insurance Car Insurance Review 2022
Lethabo Ntsoane

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Published by
Lethabo Ntsoane