Mondi plc Declares Strong Dividend Payouts for Shareholders Worldwide

  • Mondi plc achieved revenues of €7.3 billion and underlying EBITDA of €1.2 billion in 2023, showcasing strong financial performance.
  • The final dividend payout of 46.67 euro cents per ordinary share for 2023 reflects Mondi's commitment to shareholder value.
  • Shareholders in the UK will receive the dividend in sterling, while South African shareholders will receive it in rand cents.

Mondi plc recently announced its 2023 financial results and details about its final dividend payout. Let’s delve deeper into the key aspects of Mondi’s financial performance and the implications for its shareholders.

Financial Performance Overview

In 2023, Mondi achieved revenues of €7.3 billion and an underlying EBITDA of €1.2 billion, showcasing its robust performance in the packaging and paper industry.

Dividend Announcement

Mondi plc declared a final dividend of 46.67 euro cents per ordinary share for the year ended 31 December 2023. The dividend will be paid on Tuesday, 14 May 2024, subject to shareholder approval at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Dividend Payment Currency and Exchange Rates

Shareholders in the United Kingdom will receive the final dividend in sterling, with an exchange rate of EUR 1 to GBP 0.86262. This translates to a dividend of 40.25848 pence per ordinary share. Shareholders in South Africa will receive the dividend in South African rand cents, with an exchange rate of EUR 1 to ZAR 20.50179, amounting to 956.81854 rand cents per ordinary share.

Impact on Shareholders

The dividend payout in different currencies allows Mondi’s shareholders to receive their dividends in their respective local currencies, mitigating currency conversion risks.

Comparison of Dividend Payouts

The table below compares the final dividend payouts for Mondi plc shareholders in different regions:

RegionCurrencyDividend Amount
United KingdomSterling40.25848 pence
South AfricaRand cents956.81854 rand cents

Tax Implications

For shareholders in South Africa, information about dividend tax applicable to Mondi plc South African branch register shareholders can be found in the ZAR/euro exchange rate announcement released by Mondi on 22 February 2024.


Mondi plc’s 2023 financial results demonstrate its resilience and strategic focus in the packaging and paper industry. The final dividend payout, tailored to shareholders in different regions, reflects Mondi’s commitment to shareholder value and financial transparency. As Mondi continues to prioritize sustainability and innovation, it remains a notable player in the global business landscape.

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