Hollard Pet Insurance Review 2023

Hollard Pet Insurance offers protection for pets against accidents and injuries. There are two plans available, both of which provide […]

Hollard Pet Insurance

Hollard Pet Insurance offers protection for pets against accidents and injuries. There are two plans available, both of which provide the option to add additional coverage for routine and dental care.

When filing a claim with Hollard Pet Insurance, an excess payment is required. The excess is an additional amount paid by the policyholder on top of the claim amount that Hollard must pay.

It’s important to note that the insurance product does not cover pre-existing conditions, and there is no add-on coverage available for such conditions. Despite this limitation, the product offers numerous advantages that can be enjoyed at any time.

Let’s now delve into the details of Hollard Pet Insurance offerings.

Hollard Pet Insurance Plans

Hollard Pet Insurance offers two distinct plans: the Comprehensive Pet Insurance Plan and the Essential Plan. Let’s discuss each plan separately.

Accident Only Cover

Hollard’s Accident Only Cover is a pet insurance plan that provides coverage for injuries resulting from accidents. This option covers accidental injuries for insured pets, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Burns or electrocution
  • Near drowning
  • Snake bite toxicity
  • Bone fractures
  • Swallowed foreign objects requiring surgical or endoscopic removal
  • Allergic reactions to insect bites (excluding tick or flea bites)
  • Bite wounds or fight wound abscess
  • Lacerations, abrasions, or wounds
  • Tooth fractures
  • It’s important to note that the Essential Cover does not provide coverage for Intervertebral Disc Disease, regardless of how the condition arises.

Comprehensive Pet Insurance

Hollard’s Comprehensive Pet Insurance covers both accidents and illnesses for insured pets. The comprehensive plan offers the following benefits:

Emergency Boarding Kennel or Cattery Fees

Hollard covers the costs of boarding each insured pet if the policyholder is hospitalized for at least four days. If the policyholder’s hospitalization exceeds four days, the plan will pay for emergency boarding at a kennel or cattery.

To be eligible for this benefit, the policyholder’s hospitalization must result from an accident or illness that occurred during the insurance period, provided that the illness was not known or foreseeable prior to the start date.

This benefit is payable upon submission of the policyholder’s hospital account, confirming the hospital stay, along with the kennel or cattery accounts. The benefit is limited to R2,000.00 per annum for each pet’s policy and is subject to an annual maximum.

Complementary Treatment

The complementary treatment benefit covers the costs of treatments that are not included in standard veterinary care. This benefit specifically applies to complementary treatments performed by a veterinarian registered with the South African Veterinary Council.

Complementary treatment is subject to an annual limit of R2,000.00 per pet’s policy. If the limit is reached, the policyholder must pay the difference. Additionally, there is an additional monthly fee associated with complementary treatment.

Personal Liability Cover

Personal liability insurance protects policyholders from legal liability resulting from their insured pet. It covers loss or damage to another person’s property, as well as death or bodily harm. However, it’s important to note that personal liability insurance does not cover claims related to:

  • The policyholder or any member of their immediate family living with them
  • Any person looking after a pet with the policyholder’s permission
  • Any employee other than a domestic employee
  • Someone else’s pet
  • Loss or damage to property belonging to the policyholder or any member of their household
  • The policy will pay the actual amount of liability, legal costs, or medical expenses up to a maximum limit for incidents covered by personal liability insurance. The payment will be made directly to the claimant.

Optional Add-Ons for Hollard Pet Insurance

Hollard Pet Insurance offers only one optional add-on: Routine and Dental Care. This add-on covers treatments related to day-to-day care and dental work provided by a veterinarian or vet shop. Covered treatments include:

  • Annual vaccinations
  • Dental treatments, including periodontal disease
  • Deworming medication
  • Sterilization
  • Tick and flea control

Routine and Dental Care has an annual limit of R1,350.00 per pet’s policy and is subject to the annual maximum. There is a waiting period of one month after adding the policy for Routine and Dental Care cover to take effect in conjunction with the accident or comprehensive cover.

Advantages of Hollard Pet Insurance

  • Two plan options are available.
  • Optional add-on for Routine and Dental Care.
  • Both accident-only and comprehensive plans cover injuries resulting from accidents.
  • Up to a 15% discount is offered when insuring multiple pets under the comprehensive plan.
  • Premiums have a 30-day grace period for late payments, ensuring continued coverage.

Disadvantages of Hollard Pet Insurance

  • Claims on the pet insurance plans require an excess payment, which is deducted for each claim.
  • The limited availability of only one additional add-on for optional coverage is a drawback for pet insurance products.
  • The number of plans available is limited to two, reducing the variety of options for potential policyholders.


Hollard Pet Insurance offers a limited selection of pet insurance plans, with the comprehensive plan providing a wide range of benefits. These plans cover various incidents, with accidental injuries being the most common.