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Makro account review 2022 | Rateweb
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Makro account review 2022

The Makro account is a store account that permits its users to shop at any Makro store in South Africa. The account can be used to shop for Makro promos and any other things. Account-holders can use their accounts to shop in-store or online on the Makro website.

Makro has a partnership with RCS, which allows Makro Account holders to shop at any store that takes RCS cards. In South Africa, there are around 26 000 stores that accept RCS cards as a mode of payment. This allows account holders to shop at various retailers with only one card.

Account-holders receive access to promotional offers, some of which are personalized, when they open a Makro account. Every purchase made with the Makro account is also eligible for special discounts.

Before we go any further with the Makro account, let’s clarify what it is and what it can do for you as an account holder.

Makro Account Summary 

A Makro Account is a revolving store account that can be opened with a minimum income of R2000.00. Account holders can take advantage of a special deal, offered by Makro. Where account holders earn 1% in mRewds every time they shop with the account. 

Account-holders can choose from two flexible budgets while making purchases with the account. A budget for 24 months and a budget for 36 months are included in the budget plans available. A 24 month budget necessitates a higher installments amount than a 36 month budget.

The Makro Account is linked to RCS, which means it can be used at any retailer that takes RCS cards. The account can also be used at any of Makro’s partner stores, such as Builders, Cambridge Food, and Game.

Account holders may be protected simply because they have a Makro account. The account comes with customer protection insurance, which protects the Makro account in the event that the account holder is affected by one of the insured events.

Guardrisk Insurance Limited and Guardrisk Life Limited are in charge of the consumer protection insurance. The customer protection insurance includes the following coverages:

  • A death cover that pays the full outstanding balance of the Makro account. 
  • The permanent disability cover pays the full outstanding balance should the account holder become permanently disabled. 
  • The temporary disability cover which covers 12 months’ installments of the account should an account holder become temporarily disabled. 
  • A loss of income cover which covers up to 12 months’ installments. 

How the Makro Account works

In order to qualify for a Marko account, you must have a minimum salary of R2000.00. The account holder receives funds into his or her Makro account after a successful application. The credit balance on the account can be redeemed at any Makro store in the country.

The account is also usable at Makro partner retailers and merchants who accept RCS cards. You will be able to shop from over 26 000 different stores as a result of this. When shopping, it is important not to t go over your credit limit. However, if one’s account limit is reached, he or she can apply for a temporary credit to complete the purchase.

It is possible to apply for a credit limit increase. This can be done either in-store or on the Makro website. Makro maintains the right to investigate the account holder’s credit history before increasing or decreasing the credit limit. This is to assist the account holder stay on top of his or her account by ensuring that they receive the credit that they are eligible for at all times.

When shopping using a Makro account, the account budget should be selected. There are two budget options available: a 24 month budget and a 36 month budget. The amount payable to Makro on a monthly basis will be heavily influenced by the budget chosen. 

The amount owed will be returned in monthly installments over the course of 24 or 36 months. The total amount due will be 1/24 or 1/36 plus any applicable interest and a monthly service fee. To keep the account open, this sum will have to be paid on a monthly basis.

Money refunded to the Makro account can be used to make purchases again. This is due to the fact that the Makro account is a revolving store account that allows the account holder to make purchases from the installments paid.

Advantages of the Makro account

  • Customer protection insurance is included in the account, and it covers death, loss of income, permanent disability, and temporary disability.
  • Account holders can choose between two budgets and pick the one that works best for them.
  • Account statements are given to you for free through email or SMS.
  • The minimum salary requirement is low and falls below the country’s minimum wage, making it attainable for most people.
  • The account may be applied for online, making it simple to apply for and get approved.
  • The account can be utilized at a variety of stores.

Disadvantages of the Makro account 

  • Those that make payments over a 36-month period  pay high interest.
  • There are no welcome vouchers included with the account.

Makro Account requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years old at the time of application. 
  • Have a valid email address. 
  • Have a valid South African ID book or Smart card or a valid driver’s license. 
  • Must earn at least R2000.00 per month. 
  • Have proof of income such as payslip or 3 months bank statement. 


In South Africa, the Makro Account is one of the easiest to qualify for. Nearly everyone who is formally employed can open a Makro account because the minimum income criterion is R2000.00. Since the credit limit is individualized, it will be extremely difficult to get overly indebted.