How BizPortal is helping Small Businesses in South Africa

Small business owners have been having problems registering businesses and getting other business services. With the help of CIPC (Companies […]

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Small business owners have been having problems registering businesses and getting other business services. With the help of CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission), BizPortal has been able to provide services that have not been easily available to small business owners. 

Small business owners were having hard times complying with the company’s law. It was always difficult for small businesses to register UIF, compensation funds, and the likes. Today, registering for UIF or compensation fund can be done at a go. Thanks to a platform like BizPortal that has made registration and compliance with law easy. 

BizPortal is not only offering an alternative gateway to compliance but also helps individual business owners to excel. The business support function is one of the smart ways that the government has used to equip small businesses with the necessary tools to excel. 

What is BizPortal? 

BizPortal is a platform that is created by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission to help SMMEs and individuals to get seamless services. The platform offers paperless transactions and it is there to improve the response period of transactions done with CIPC. 

BizPortal brings all your registered companies into one portal. One can make alterations to the companies on the portal or register new companies using BizPortal. Unlike the CIPC eservices website, the BizPortal website doesn’t require any paperwork when registering a company. 

BizPortal has some limitations, however, the website is still growing and more services are to be added. Services that you find on CIPC eservices such as director amendment cannot be found on the BizPortal site. A notable advantage of the BizPortal website is that it processes commands faster than the CIPC website. 

Payments are, however, redirected to the CIPC eservices site. BizPortal can be seen as an agent to execute some of CIPC services much faster. Some BizPortal services are not available on the CIPC website vice versa. Where necessary the two platforms work together and compliment each other on other services. 

How BizPortal help small businesses 

The BizPortal website helps Small businesses in a number of ways. The platform provides services that are executed quickly. It is easy for any business owner to make applications with the BizPortal platform since all services are based on question and answer format. 

Here are services that BizPortal offers to help small businesses. 

Company registration

It has never been so easy to register a company in South Africa. By following the instructions and answering questions, you can get a company registered in a few minutes. Company registration via BizPortal costs R175.00. That is R125.00 for company registration and R50.00 for name reservation. 

The company registration process is completely paperless. What is needed is the director’s ID number or passport number to register. You can register different types of companies with BizPortal. You can either register a private company or a non-profit company. 

SARS Services

You don’t need to be a tax practitioner to use this service. The service is available for any small business owner. There is a small business tax guide that small business owners can make use of. Small businesses can get emergency tax relief using this service. 

You can access your business tax reference number using this service. When registering a business, you are automatically going to be registered for the company’s income tax. The service provides information on how to apply for a tax clearance certificate on SARS Efiling. 

UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) Registration 

There was a time when one had to stand in long queues at the department of employment and labour to register for UIF. Alternatively, you could make use of third-party services to register for UIF and be charged a hefty fee. You can now apply for UIF online. 

Small business owners can get this service at no cost. You will be only charged an application fee. To register for UIF you need to at least have an employee that works for your company for a minimum of 24 hours a month. 

Compensation Fund Registration

Registration for workmen’s compensation fund has been one of the most difficult to register for. The registration for the compensation fund at some point was costing a few thousand Rands. However, BizPortal has made it easy for small business owners to register for the compensation fund. 

Small business owners can register for compensation funds using this service. The service is for free. You will only be liable to pay monthly contributions to the fund and the annual membership fee. 

B – BBEE Certificates

Small business owners can apply for the CIPC BBBEE certificate with BizPortal. They can also retrieve their certificate at any time they want. BBBEE certificates will need to be renewed on their one-year anniversary. 

Domain Name Registration 

Business is not only done physically nowadays, you can also do business online. Small businesses can acquire and register a domain name using the BizPortal site. Only domain extensions of can be purchased, however, plans to include other domain name extensions are in place. 

Business Bank Accounts

Small business owners can now open business bank accounts with either Absa, Capitec Bank, FNB, Nedbank, Sasfin Bank, or Standard Bank on BizPortal. Bank accounts can be opened when registering a company or if you have an existing company. 

Google Business Services

This product is aimed at enhancing the profitability of small businesses. Small business owners can get their business noticed by Google when they use this service. This service allows small business owners to access Google my business services at no cost. 

Small businesses will be able to add their business to Google. They will be able to edit and make additions or subtractions to their Google profile whenever they deem fit. Business information such as business name, phone number, website, operating hours, and more will be available to everyone. 

BizPortal Business Support Services

The BizPortal business support services give small business owners the opportunity to advance their business by having access to funding and business relief. This page is there to help businesses that are under financial strain to make applications for relief funds easier. 

What small businesses get on business support services

  • SARS Emergency Tax Relief, 
  • UIF Relief Benefit, 
  • The SMME relief fund, 
  • National treasury Covid-19 loan scheme for SMEs, and
  • Nedbank crowdfunding for small businesses. 


As a small business owner, BizPortal services must be the services that you use to advance your business. The platform will help you get your business to the next level, if not get you started.