SATRIX Fini Delists 400K Securities in Strategic Move, Optimizing Portfolio Dynamics

  • SATRIX Fini (STXFIN) announces the partial delisting of 400,000 securities from the JSE following the redemption of two STXFINI baskets.
  • The delisting reduces the total number of STXFINI securities in circulation to 65,536,990.
  • SATRIX Fini's strategic move aims to optimize the portfolio and adapt to evolving market dynamics, while maintaining a commitment to delivering value to investors.

SATRIX Collective Investment Scheme made a significant announcement today regarding the partial delisting of securities from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). SATRIX Fini (JSE code: STXFIN), a prominent portfolio within the SATRIX Collective Investment Scheme, saw the removal of 400,000 securities from the exchange following the redemption of two STXFINI baskets.

SATRIX Fini, registered under the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act, 45 of 2002, is well-known for its strong performance and appeal to investors seeking diversification, liquidity, and long-term growth potential.

Effective immediately, the 400,000 STXFINI securities have been officially delisted from the JSE. As a result, the total number of STXFINI securities in circulation now stands at 65,536,990.

This partial delisting is a strategic move by SATRIX Fini, aimed at optimizing its portfolio and adapting to evolving market dynamics. The redemption of two STXFINI baskets underscores the scheme’s commitment to maintaining an efficient and effective investment strategy.

Investors in SATRIX Fini will need to review their holdings and assess the impact of the delisting on their investment strategies. Adjustments may be necessary to maintain desired asset allocations in light of the revised number of STXFINI securities in circulation.

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