5 Places to sell stuff online in South Africa

Posted on May 7, 2020 by Staff Writer

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With the scourge of COVID-19, many are looking to make extra bucks. You maybe considering to sell somethings to keep up the cash flow or pay bills or even just to clear up excess stuff at your house. The good news is that there are numerous places online you can utilize to sell your stuff really fast.

However, in deciding on which platform to use, make sure to consider small things like fees, suitability and convenience.

Before you venture into selling your stuff to make extra money, establish the most suitable marketplace for what you want to sell. Selling your old computer or laptop requires a different platform than when selling a couch or fridge. We have summarised some of the most used online platforms along with tips about their audience, style and cost.

Facebook Market Place

A couple of days back, I wanted to buy a laptop. When I informed my brother of this decision, he was excited, shouting, “You must buy a Macbook!”. I obviously thought he was out of his mind, a Macbook is just to expensive, I could not possibly invest in one, at least not now.

Discerning that I was not keen on his Macbook idea, he pulled out his phone and typed “Macbook Pro” on his facebook search bar. He went on to adjust the filters and set the maximum price to R7 000, and then BOOM đź’Ą a Macbook for R6500.

I could not believe it, to cut the long story shot, I got myself a Macbook with a warranty, in good condition for a good price. The gentlemen who was selling it, told me he sells 2 – 4 computer gadgets a day on Facebook marketplace.

The good thing about Facebook Marketplace is that it does not charge and has a very active audience. You sell while socialising. People can easily trust you because they can view and analyse your Facebook profile before meeting up with you.

Take A Lot

It seems everyone buys from takealot these days. You probably know that, what you may not have not is that Takealot is not an online store but an online mall. Takealot is just a venue where buyers meet sellers.

Takealot charges a monthly subscription fee of R300 per seller account/month. You can choose to cancel your account at any time.

It further charges a success fee, you can see the fee on the image below:

Take a lot

It further charges a fullfilment fee and storage fee.

As you have probably figured by now that Takealot is for much more organised sellers. If you have stuff you would want to sell and you have plenty of it, then you may need to give takealot a try.

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Gumtree is a great place to sell something very fast.

Sometime back, I wanted to sell my printing press. I uploaded the pictures of the machinery and contact details. In less than an hour, I had received 3 phone calls of people wanting to buy the machines.

The only frustrating thing about gumtree are the ads that keep on popping up left, right and centre.


Bidorbuy although much older is a dumbed-down version of Takealot. It is quite simple to sign up and get started. It is especially ideal for someone who wants to constantly sell one type of second-hand product. People go there when they have a very low budget.


OLX is like Gumtree, you can sell anything in minutes. All you need is to have good pictures of the stuff you are selling. It also does not charge to place the advert, unless if you want to boost it and get responses much faster. With a R100 boost, you are almost certain to sell in less than an hour.


There are many other platforms you can sell online, like AMAZON, EBAY etc. However, the above are the leading market places in South Africa.


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