RCS store credit card review 2022

An RCS store credit card is one of South Africa’s most popular credit cards. The card is accepted in over 26 000 network stores in South Africa, making it one of the most dependable stores credit cards in the country.

The RCS store card can be used to make a variety of purchases, including:

  • Automotive products, 
  • Beauty Products, 
  • DIY products and services, 
  • Grocery purchases, and
  • Fuel products purchases. 

According to the preceding list, the credit card is versatile and distinct in its own right. Its ability to be used in a variety of stores and to purchase a variety of products makes it appealing. 

RCS Credit Card Summary 

RCS Credit Card is a store credit card that offers a revolving credit ranging from R750.00 to R50,000.00. The credit card is available to those over the age of 18 and allows users to use it in over 26,000 network stores.

The RCS Credit card has over 1,000,000 members. To be eligible for the RCS credit card, you must be gainfully employed and earn at least R1,000.00 per month. The card enables users to purchase various products and services as well as access cash.

The RCS Credit Card comes with a 55-day interest-free credit period, allowing cardholders to use credit without paying interest for 55 days. Depending on the budget chosen, the borrowed funds can be repaid in 24 or 36 months.

How does an RCS credit card work? 

An RCS credit card is a store credit card that is issued by some network stores. RCS issues credit cards, which are not branded and only bear the RCS logo. However, if issued through a network store, such as Makro, the credit card will include the Makro company logo and branding.

The credit card can be used to purchase goods or services from any network store. It is accepted in 26,000 stores across South Africa’s nine provinces. When applying for an RCS credit card, one must select a budget plan that will determine how long it will take to repay the debt. 

A budget plan can go as high as 36 months or as short as six months. A lower budget plan includes a low-interest rate that is payable because debt is settled in the shortest amount of time. The allocation of credit is determined by one’s income and credit score.

Those with a high income may be eligible for a credit of up to R50,000.00. The smallest amount of credit available is R750.00. Credit used on the RCS credit card comes with a 55-day interest-free grace period to encourage borrowers to pay off their debt in less than two months after using their credit.

RCS credit card features 

  • Monthly statements are free and can be sent via SMS or email.
  • Customer protection insurance is included to protect the account holder from fraud and theft.
  • Access to cash based on the credit limit.
  • Credit ranging from R750.00 to R50,000.00.
  • All purchases made with the RCS credit card are eligible for free SMS notifications.
  • The RCS app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play Store, is available to users.
  • The credit card is accepted in over 26 000 stores throughout South Africa.
  • The credit card comes with a grace period during which no interest is charged.
  • Can be used for in-store purchases as well as select online purchases.

How to access cash with the RCS store credit card

Any RCS credit card holder with a credit facility can access cash. Cash can be obtained by dialing 0861 729 727. Another option is to use the self-service feature of the RCS mobile app and follow the step-by-step guide to apply for a cash advance.

To gain access to cash, you must be first assessed to see if you qualify for a cash advance. If you meet the criteria, money will be deposited into your account.

The following are the minimum requirements:

  • Account not being in arrears. 
  • The account must be older than 3 months at the time of application. 

Cash advances are subject to stricter regulations. Cash advances are only permitted on certain repayment plans and are included in your monthly payments. Furthermore, from time to time, a minimum and/or maximum amount of borrowing may be imposed.


  • It can be used to purchase a variety of goods and services.
  • By swiping the card, users can gain access to money or make payments.
  • Payments can be made online at certain stores.
  • Usable credit increases as usage and income grow.
  • A large amount of credit can be assessed, which betters most store cards that are available in South Africa.
  • The credit card does not require applicants to have a lot of money to qualify for the card.
  • RCS has an app that can be used to track spending, make payments, and make account adjustments.


  • The account’s interest rate is excessively high.
  • Credit defaults can result in high-interest charges, especially for those who borrowed a large sum of money.
  • Users cannot earn rewards with the credit card and must rely solely on store promotions.
  • The credit card is not as secure as other credit cards, and it must only be accompanied by some form of identification when used in stores requiring no password.

RCS store credit card application requirements 

  1. The applicant must be at least 18 years or older on the date of application.
  2. They must be in possession of a South African ID book, Smart card, or driver’s license.
  3. At the time of application, you must have proof of income that is no more than three months old.
  4. You must be gainfully employed and earn R1,000.00 or more per month.
  5. At the time of application, you must have proof of residence that is no more than three months old.


An RCS credit card provides users with a plethora of shopping options and can be used in a variety of ways. The card is an excellent choice for purchasing household items and retaining liquid funds throughout the month. Inability to use credit wisely may result in users becoming over-indebted. Always use your credit card wisely and think before you spend.

RCS store credit card review 2022

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