CFO Departure Shakes Sasol: Rossouw Resigns, Transition Plan Initiated

  • Resignation of CFO: Mr. Hanré Rossouw steps down as Sasol Limited's Chief Financial Officer and executive director by October 31, 2024.
  • Acknowledgment and Transition: Sasol acknowledges Mr. Rossouw's contributions and plans a structured transition period for the new CFO.
  • Market Implications: Investors monitor Sasol's financial performance and leadership changes, anticipating market reactions amidst the CFO resignation.

Sasol Limited recently made headlines with the announcement of the resignation of its Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and executive director, Mr. Hanré Rossouw. This development has significant implications for the company’s financial leadership and strategic direction.

Key Details of the Resignation

Mr. Hanré Rossouw, who joined Sasol in April 2022, has decided to step down from his role as CFO and executive director effective October 31, 2024. This decision, in line with regulatory requirements, was communicated to shareholders through a formal announcement. Mr. Rossouw’s departure marks the end of a tenure marked by significant contributions to Sasol’s financial strategies and operations.

Impact on Sasol’s Financial Leadership

The resignation of a CFO is a critical event for any organization, particularly one of Sasol’s stature. The CFO plays a pivotal role in shaping financial policies, managing risks, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. As such, Mr. Rossouw’s departure raises questions about the future direction of Sasol’s financial management and decision-making processes.

Acknowledgment of Contributions

In response to Mr. Rossouw’s resignation, Sasol’s Chairman, Mr. Steve Westwell, expressed appreciation for his contributions during his tenure. Mr. Westwell highlighted Mr. Rossouw’s role in advancing Sasol’s strategic objectives, particularly in navigating challenges and driving financial performance. Additionally, Ms. Trix Kennealy, Chairman of the Audit Committee, recognized Mr. Rossouw’s leadership during a challenging period and wished him well in his future endeavors.

Structured Transition Period

To ensure a smooth transition, Mr. Rossouw will remain with Sasol until the financial year-end closing and the publication of the annual reports for the year ending June 30, 2024. This structured handover period allows for continuity in financial operations and provides an opportunity for the incoming CFO to familiarize themselves with Sasol’s financial landscape.

Succession Planning

With Mr. Rossouw’s impending departure, Sasol has initiated the succession process to identify a suitable candidate for the CFO role. The company’s commitment to effective succession planning underscores its focus on maintaining strong financial leadership and governance practices. An announcement regarding the new CFO is expected in due course, following a thorough selection process.


The resignation of Mr. Hanré Rossouw as Sasol Limited’s Chief Financial Officer and executive director marks a significant transition in the company’s financial leadership. While Mr. Rossouw’s contributions are acknowledged and appreciated, Sasol is committed to ensuring a seamless handover and effective succession planning. Investors and stakeholders will closely monitor developments as Sasol navigates this leadership change and continues its strategic journey in the energy and chemical sectors.

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