OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance Review 2021

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Home contents are significant in our lives since they preserve our memories and assist us in navigating our daily lives at home. We accumulate home contents over time, and losing them can be traumatic. One of your life goals should be to find a way to protect your home’s contents.

The term “home contents” refers to all of your personal belongings inside your home. You can protect your home contents with home contents insurance against a variety of occurrences. If a covered occurrence damages or causes a loss to your home contents, your personal belongings will be replaced or repaired.

OUTsurance offers a home contents insurance policy that protects you against the loss or damage of your home’s contents. There are numerous advantages to insuring your home contents with OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance. You have the option of delegating the responsibility of protecting your home contents to an experienced insurance company.

Furthermore, you will have access to one of South Africa’s most efficient insurance companies. OUTsurance home contents insurance includes an optimisation feature that allows you to tailor your coverage to your specific needs. You will be able to add or remove coverage from your policy.

OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance

OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance covers personal belongings at one’s registered address. The contents that can be insured under the policy must be owned by the policy owner or a member of the policy owner’s household.

You have a responsibility as a policy owner to communicate with OUTsurance. Communication can take place for a variety of reasons, including:

  • If your home address changes, that is, if you move from one address to another. Your belongings will also need to be relocated, so you must communicate the new address.
  • When your home is vacant for more than 60 consecutive days.
  • If your personal belongings remain in the home you rent or sublet.

It is your responsibility as the policy owner to keep your OUTsurance policy’s cover amount up to date. This is required because personal possessions can appreciate or depreciate in value, and personal possessions can be sold or replaced. 

What the OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance Covers

OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance covers any loss or damage that is caused by fire, explosions, and earthquakes. This includes damage caused by the downward movement of land resulting from natural shifts. 

Acts of nature such as storm, hail, flood, thunder, lightning, or snow are covered. OUTsurance will make a payout to repair or replace home contents that are damaged by acts of nature. 

Water heating systems, water supply tanks, cisterns, and pressurized water pipes that are a permanent part of the building are covered for loss or damage caused by bursting or overflowing. If your Home Contents are lost or damaged as a result of these incidents, they will be replaced or repaired.

Theft of Home Contents is also covered. Home contents insurance will also cover power surges. If a power surge causes food in the fridge or freezer to spoil, the spoiled food will be replaced.

Accidental damage to home contents is covered if the home contents were not intentionally damaged by the policy owner or household members. Breakage of TV sets, mirrors, or glass forming part of any furniture is an example of accidental breakage.

If the policyholder’s home catches fire, OUTsurance will pay for the fire department’s charges and costs. If the home is rendered unlivable as a result of any covered incident, temporary housing will be provided. You will also be compensated for any rent you lose if the building is rented or sublet.. 

OUTsurance provides cover for personal liability. Personal liability cover is provided to the extent that:

  • Accidental death or bodily injury to other people other than members of your household or your domestic employees and
  • Accidental loss of or damage to property belonging to people other than members of your household or domestic employees.

OUTsurance will cover the legal costs when someone makes a claim against you in the event of a coverable occurrence causing injury or death. 

What the OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance doesn’t Cover

  • Damage or loss
  • Caused with the policy owner’s knowledge or consent by the policy owner, any member of their household, their tenant, or a lawful occupant.
  • Money, cheques, bonds, promissory notes, coins, stamps, or personal documents .
  • Motor vehicles include automobiles, motorcycles, motorized scooters, caravans, trailers, and so on.
  • Loss or damage as a result of scorching.
  • Parts or items that are still part of a set or pair.
  • Scratching, chipping, cracking, denting, biting, tearing, or dirting cause or contribute to damage.
  • a lack of maintenance, construction, alterations, or repairs, poor workmanship or materials,
  • Defects in the building’s design or construction, theft, attempted theft, fire and explosion loss or damage, and accidental damage if home contents were stored in an illegally occupied building are not covered. Home contents are not covered if they are left in an empty, abandoned, or vacant building
  • Damage caused by retaining walls unless they are designed or constructed according to structural engineering specifications.
  • Damage directly or indirectly caused by settlement, shrinkage, or expansion of soil due to change in moisture content caused by extreme weather conditions.

Optional Covers for OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance

You can have additional covers on your home contents policy at an additional premium. The following can be added to your policy. 

  • Theft cover for unoccupied buildings
  • Comprehensive subsidence that fully covers the foundations and construction of the building that is designed and approved by a licensed structural engineer.
  • Garden and leisure equipment.
  • Goods used for business purposes.
  • Theft of contents being transported.
  • Extended liability.
  • Accidental breakage cover.
  • Veld fires liability

Advantages of OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance

  • Home contents are covered against loss or damage from natural acts and unintentional acts.
  • The product comes with personal liability cover.
  • Cover amount on home contents can be optimised based on the actual cost of home contents.
  • Optional covers are available to enhance your OUTsurance home contents insurance.
  • Damage or loss caused by a power surge on home contents is covered by the product.

Disadvantages of OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance

  • Home Contents that are kept in a building that doesn’t have dwellers are not covered.
  • The policyholder is not covered for personal liability against household members and domestic employees.


OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance allows you to protect your personal belongings that are stationary at home. Home Contents Insurance protects nearly all of your possessions. If you believe you require it, you may choose to purchase an extended policy. This makes the product versatile, as it can incorporate a wide range of home contents into a single policy.

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