Pick n Pay Director Resigns Amid Increased Vodacom Duties

  • Ms. Mariam Cassim resigns as independent director from Pick n Pay due to Vodacom role expansion.
  • Effective from July 5, 2024, she steps down from key committees like Audit, Risk, and Compliance.
  • Cassim's decision means she won't seek re-election at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Pick n Pay Stores Limited has announced the resignation of an independent non-executive director. Ms. Mariam Cassim has stepped down due to increased demands from her executive role in the Vodacom Group. This change is effective from 5 July 2024.

Resignation Details

Ms. Mariam Cassim will no longer serve as a director at Pick n Pay. She also resigns from the Audit, Risk, and Compliance Committee. Additionally, she steps down from the Finance and Investment Committee.

PositionCommittee MembershipsResignation Date
Independent Non-Executive DirectorAudit, Risk, and Compliance5 July 2024
Finance and Investment

Reason for Resignation

Ms. Cassim’s responsibilities at Vodacom Group have increased. She decided to resign due to the growing demands on her time. This decision aligns with her need to focus on her executive role.

Impact on Annual General Meeting

Ms. Cassim will not stand for re-election at the upcoming Annual General Meeting. Shareholders will need to consider this change during the meeting.

Company’s Response

The Pick n Pay Board expressed its gratitude to Ms. Cassim. They acknowledged her valuable contributions during her tenure. The Board respects her decision and wishes her success in her future endeavors.


Ms. Mariam Cassim’s resignation marks a notable change for Pick n Pay Stores Limited. Her decision, influenced by her growing responsibilities at Vodacom, reflects a need to balance her professional commitments. The Pick n Pay Board respects her choice and acknowledges her contributions. The market will closely observe the company’s next steps in addressing this transition.