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Santam Car Insurance Review 2023

Santam Car Insurance

Santam car insurance is a car insurance product for different types of vehicles with up to R15,000.00 in emergency repairs cover. The insurance product offers up to R2,500.00 tow in cost and up to R10,000.00 in emergency accommodation. For those that drive less than 15 000 km a year, they can save up to 20% in car insurance premiums. 

Car owners in South Africa can choose from a variety of Santam Car insurance products. A driver’s license is required to qualify for Santam Car Insurance. The company provides comprehensive car insurance, third-party insurance only, and theft and fire insurance. Santam also provides insurance for 4×4 and luxury vehicle owners.

We will go over Santam’s car insurance offerings below.

Santam Car Insurance Products 

Santam has a number of products on offer that includes:

  • Comprehensive Car insurance cover, 
  • Third-party only car insurance, 
  • Fire and theft car insurance, 
  • 4 x 4 insurance, and 
  • Luxury vehicle insurance 

All products that are offered by Santam are discussed below. 

Santam Comprehensive Car Insurance 

Santam comprehensive car insurance is a car insurance policy that covers a variety of incidents. . The product protects your vehicle from accidental loss or damage.

The comprehensive car insurance from Santam covers the following incidents:

  • Tow in cost and safeguarding of vehicle – if caught in a breakdown, Santam will help pay the towing costs of your vehicle to the rightful location. 
  • Emergency Repairs – emergency repairs are covered by comprehensive car insurance to the value of R5.000.00.
  • Delivery of vehicle after repairs. 
  • Tow in cost and safeguarding after a mechanical breakdown – Santam pays a maximum of R1,000.00 for tow-in and storage after mechanical repairs. 
  • Replacement of motor vehicles – motor vehicles can be replaced if they were involved in a car accident. 
  • Excess for rental vehicle – the difference in excess for a rental vehicle is covered by Santam’s comprehensive car insurance. 
  • Keys, locks, and remote control units – keys, locks, and control units are covered up to R2,500.00. They can be replaced when they get lost.
  • Medical expenses of passengers – if a vehicle of the insured gets into an accident and passengers incur a medical bill, that bill will be covered by Santam. 
  • Emergency accommodation – the cost of emergency accommodation is covered by Santam to the value of R5,000.00. 
  • Emergency costs
  • Recovery costs
  • Medical expenses of family members – if a vehicle of the insured gets into an accident medical expenses of the insured’s household are covered by the product to the value of R20,000.00. 
  • Trauma treatment – after a motor vehicle accident, one can suffer from trauma. Should this happen, Santam will cover the costs of a counsellor to the value of R5,000.00. 

Santam Luxury Vehicles Insurance 

Santam Luxury Vehicles Insurance is a comprehensive car insurance cover for luxury vehicles. The cover offers an extensive cover than the comprehensive car insurance with extra cover amounts on certain covers. The cover is available to anyone that has a registered driver’s license and owns a luxury motor vehicle. 

Luxury vehicles Insurance offers the following covers:

  • Accidental loss or damage, 
  • Tow in cost and safeguarding, 
  • Emergency repairs to the amount of R15,000.00,
  • Delivery after vehicle repairs, 
  • Tow in cost and safeguarding after mechanical breakdown to the value of R2,500.00
  • Vehicle transfer cover, 
  • Replacement of vehicle, 
  • The difference in excess for rental vehicle, 
  • Keys, locks, and remote control units cover the value of R15,000.00, 
  • Medical expenses of passengers, 
  • Emergency accommodation covers up to R10,000.00, 
  • Emergency costs, 
  • Recovery costs
  • Medical expenses of your family if they were passengers in your car when your vehicle got into an accident with a cover amount of R20,000.00, and
  • Trauma treatment to the value of R5,000.00. 

4 x 4 Car Insurance Cover

Santam 4 x 4 car insurance is a car insurance product that covers 4 x, 4 truck owners, from accidental loss or damage. 4 x 4 car insurance offers an extensive car insurance cover and has more cover benefits than the 3rd party only, comprehensive car insurance, and fire and theft cover. Here are the occurrences that the Santam 4 x 4 car insurance covers:

  • Emergency repair costs to the value of R15,000.00,
  • Tow in cost and safeguarding costs, 
  • Costs of Delivery after repairs, 
  • Tow in cost and safeguarding after mechanical breakdown, 
  • Vehicle transfer cover costs, 
  • Replacement of your vehicle, 
  • Different in excess for rental vehicle, 
  • Costs of locks, keys, and remote units to the value of R10,000.00, 
  • Medical expenses of passengers, 
  • Cost of emergency accommodation to the value of R6,000.00,
  • Emergency costs, 
  • Recovery costs, 
  • Medical expenses of passengers (own family members) to the value of R25,000.00, and
  • Trauma treatment to the value of R10,000.00. 

Fire and Theft Car Insurance 

Santam fire, theft, and hijacking car insurance cover the accidental loss of or damage to your own vehicle. Damage or loss to your own vehicle must have been caused by fire, lightning, an explosion, theft or hijacking, attempted hijacking, and amounts for which you are legally liable to a third party. 

The fire, theft, and hijacking insurance covers the following:

  • Tow in cost and safeguarding, 
  • Replacement of your vehicle, 
  • Costs of keys, locks, and remote control. Payout is up to R2,500.00, 
  • Emergency accommodation costs of up to R5,000.00,
  • Emergency costs, 
  • Recovery costs, and
  • Trauma treatment. 

Third-Party Only Car Insurance 

Santam third party only car insurance product covers the policyholder should he/she damage property of the third party with his/her own motor vehicle. The policyholder is covered to the extent that he/she is legally liable for the damage or loss caused by their motor vehicle to the third party property. The third-party only car insurance doesn’t cover any damage or loss to the motor vehicle of the policyholder.

Advantages of Santam Car Insurance

  •  Different motor vehicles can be covered through the Santam Car Insurance solution.
  • Cover amounts can be optimised based on individual needs.
  • Reduced premiums are available through the SmartPark ™ benefit of up to 20% reduction.
  • There are different car insurance products to choose from.

Disadvantages of Santam Car Insurance

  • Total write-off insurance doesn’t form part of the product offering from Santam.
  • Premiums for those with newly acquired licenses get to pay higher premiums.


Santam Car Insurance solution has a diverse range of products. People from different walks of life tend to benefit from the company’s product offerings. From local drivers to those that drive across Southern Africa are all catered for. It is important to know what your car insurance product indemnifies you against and to avoid conducting yourself in a way that may jeopardize your insurance claim. This will enable you to make successful claims should something happen to your motor vehicle.



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