Sneaker Factory account review 2024

The Sneaker Factory account is versatile, allowing purchases at any of its South African locations. Managed by the Foschini Group […]

Sneaker Factory

The Sneaker Factory account is versatile, allowing purchases at any of its South African locations. Managed by the Foschini Group and issued through their network, cardholders gain access to all Foschini Group outlets.

With over 3000 locations nationwide, TFG welcomes Sneaker Factory account holders. These individuals can shop at any TFG partner store or online through the TFG website, making Sneaker Factory one of 34 participating stores within the network.

Offering a wide range of sneakers for men, women, and children, Sneaker Factory stocks popular brands like Adidas, HI-Tec, ASICS, New Balance, Puma, and Reebok. The account extends its purchasing power across all these brands.

The Sneaker Factory Account presents numerous benefits, potentially leading to significant savings when utilized effectively. Further details about the account’s features and advantages are provided below.

Sneaker Factory Account Summary 

The Sneaker Factory Account is designed as a store credit option exclusively for shopping at any Sneaker Factory location throughout South Africa. Eligibility requires individuals to be over 18 years old and have a stable income source. Furthermore, TFG partner stores honor the Sneaker Factory account for transactions.

By signing up for the Sneaker Factory account, members are automatically enrolled in the My TFG rewards program. This program offers discounts on select items, and when using the My TFG rewards card during purchases, account holders stand a chance to win vouchers.

In addition to the rewards program, account holders can opt for customer protection insurance, which is automatically included. This insurance covers outstanding credit in case of the account holder’s demise, providing a safety net for unforeseen circumstances such as temporary or permanent disability, death, or loss of income. Monthly premiums for the insurance are determined based on the chosen coverage.

Furthermore, the Sneaker Factory Account offers flexibility with two budget plans: a 6-month interest-free budget and a 12-month interest-bearing budget, allowing account holders to manage their purchases according to their financial preferences.

How the Sneaker Factory account works

Anyone is eligible to apply for credit through the Sneaker Factory Account, which operates as a revolving store account. The credit limit granted on the Sneaker Factory Account is determined based on the applicant’s risk profile.

Once credit has been allocated to the account, it can be utilized for purchases at both Sneaker Factory outlets and TFG partner locations. Account holders have the option to select either a 6-month interest-free budget or a 12-month interest-bearing budget when utilizing the Sneaker Factory Account for transactions.

In cases where the account holder wishes to make purchases surpassing the credit limit, they may apply for temporary credit. Additionally, individuals can request a credit limit increase, which may be approved by TFG after reviewing the account holder’s credit history periodically.

Repayment obligations arise after using the credit. These repayments are scheduled on a monthly basis and include a service fee. The monthly repayment amount is influenced by the chosen budget plan. As repayments are made, recurring credit becomes available on the account for future use.

Advantages of the Sneaker Factory Account

  • Convenient Shopping: Account holders can shop at any Sneaker Factory location in South Africa, as well as at TFG partner stores, using the credit available on the account. This offers convenience and accessibility for purchasing footwear and related products.
  • Rewards Program: The Sneaker Factory Account automatically enrolls account holders in the My TFG rewards program, providing opportunities for discounts on select items and chances to win vouchers, enhancing the shopping experience and offering potential savings.
  • Flexible Budget Plans: Account holders have the flexibility to choose between a 6-month interest-free budget or a 12-month interest-bearing budget, allowing them to manage their purchases according to their financial preferences and needs.
  • Customer Protection Insurance: The account includes customer protection insurance, covering outstanding credit in the event of the account holder’s death, temporary or permanent disability, loss of income, providing financial security during unforeseen circumstances.
  • Credit Options: Account holders can apply for temporary credit if they wish to make purchases exceeding the credit limit. Additionally, they can request a credit limit increase based on their credit profile, providing flexibility for larger purchases.

Disadvantages of the Sneaker Factory Account

  • Credit Risks: The amount of credit available on the Sneaker Factory Account is determined by the applicant’s risk profile, which may result in a lower credit limit for some individuals based on their financial history and stability.
  • Repayment Obligations: Repayments are required on a monthly basis, including a service fee, which adds to the overall cost of purchases made using the account. Failure to make timely repayments can lead to additional charges and affect creditworthiness.
  • Interest Charges: Opting for the 12-month interest-bearing budget plan incurs interest charges, increasing the total cost of purchases over time compared to the interest-free budget plan.
  • Limited Usage: The account can only be used for purchases at Sneaker Factory locations and TFG partner stores, limiting its utility compared to general credit cards that offer broader acceptance across various merchants.

Sneaker Factory Account requirements

  • Must be over the age of 18 years at the time of application. 
  • Have proof of income such as payslip or 3 months bank statement. 
  • Proof of residence that is not older than 3 months at the time of application. 
  • A valid South African ID book or Smart card or a valid driver’s license. 


The Sneaker Factory Account offers a range of benefits and advantages, including convenient shopping options, participation in a rewards program, flexible budget plans, and customer protection insurance. However, it’s important to note that there are also considerations such as credit risks, repayment obligations, interest charges, limited usage, and the need for responsible credit management. Overall, the Sneaker Factory Account can be a valuable tool for those looking to finance their footwear purchases and enjoy perks like discounts and insurance coverage, as long as it is used wisely and within one’s financial means.

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